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Elliot Rodger Facebook fan pages adoring hero spring up

Elliot Rodger Facebook fan pages
The adulation of Elliot Rodger has begun…

Since the horrendous massacre of six individuals at the hands of Elliot Rodger, a young man who came from privilege but who bemoaned his empty existence and his failure to find adulation with the opposite sex, fierce debate has resonated as to the implications of how men treat and view women in society.

While many have since disparaged the shooter, whilst others championed him during his rants whilst visiting women hating forums a disturbing new trend has manifested itself since the apoplectic death of Elliot Rodger- the rise of Facebook fan pages praising him as a hero.

vocative: Among the Facebook groups created are “Elliot Rodger, Alone & Rejected RIP,” and “RIP Elliot Rodger—A Beautiful and Misunderstood Soul.”

His misogynistic male fans took to social media quickly to express their agreement with his beliefs.

Elliot Rodger Facebook fan pages

Elliot Rodger Facebook fan pagesIncredulously in other discussions, women express a lack of understanding as to why such an attractive man didn’t get any of the attention he so desperately craved.

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Ironically through death Elliot Rodger is now getting the attention he always craved. His retribution video alone has been viewed over 1 million times since yesterday, not to mention the scurrying of world press to document his fragmented journey to self annihilation.

Though the number of sympathizers appears relatively small, Elliot Rodger supporters are certainly out there and vocal. Their comments are disconcerting, and the chilling phenomenon of copycats does raise questions. One can only wonder how much hate and scorn and disconnect there actually exists towards women, quite a bit it seems….

Elliot Rodger Facebook fan pages

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Mahbod Moghadam fired for saying Elliot Rodger’s sister is ‘smoking hot.’ 

Monette Moio is the model that teased Elliot Rodger that made him hate women. 

Elliot Rodger hailed a hero on PUAHate, women hating pick up artist site. 

Elliot Rodger’s parents read manifesto and rushed to call cops 

Elliot Rodgers murdered roommates identified. George Chen, Weihan Wang, Chen Yuan Hong. 

The priviliged life of Elliot Rodger: Private first class flights and $40K BMW coupe gift 

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Elliot Rodger tried storming sorority, mutilated 3 roommates and had 410 rounds of ammo left 

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Elliot Rodger manifesto, ‘My twisted world’ found. 140 pages 

Elliot Rodger posted on male virgin site of plans. Users begged him to stop. 

Elliot Rodger was so mentally ill his father called the cops on him 

Elliot Rodger posted ‘Why do girls hate me so much video’ before shoot out. 

Elliot Rodger hated women, belonged to ‘Anti Pickup Artist Movement.’ 

Elliot Rodger Isla Vista shoot out. Kills 6 cause women rebuffed him. 



  1. Ever notice how MRAs always end up being insanely narcissist? Reading his manifesto, it reads like every single thing involving a woman was somehow a slight against him. Like the entire world revolved around him SO MUCH that he thought every move every single woman made was somehow designed to hurt him specifically. He used to get pissed at boyfriends kissing their girlfriends in public, people. It’s not just sexism, feminism, whateverthefuck. The kid had problems and you have problems if you act like hes acting, then wonder why no woman wants anything to do with you. Because you’re a fucking psychopath and we don’t want to date someone who thinks “they should all be slaughtered like the animals they are.” NO FUCKING WONDER HE NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND, NO WONDER YOU YOURSELF DONT HAVE GIRLFRIENDS AND AS SUCH FEEL THE NEED TO IDENTIFY WITH HIM. Hes a psycho, and women didn’t like him BECAUSE he was a psycho. It probably had nothing to do with his looks or his wealth or his upbringing. It probably had everything to do with how INSUFFERABLY pretentious the kid is, and his CRIPPLING God Complex. If you act and think like he did, you only have yourself to blame. I’ll squash the shit right now— women don’t fuck with psychopaths because we don’t want to be killed. Not because we hate guys or because we have some kind of ulterior motive. We just don’t want to get killed by a guy who thinks we’re animals.

  2. AHHHHH the age old defense: b-b-but she said I did it when I didn’t. Favorite of the MRAs I’ve noticed. Faulty logic as all fuck, but whatever helps you sleep at night, kiddo.

  3. Yes, because the rights of men are constantly on the table for a political tug-o-war. Because millions of people in america, and an entire political party is constantly trying to police what you do with your own body. Because men aren’t celebrated when they rape someone, because the woman who was raped or molested is never blamed. Because men are the one’s who are constantly harassed in the street by self entitled women. Moron

  4. Very rarely do people actually spend 20 years in jail for rape, it’s more like, a few days to a week until they post bond. Without bond they are usually in there for a month to 4. Don’t forget that only 2 percent of all convicted rapists will ever receive jail time. Most don’t until they have already made multiple offenses, or have assault, kidnapping or murder tacked onto it.

  5. I am hoping that you are trying to be facetious, but we will let YOU spend 20 years in jail because somebody INSISTED and SWORE ON A BIBLE that you raped them, or accused you of molesting your kids in s child custody dispute or yelled out loud in s store that you were touching them, when it was not true.
    The point is that YOU just don’t get it!

  6. Mrs. Mommy – So sorry that Mr. Rodger fell beneath your standards snd did not react to life the way that YOU would, so you actually heap more and more insults upon him now that he is dead.Then, you can go on and insult some more living “losers”, if it will make you feel better.

  7. OH PLEASE, there are a super small number of men that behave in this fashion and good men don’t tolerate them. There is NO male supremacist movement involving more than a tiny number of FREAKS.

  8. Freaks would imply they’re abnormal. There’s nothing abnormal about this kind of mentality in the Men’s Rights Movement, or other supremacist movements like it.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elliott Roger was a fan of Return of Kings. It seems like his kind of site.

  10. Irony, but unsurprising. Disquis has linked shit like that while I was on Patheos– a religion-discussing website.

  11. Is it irony that there are picture of naked women on the bottom of this post, advertising “29 biggest and best boobs in Hollywood?”

  12. “Though the number of sympathizers appears relatively small, Elliot Rodger supporters are certainly out there and vocal. Their comments are disconcerting, and the chilling phenomenon of copycats does raise questions. One can only wonder how much hate and scorn and disconnect there actually exists towards women, quite a bit it seems…”

    Is there REALLY “QUITE A BIT”? , OR is this whole story just an example of the actions of a few deranged people being amplified by the power of the internet to be shown as a “culture of rape/misogyny/hatred towards women/entitlement” by people with an agenda (feminism or gun control as two examples). Sadly sheeple in fear will act like the one or two of these freaks a year represent a real danger to them and all of us…..smh

  13. *yawn* can’t come up with any more entertaining comments, can you? Jeeze. This one is more boring than vanilla on toast. Please spin again.

  14. Hmmm….can you point us to the numerous news stories of women raping men? or serial murdering men? or how about mass shooting or killing men? how women watching porn of women ‘gangbanging’ a man? or various members of women’s sports teams, say the WNBA, gangbanging a drunk dude….I seemed to have missed all that! Damn, I’m sorry, it must be so hard and scary for you men to walk alone at night to your car….knowing there are women out there who might jump you any minute!!!

  15. LOSERS who never learned, like most in the fourth grade, that you cannot always have what you want. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You have to learn to get along with others to get what you want.

  16. Wrong. Stop being a troll.
    *Waves wizard staff* TROLL I HEREBY BANISH YOU!! *thunderous sounds*

  17. Got another mass shooter right here folks. Everybody better sleep with him to make sure he doesn’t shoot us all. Even the men, just to be safe!

  18. This is all just so mind boggling. The amount of hate is just staggering. No one wants to be alone, but he was 22? He couldn’t hold out a little longer? I found the right person when I was 23. Thought about ending it all many times before then, but I’m happy I didn’t. I realize that many women blame men for everything, however, men seem to blame us just as often. Both genders are flawed…that’s what makes us human. I just don’t understand how some men get so angry about women generalizing them, and then they go on to their He-Man Woman Hater sites and generalize all women. It just seems to take credibility away from their arguments (and as a woman who considers herself a feminist, they do have some compelling arguments – child custody cases, in particular). My boyfriend is not the “macho douche” that this guy seemed to hate. He’s a compassionate, lovable nerd who I would do anything for. I was that girl that wanted the guy with the money/car/house/ect, but my bf isn’t rich. He works his ass off every single day just to be able to barely make rent. I wanted to be taken care of, but now I want to make his life easier. I cook for him, clean, help with rent and groceries, and none of that is because he demands it, but because I want to do it for him. Because I love him so much and because he deserves it. He made me see past the shallow BS. When will both genders realize that it isn’t about the material or vain things – it’s about finding the one person in this fucked up world that will be in your corner, fighting with and for you for the rest of your lives. The one person who not only understands your brand of crazy (we are all a little crazy…), but accepts and celebrates it. Arg.

  19. An MRA considers being against misogyny and the needless slaughter of women “misandry”…no surprises here.

  20. lol

    It’s misandry to say that hate groups should be taken down? You poor thing. I can’t imagine what REAL oppression would look like to you. You’d probably go crazy and kil… Oh.

  21. How DARE anyone speak against The Accepted Gospel! Silence them! To the re-education camps with them! /mocking your misandrist bigotry

  22. Wrong. Misandry is overwheming. Misogyny is a tiny, tiny rare occurrence in the Western world.

  23. All of Rodger’s fan pages should be reported and taken down. There have been numerous supporters saying that his victims didn’t suffer enough, that women should be tortured. This is scary shit and it’s plain wrong.

  24. Maybe because, despite all those man killing groups you mentioned, nobody actually kills groups of men while shouting “death to all men”. You could even say that your thoughts on the matter are baseless bullshit, but that’s another argument.

    Misandry is an incredibly minor problem compared to misogyny

  25. wvery 2 weeks feminists start a new “false allegation” or “killallmen” activist event, but noone gives a shit.
    strange. really strange. i think they are much right to stand up against femnaziism and gynocentry, however rodgers had nothing to do with such and it’s a bot tasteless to use this event as adverticing opportunity for those matters.

  26. “One can only wonder how much hate and scorn and disconnect there actually exists towards women, quite a bit it seems….”

    Yes, and it’s brought on by sites like “Return of Kings”, which misogynists like yourself espouse.

  27. Not all American men are f*cked up. But the ones who are are right up there with the Taliban.

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