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Elliot Rodger posted on male virgin site of plans. Users begged him to stop.

Elliot Rodger posted on male virgin site
Members of various forums were tipped off shooting plans and some have even wondered about Elliot Rodger’s mental well being.

In a startling revelation this evening, jezebel has told how a tipster from male virgin forum site, Wizardchan had told how various members of the community had urged Elliot Rodger not to go through with his killing spree after confessing that he planned to go on a shooting spree against women.

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jezebel: We’ve just received an email from a tipster alerting us to a video that Elliot Rodger posted on a forum called Wizardchan. Rodger was apparently a member of the forum and posted the video moments before he went on a shooting spree that left seven dead. The tipster stated that the Wizardchan is a community for male virgins, who refer to themselves as wizards and others as “normies.” Rodger also posted the video in which he described his plans to slaughter women on this site as well.

After watching this video of Rodger taping a couple spending time together on the beach, several of the community members tried to stop Rodger from what he was planning to do. However, by this time it was too late.

The latest revelation comes to light as it has been noted that Elliot Rodger subscribed to a variety of misogynistic sites which specialized in denouncing women and faulting them for not liking men.

But it’s his postings on PuaHate, a site for failed pickup artists which tells the extent of the hatred Elliot Rodger had for all women:

Rodger, however, apparently did not only hate women. His PuaHate postings include rants against interracial dating and black, Asian and Indian men.

In January, Rodger posted a message, entitled “Saw a black guy sitting with 4 white girls,” in which he expressed his outrage over white women socializing with minority men:

Today I drove through the area near my college and saw some things that were extremely rage-inducing.

I passed by this restaurant and I saw this black guy chilling with 4 hot white girls. He didn’t even look good.

Then later on in the day I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and saw an Indian guy with 2 above average White Girls!!!

What rage-inducing sights did you guys see today? Don’t you just hate seeing these things when you go out? It just makes you want to quit life.

Other postings called for the for the destruction of feminism:

One day incels will realize their true strength and numbers, and will overthrow this oppressive feminist system.

Start envisioning a world where WOMEN FEAR YOU.

By now concern had begun to ramp up within the community as to the mental well being of Rodger, as evidenced by the fact that even Elliot Rodger’s own father in recent weeks had gone so far as to call authorities on his own son.

jezebel: Rodger’s videos were also posted to the Cringe subreddit earlier this week. There, users speculated on his mental state and discussed calling the police due to their fear that Rodger may be a serial killer.

Since the shootings some have wondered if the drugs Rodger was likely taking for Asperger syndrome and depression may have over time exaggerated his sense of mortal foreboding.

And then there was this comment that made me wonder as well:

I visited the Wizardchan link, and it’s chilling. I’m not even talking about the shooter: I’m talking about all the guys who have basically decided women are all whores and therefore unworthy of them. Guys, come on! Virginity isn’t a permanent condition!

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  1. I don’t condone what he did, I already know, I am completely aware of the fact that women do not owe me anything, I am not entitled, I repeat, I am NOT entitled to sex with a woman or to a womans body, date, relationship, etc., but I do kinda have empathy, sympathize with Elliot Rodger over his struggles with getting a girlfriend, getting laid, overall attracting girls, because it’s the painful unfair frustrating reminder that us guys have to be the ones to make the first move, do the approaching and asking out, taking the lead when it comes to dating and relationships, overall, initiating/escalating everything in the begining, being the one to make a date or relationship happen, start, I hate, despise, loathe how life and reality dealt guys, men those cards, even if it is the natural order of things, I can believe that from looking at the mating dance habits of other animals, the main deep root of my anger and rage, frustration towards life and reality for being that way, for that gender role, it just pisses me off on why does meeting, approaching and talking to women, starting converations with them, overall, the courtship process, making the first move and knowing what to say to women, overall knowing how to get a girlfriend seems like instinctive natural common sense to the vast majority of guys by their late teens and early 20’s, it’s like they have always known how to get a girlfriend, is knowing how to get a girlfriend something you have to be born knowing how to do or can it really be learned through trial and error? practice? what are factors that make a guy good with women in his teens and early 20’s and being a late bloomer, like losing his virginity at a later than average age, getting his first girlfriend not until well into his 20’s or even 30’s and beyond!, is it the way he was raised by his family, parents growing up, childhood social experiences or what? Type of peers growing up that determine how a guys dating life/sex life is gonna be in his younger/youthful years or later in life?
    It pisses me off because the way I see it, is that for us guys it’s literally a matter of knowing how to get a date, a relationship, girlfriend, for girls it’s not, girls do not literally need to know how to get a date, relationship, boyfriend, because since girls don’t have to approach or make the first move, do the asking out, initiating/escalating, leading, it just happens out of thin air for them, literally just comes to you, and when things come to you, that doesn’t require any skill. Since approaching and initiating conversations, leading, overall courting women is a matter of skill, that’s why for guys, getting a date/relationship is a matter of knowing how, since girls don’t have to approach, that means for girls, girls don’t literally need to know how to get a boyfriend.
    Yes people will argue and say that both genders have it equally hard in dating/relationships but in different ways but the way I have observed it by seeing men and women complain/rant on forums, discussion boards, is that when women are frustrated by their lack of dating/relationship success, the problems they are having is usually keeping a guy, problems while in the relationship, but when I see men frustrated, they are venting/complaining about not being able to get a date or relationship, struggling to make one happen/get one established, not getting a date or just not making it past the first or second date, but I would rather be in the womans position right there because I would rather have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, I would rather be in a bad relationship than not be in any relationship at all just get experience, while yes I won’t accept or take just any woman, as long as i’m attracted to her then I would be strongly willing to risk having her cheat on me just so I can experience having a girlfriend.
    So in a nutshell, people are entitled to their opinions, but I’ve always felt women had it easier in dating and relationships, well primariliy initially since they don’t have to approach, make the first move and ask out, they just have to welcome or deny advances, they have the final say, they just have to approve of the date and relationship, or deny it, and that doesn’t require much social effort, a socially-awkward girl has a much better chance of getting a boyfriend than a socially-awkward guy will at getting a girlfriend.

  2. Mr. Behnken – You make a LOT of assumptions, and that is your business, but it seems that ANYONE you disagree with has excuses,failures, and no clothes on. Maybe YOU need the skank ladder, whatever that may be, to look at your own attitudes in the mirror.

  3. Ok, since I wasn’t referring to Elliot, and instead to your apologizing for Anonymous, it’s clear you either can’t comprehend this flow of this “debate”, or possess the reasoning capacity of a child.

    Maybe you should read each argument completely instead of reading for trigger words to justify your countless logically fallacious straw man rebuttals. Your transference of your attitudes and behavior onto my position in a feeble attempt to dismiss or invalidate my initial point is the definition of psychological projection.

    The next tragedy CAN be prevented by teaching young men to be accountable for their failings and how to work to overcome them.

    really have to watch what you say and how you say it when you profess
    your virginity and the resulting lifestyle.They are going to say that
    you feel “entitled” to women and that you believe that the world
    somehow “owes” you something and to “hang in there” because “she” is out
    there for you.
    They will call you “narcissistic” because you
    have chosen not to play the game that the PUA’s describe.When these
    events occur, the experts will have plenty of insults for you — so get ready.”

    The preceding was your original statement in this thread, excusing Anon
    for his “situation”. A situation where he claims that it is not his
    fault he can’t woo women. Those behaviors that Anon exhibits are the
    underpinnings of sociopathic narcissism. This can be identified by any freshman in a Psych 101 class. It’s not a difficult behavior to identify.

    You keep dancing around the original point, and have not once argued my position, instead choosing to attack me in lieu of the argument itself.

    Allow me to reiterate the point that you have fought so desperately to bury:

    Anon’s original post, copied-and-pasted

    “I don’t hate women. I do recognize that they will never like me and it
    tears me apart every single day. Stop demonizing the rest of us and
    stop virgin-shaming. We have enough pain to deal with. And please
    don’t try and tell me that there’s ‘someone for everyone’. Men outnumber
    women by millions. Somebody has to be the odd man out. We’re just the
    ones that drew the short stick.”

    He uses the phrase, “they will never like me”, which was a phrase uttered by Elliot Rodger multiple times throughout both his manifesto and his youtube videos. Both Anon and Elliot possess a self-manufactured, paralyzing social anxiety that creates such an extreme fear of rejection, that neither will typically even initiate contact with females. The isolation is ENTIRELY self-imposed. To that end, for either to use the term “never” is ridiculous. They cannot even know with any certainty as to that, as both have talked to such an infinitesimal percentage of the population.

    He follows it up with “Stop demonizing the rest of us and stop vigrin-shaming.” He outwardly and unapologetically blames others for his own situation, upset that he would be criticized for his inaction in solving his problem. He then portrays himself as ever being the victim (just like Elliot Rodger), refusing to even accept responsibility, or the POSSIBILITY that his situation could be improved. Everything in Anon’s original post clearly refutes ALL responsibility for his inability to connect with women.

    This is the beginning of every tragedy of this type. But it is ENTIRELY FIXABLE. It is fixable by Anon admitting that he hasn’t done enough to change the situation, and that it is his responsibility to fix it.

  4. Mr. Behnken – I have not been able to placate the ego of Mr. Rodger since he is dead. How you arrive at my “projecting” whatever it might be to you, I do not know.If your anger could be directed more toward the guy who did it, then someone who would like to find ways to prevent the next tragedy. You want to hold Mr. Rodger accountable? Fine! I apologized for no one! I just want to to avoid more funerals!

  5. No, the friendzone is another artificial construct fabricated by narcissists to excuse their refusal to take risk and/or accept failure. The reward is earning her consent to date.

    Even in baseball–the sport around which many American sexual euphemisms are based–NOBODY gets on base or gets a hit 100% of the time. Let go of that completely unrealistic expectation. The greatest hitters in baseball AND romance BARELY succeed 30% of the time.

    Stop treating failure like some sort of catastrophe. The world (and as such, your personal world) is NOT going to end because you whiffed your way down the bar skank ladder. Nor is it going to end simply because some girl finds you a likeable person to whom she has no sexual attraction.

    Instead of coming back on here two weeks later to make more excuses, why don’t you get off your ass, get dressed, and go talk to some damn strangers?

  6. I don’t abhor “mean people”. I’m often labeled as one of the “mean people” because I don’t placate the ego of one whom will not take any kind of responsibility over their respective situation. Again, it’s nobody’s fault but yours if you can’t woo women or develop a healthy relationship. You’re projecting so hard, my laptop display is ACTUALLY bulging (that may or may not be the TFT lamp overheating). You sit here and tell a person SO cowardly that they hide their identity that they’re justified in being unaccountable; what am I supposed to think that is? If you’re not defending him, you’re certainly apologizing for him.

    Also, simply because I implied that you lacked self-awareness does not connote in any way a belief that you are “perfect”, just unwilling to be accountable.

  7. “You are merely showing some difficulty in communicating with someone who disagrees with you”
    Really? Arrogance never got people very far in life, overall. However, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Seems I have more than a few who agree w/me, however.
    I know many volunteers who have made life long friendships w/people they’d of never met, if they never stepped out to help. I know people who have met their spouses that way too.
    Anyone can do it. It’s just a matter of if one wants to & then make the time to. That includes all those who feel inept in life. Bottom line is, they would do themselves a big favor, over rotting away in their enclosed minds, lives & rooms. There ARE many who do that, daily. Then they blame the world for it.

    Glad you help who you can. Many need it, in countless areas, all over the world.
    And good for them that they are not like Elliot.
    Too many, underneath the surface are, however. And we see that played out in the news all to regularly, as well.
    No one has all the answers. Obviously.

  8. Mr. Behnken – Talking about definitions? I am defending NO ONE! I am against the culture that creates the situation where ANYONE does something like this.
    I said that I was perfect? Was Mr. Rodger one of your “mean people?

  9. Mr. Lives – I am not here to “compare” my volunteer work to yours, nor to justify my existence to you ( not wanting to trivialize ANYONE’S volunteer efforts, OR the quality of our work and my satisfaction from it. We help hundreds and hundreds of kids, whose resources are very limited. You are merely showing some difficulty in communicating with someone who disagrees with you, so save the “self-pity(?) rant and try to discuss the issues.
    Evil, angry and lonely? That was Mr. Rodger, not many, many other guys.

  10. Want a photocopy of the discharge papers from rehab? You claim everything I say is a lie. What evidence do you need? My tax documents? My criminal record? How about a credit report? A copy of my apartment lease? How about some samples of my work? You seem to be doing an inordinate amount of projecting. I’ve already mentioned I work TWO jobs (again, tax documentation is readily available upon request), and I can’t really get you fired from a job that likely doesn’t exist.

    You’re a special breed of imbecile, Mikey. Mustering up all the keyboard courage you can to make yourself feel better whilst spewing drivel for which you don’t want to be held accountable. I don’t need to instigate some sort of passive-aggressive retaliation upon you to further exemplify what you’ve already demonstrated: that you genuinely believe you should not be held accountable for your failings, and as such, harbor an irascible contempt for anyone and everyone whom doesn’t enable your irresponsibility. What evidence would you like? As I’ve said, it’s all available. But since you won’t even bother to reveal your identity, I have no place to send it.

    You lose, fella. Go see what mom’s cooking for brunch.

  11. I use “arse” in an attempt to be a smidge more dignified than the child with whom I’m arguing. No slip up here. Want a photo of my Driver’s License? How about a photo of a piece of mail addressed to me? Nothing I have said is fictional; every bit of it is fully verifiable.

    So, again, how about you answer the original question? What’s your excuse for not being able to woo women?

  12. But guys like Elliot and Anon DON’T move on. They obsess over it, feeding into their own psychosis. Holding a person accountable for their lack of success is not an insult. Please consult a dictionary for the definition of the term. Your posts indicate a belief that anything that doesn’t pander to your insecurity and doesn’t enable or condone your lack of accountability is an “insult”.

    The world isn’t going to bend for your social weaknesses. Adapt or perish.

  13. Why do you find it SO necessary to defend those who won’t be accountable for their own failings? Hm? It has nothing to do with whether or not said excuses “please” me. It has to do with those who refuse to lift a finger to improve their own lives, and then project blame onto everyone BUT themselves.

    Are you one of those folks whom believes “mean people suck”? Is it my unwillingness to acquiesce to excuses that annoys you, or is it that you are beginning to develop some modicum of self-awareness of your own shortcomings?

  14. I don’t think so Dave. Your angry rant @Renn, along w/your reply to me, tells more about you than you’d like it to.

    Nice that you volunteer. Now, if you can just get the good, heartfelt attitude that should go along w/it, rather than those fake smiles & emotions, that would really do wonders for you. Can’t speak for the rest, however.

    Elliot was a misogynist, filled w/self hate, self loathing & seething jealousy. Years of pent up hate & anger at his life, that finally exploded, as the mentally sick, who don’t get the proper help & care, will do. Thank God he didn’t take out more people like he planned.
    If he thought he was miserable here, it’s a pic-nic memory for him where he is now.

  15. Mr. Behnken – And we also have the insults and attitudes that create the culture that brings us “the next Elliot!

  16. Mr. HeLives – Wrong , as usual, because our group has legions of volunteers ( not to meet women,but to actually HELP somebody, as we NEVER go get the awards which the chamber of commerce has for us). There are no “self-sorrows” here, just the ones that YOU make up ( like the false enttitlement bit) to make yourself feel wonderful.
    YOURS is the attitude of insulting people who are different and contributing to tragic events like this one.

  17. Mr, Anon – You really have to watch what you say and how you say it when you profess your virginity and the resulting lifestyle.They are going to say that you feel “entitled” to women and that you believe that the world somehow “owes” you something and to “hang in there” because “she” is out there for you.
    They will call you “narcissistic” because you have chosen not to play the game that the PUA’s describe.When these events occur, the experts
    will have plenty of insults for you — so get ready.

  18. Mr. Anon – You really have to watch what you say and how you say it when you profess your virginity and resulting lifestyle. They are waiting to tell you that you feel “entitled” to a woman’s attention, that you feel sorry for yourself and that you think that the world owes you.
    The “alpha guys” have to sell this (PUA Forums) by showing that your own realistic attitude toward life ( women not involved in your life so you move on, and nobody gets hurt) is abnormal and dangerous. Just be prepared for the “hang in there ,she’s coming” pep talks and, of course, the insults.

  19. Ms. or Mr. CV – Whether “Mikey” is being tongue in cheek or not, we should be seeing from these very insulting posts that there is a very unhealthy atmosphere out here that creates “Elliots” .Maybe the “hate” speech is coming from some place OTHER than misogyny.

  20. Mr. Behnken – For the sake of your insults, do you really want to see ANOTHER tragedy so you can then call ANOTHER guy more names?

  21. Clearly, your poor regard for women & self loathing attitude come across loud & clear when you are around them. So yeah, they are going to avoid you like the plague.
    Get an attitude adjustment & do something positive w/your life for others much less fortunate & you’ll appreciate your life a lot more.

  22. Then go to places where they are wanted. Volunteer your time & meet other ‘nice’ people who do the same, or work where you’re volunteering. All the workers think the world of the volunteers. MEET some!
    Oh, not good enough for you? Well, that’s too bad for you then. Continue to drown in your self sorrows.

  23. Did I say it was ‘simple’? Some people who fee awkward or different, make it more difficult on themselves than it needs to be, however. I used to be very shy, very introverted. I had to FORCE myself out & slowly began to take chances w/talking one on one, not w/a group, to people who appeared more open & accepting of everyone. I didn’t start out trying to talk to the most popular, wanted, click people, that’s for sure.
    This guy didn’t want to talk to the ‘regular’ people. He didn’t ask out anyone on his level. He wanted the most pretty, popular people. If he gave any chance at all to a plain Jane or ‘regular’ people, he probably would have made a friend or 2. His fantasies took him well out of his league & he felt ‘entitled’ to have all come to him, instead. He thought money & power & nice things was the key. He thought all wrong, obviously.
    His roommates tried w/him. He considered them ‘nerds’ & stopped being w/them. He confined himself to this own room & thoughts. People are not going to drag you around w/them. They’ll give it a few shots & that’ll be it, if you dis them.
    If you’re too awkward w/people, that’s where animals come in big time. They don’t care what you are. They are all accepting. I spent most of my time w/them for years growing up & still make sure I always have a dog. I still help the homeless ones too. I have met more people thru helping animals, than anywhere else. I take my dog into nursing homes 2x/wk. I get stopped all the time by strangers, male & female who want to pet my sweet dog & talk to me about her & how wonderful that I do that w/her. No one EVER has insulted me w/that. People who crave your company & attention are certainly never going to insult you. They are going to love you! They are going to think you are the most wonderful person in their life. (& you just may be, b/c some never get anyone to visit w/them but you)
    I don’t do it for that reason, however. I do it to bring joy to those who are truly trapped in their very undesirable circumstances. And they can’t do ONE thing about it. Sometimes I think I get more out of it than they do. It can be overwhelming encountering some of these poor souls. And I know my dog gets more out of it. She loves all the constant attention & love she gets. People can’t wait for us to return.

    I now have a deal going w/an Estate Sale business, who will sell me small boom boxes, fans & big piece puzzles dirt cheap, b/c I’m taking them to those in the nursing homes who don’t have them & would benefit greatly from them. It’s a small gesture, that makes a big difference to them. I meet even more people doing that. More people that think it’s great, what I do for the nursing home patients/residents.

    Volunteering is big & cost you nothing but your time. It can open doors in any direction for you. Including helping you w/your self esteem, compassion & love for others.

    That IS simple. Get a gentle spirited dog then & do something good w/both your lives. You’ll save a life at a shelter & you’ll enrich many lives elsewhere, including your own. You won’t be so mired in self pity & so self focused 24/7.
    It’s not Rocket Science. It’s having empathy & compassion for others. Something that sicko severely lacked.

  24. Mr. Renn – Sorry, but the internet is chock full of posts from women who claim that “nice guys” are not wanted undesirable. Nice guys are NOT wanted!

  25. Mr. Behnken – Yes, get out there and insult ALL those guys whose “excuses” do not please you. You better hurry up since there are so many Elliots out there. Better get started right away!

  26. Mr. Truthwhip – Another wonderful guy with the insults! YOU just do not get it.Not EVERYBODY sees the world as wonderfully as you do. If xxBongHitzxx69xx420 gave the online dating thing a try, so what? That brought YOU pain?
    He has come to grips with HIS life and he never insulted YOU. So who’s REALLY the narcissistic asshole?

  27. Ms. Love Believer – Great post!! The good guys get it in the neck ( the friendzone, where you get to carry boxes and change tires) and are called “boring”, “guys with no edge” and “too vanilla”—– but STILL make the best boyfriends!

  28. Anon- You cannot tell ANYONE that you feel that way.There are a lot of insults coming your way.

  29. Ms. MacIntosh – Too bad you never met him, as you could have insulted him in person before he did this – just like all the others. Too bad you missed it.

  30. Mr. He Lives – Don’t you understand? You think ( like many other well-meaning and “well-adjusted” heterosexual men) that thereis this simple way to grow up with female friends and not fall into the abyss of being alone MOST of the time.The guys,whom you never see during YOUR wonderful social life, never have to bother you or insult you with their awkward presence ( so you do not have to give them YOUR clever insults) until one of them does something like this.
    You make it sound so easy, as you are SO wonderful!

  31. I also find it interesting that you claim to be from ohio but use the word “arse”. You slipped up old chap. I’ll let you finish your weird fictional internet life story now. Have a nice day.

  32. I’ve actually done all of those things, as a teenager. Not only are you a bum with no job, but you are a so-called adult with the thoughts and emotions of an adolescent. I would bet my huge bank account that you are on government assistance. You’re welcome for the heat and food you have now that I payed for.

  33. How do you define “real career” mikey? One where you grovel at the feet of a boss for a check? Or one where you earn your keep? You willing to tell every designer, painter, musician, actor, dancer, sculptor, and architect that their careers are a fraud by your standards? Most will just laugh at you all the way to the bank.

    Furthermore, have you ever BEEN to Dayton, OH? This town began to collapse nearly thirty years ago. It’s entire economic infrastructure was predicated on the manufacturing industry that now resides in China. This town is a hollowed-out shell of its former self.

    You draw some laughably wild conclusions with little to no insight as to what it is about which you’re talking.

    Ever have to go to bed hungry as a kid? DID IT.
    Ever have to sit at home and freeze your prepubescent balls off because your parents both work and still can barely afford heat? DID IT.

    Slept in a car because you had no alternative? DID IT.

    Until you overcome homelessness, drug addiction. a toxic family, and generational poverty to carve out your own niche in life WITHOUT A SAFETY NET (I strongly doubt you’ve had to deal with even ONE of those), you will appear to me as nothing more than a spoiled trust fund kid whom believes adversity is a circumstance reserved for “poor folk” and has never had to deal with a real challenge to his warm, safe, privileged life.

    So again, what’s your excuse for not being able to woo women? You never did answer the question. Afraid of having to look at yourself critically and come to the realization that YOU’RE the only constant in the equation of you not getting laid or having a healthy relationship?

    Furthermore, why is it that scared, angry children like you can’t ever be bothered to stand behind your juvenile ranting with your REAL, FULL name? It tells me you’re too weak to open yourself up to scrutiny, and that most of what you espouse is likely little more than poorly-crafted lies intended to serve as trollbait.

    So, how long before you decide to “punish” all the women whom won’t sleep with your loser arse, and the interesting, confident, well-adjusted guys like me whom they get in bed with instead?

    Your flimsy attempt to s**t on my accomplishments failed, fella. Who else are you going to blame next?

  34. The thing is though, I have a real career and you’re an adult who is an “artist” for a living. “I grew up dirt poor in a dying rust belt city” is something people from the suburbs say on the internet.

  35. While that may be technically true, exclude India and China, whom are both supernations with culturally male-dominant populations. Remove them from the number (they are aberrations which skew the ratio), and the ration begins to tilt BARELY toward women. However, the OP is simply using the M:F ratio as another excuse to avoid accepting the reality that his shortcomings with intergender, interpersonal relationships are entirely his fault and his responsibility to overcome.

  36. No one said they were entitled. His girlfriend paid the fee the prostitute requested. The completion of the transaction is the explicit granting of consent.

  37. Those sound like the excuses of our next Elliot…

    How can you know they’ll NEVER like you? Have you dated ALL 2.4 billion adult women (only about 2.25 billion men) on the planet? Your pain is your own fault. Nobody can woo women for you. Get off your ass, get out, and TALK TO THEM WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS. You even admit you don’t want help or insight. You’re feeding into your own negativity when you use absolutes like “never”. Furthermore, you deflect all blame from yourself. That is a behavior consistent with an unhealthy level of narcissism.

    Moral of the story: stop making f**king excuses. YOU are responsible for your success or failure. NO ONE ELSE.

  38. haha. Thanks for chuckle. I’m sure they feel “hampered” by this citizens critique (not). Don’t confuse being a voyeur with being a spy.

  39. Maybe women don’t want to be within a nautical mile of you because of your oh-so-charming personality. Has that thought ever occurred to you? Get the f**k over yourself, Elliott, Jr.

    How long before you just go ahead and snap and we see you as the next manifesto-writing, gun-toting, woman-hating headline?

  40. Funny, I grew up dirt poor in a dying rust belt city. Way to completely miss the mark with your misguided stereotype. Not everyone can thrive in a “real job”, as you put it. Some of us prefer to take responsibility and earn our own money, instead of hoping our benevolent white-collar overlords will pay us enough for kissing their asses.

    What an asinine comment yours was. Are you upset because you’re too weak to earn your own hustle, slapnuts? Your remarks are the angry musings of a retail or fast food employee whom wants money, but won’t get up off his ass and grind out a life for himself.

    I EARN what I have. I don’t sit around and think someone OWES me a career, paycheck, and a warm vagina.

  41. I never realized things I type on the internet transform people into killers. I bet you listen to rap music though and think it’s so cool.

  42. No one who’s parent aren’t rich becomes an artist. The rest of us get actual jobs.

    Artist usually = guy avoiding work at all costs while mommy helps with the rent. Same as musician.

  43. BOTH generalizations are inappropriate. And yes, the haphazard arrangement of this thread as presented on the page caused me to miss the context of the rebuttal.

  44. You turned Elliot into a verb? I feel like that will become the permanent descriptor for this kid’s behavioral archetype.

    Admittedly, so did I.

  45. Hm…let’s see if we can find a differentiation.

    Gigolo: gets paid to have sex with women

    Hooker: gets paid to have sex with men.

    Hm…not seeing a difference, save for the inversion of gender and gender-specific nomenclature.

    Also, “pool boy/gardener” is the more accurate description of the male equivalent of a mistress (by conventional definition, not a BDSM one). Both are sexual relationships outside the confines of a monogamous relationship, yet, no money or property is exchanged.

  46. I *will* tell you that there is someone for everyone; I will also tell
    you to use self-help to improve yourself so that she can find you, &
    not have to wade through a cloud of sadness & self-pity.

    Even more seriously, I just had a friend kill herself because her boyfriend dumped her – in
    *her* name, I beg you to get professional help before any depression
    takes you too far.

  47. Prostitution only destroys women *because* it is illegal. If there was no threat of jail, a woman would not be at the mercy of her pimp.

  48. Which won’t solve the problem of male entitlement being deadly in psychopaths, but, yes. Legalize it & stop calling women sluts; *everyone* will be much happier!

  49. The only thing clear about that fact is that it’s made up. The rest of your post proves it.

  50. Wrong. But thank you for exposing the hypocrisy of people who hamper the NSA with complaints about privacy.

  51. It’s hard not to judge oneself based on the perceptions of others. I understand that too well. For me, my obsession with external validation led to internally destructive behavior; specifically, prescription drugs. I see an uncomfortably frequent parallel between my pre-2007 self and Elliot Rodger. It relieves me to look back and see that I was FORCED to be accountable for my attitude. He was not, and as such, never took it.

    This is what feeds into sociopathic narcissism: the belief that nothing is ever one’s own fault. Reading his 140-page manifesto, he never ONCE assumes responsibility for his failings; choosing instead to blame his mother for not marrying a rich man, blaming “fate” for his not winning the lottery, and everyone else for his REFUSAL to take a risk. His inclination to obsess over lofty (read: largely unattainable) goals without seeing the necessity to put in the effort simply fueled his manufactured belief that everyone else was conspiring against him.

    I appreciate your candor and willingness to share a bit of your own troubles you had to overcome.

  52. He was over 21 so regardless what mommy was saying there are no searches and seizures without warrants. People would be bitching about that next..

  53. You have to keep in mind that he was.free, White and 22 when mommy sent the cops. All we would need now is cops just barging in without warrants to search and people would be bitching about unlawful search and seizures. No matter what people do anymore they get criticized by Monday morning quarterbacks. The poor cops these day are scapegoats who are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. We need to lay the blame squarely on the head of the person responsible and in this case that would be this deranged squirrely weirdo Mr. Rodger’s

  54. Sorry It came out like that Tim. In truth I don’t think that way and I don’t feel that she ‘should’ put out just because I have fed her. I really enjoy the courtship and simply the company of a well adjust lady. That was just a jab at that feminist mindset that the tables have turned and A guy should just be happy with her company and that she personally has no intention of putting out regardless if she had a extra special enjoyable night out. I date all the time with no expectations whatsoever but I certainly don’t need that kind of attitude where all bets are off right from the start. I to was labeled ‘shy’ from as far back as I remember and to be honest I don’t think that helped me with socializing because in the back of my head I could still hear “he’s shy’ and it perpetuated my shyness. I was kind of like him in a way too for awhile hoping girls would approach me and it took many years to learn the truth.
    I also beat my OCD. I used to count steps and avoided cracks in the sidewalk till I learned it was goofy and just told myself to quit it or it would only get worse. I say that because it was getting worse and I just fought hard not to do those silly things and for the most parts (96%)
    I stopped it. Stuff still pops in my head but now as then I’m aware of it and just laugh it off instead of letting it overtake my life.

  55. I’m not sure how I missed this, but you’ve lost SO thoroughly, you resort to a threat of violence?

    I took half a paid personal day today, just so I could come back home and watch your psyche unravel here in front of everyone. It’s priceless, really. 😀

  56. The moral of the story? Don’t start a flame war with a linguistic arsonist. You’ll never outburn them.

  57. Which god? Better, which Abrahamic god? The OT, NT, or Q’ura’n?

    Also, I’m ATHEIST, doofus. I subscribe to NO religion.

    Unlike you, a religious zealot whom believes it’s his divine right to be a douchebag free of consequence.

    My willingness to promote and maintain the division between church and state makes me un-American, HOW, exactly?

    Seriously: what in the f**k happened to you in your life that renders you such a pathetic shell of a human?

    Your rights do NOT come from your vengeful imaginary friend.

    Your right to even believe that your imaginary friend is in any way real is afforded to you by THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If you no longer feel it applies to you, why continue to reside here?

    Perhaps you’d like to live with those whom share your devout fanaticism. I’m sure your nonsense will go over swimmingly with those whom share your fervor for a god different from yours.

  58. So you love Jews, you lovefags, and you love littledicks…You not American and you are not God. My rights come from God not some obnoxious kyke.

  59. Bahahaha! Now you’re begging for mercy? Who’s embarrassing themselves, again? Your rights grant you neither the right nor privilege to be free of consequence for your anti-semitic, homophobic drivel. If you don’t want to face the consequences of your poorly-chosen words, keep your yipper closed.

  60. Stop masturbating in public, you ar embarrassing yourself. Learn to respect my rights, and I will respect yours.

  61. You ARE aware not every woman whom prostitutes does so with a gun to her head, right?

    Do you hold the same contempt for gigolos and the Janes that hire them?

    If the answer to the second question is anything but an emphatic “yes”, your hypocritical misandry is saddening.

  62. He wasn’t Jewish. He was English and Malaysian, and gave no indication of his religious leaning.

  63. He wasn’t Jewish. He was Malaysian and English. In his manifesto, he never once mentioned anything about Judaism. His family celebrated secular Christmas. Jimbo here is a hurt, scared little manchild whom not only has nothing of value to add to the discussion, but chooses instead to fling insults from the depths of mommy’s basement where he can impress his equally pathetic stoner buddies.

    Read below, if you dare…

  64. Anti-semitic epithets didn’t work, so what makes you think that homophobic ones will be any different?

    Oh, right. You stopped psychologically developing at the age of eleven.

  65. Ah, you’ve been clearly beaten, and your little insults aren’t working, so you choose to switch to new insults.

    How small your mind is…again, you claim I like little dicks because I address you with a name which implies that your need to overcompensate for your numerous failings stems from phallic inadequacy.

    You’re not helping your cause here, little boy.

    You continue to exemplify to everyone here the unparalleled depths of your immaturity and insecurity.

  66. Come on you are a pecker checker. You are the guy taking a peek at the urinal. Don’t deny it you lovecock.

  67. I don’t recall ever expressing a desire to fornicate you, junior. But thanks for verifying my suspicion as to the origin of the trauma that has reduced you to a permanent state of childlike anger and infantile bickering.

    You’re the only one looking pathetic here, kid.

  68. You told me you like little dicks. Your obsessed with cocck, homo. Tell me what you want to do to my littledick,faggott. Get me off fagboy, HAHA.

  69. Tell me again how little my dick is and how much you want to have sex with me. Tell me it again. Funnyman. Make me laugh clown.

  70. On what basis do you make that claim? Your wild delusions, or do you have some kind of actual verifiable evidence.

    You’re fun to drive to anger.

  71. You started the flame war, fella. Can’t take the heat?

    That’s what I thought.


  72. Ok, you might actually be retarded. We’ve established that I’m NOT, in fact, Jewish, and yet you cling to that epithet like an autistic child…why?

    Where did your uncle or pastor touch you, little boy? Are you ashamed that it happened, or more ashamed that you enjoyed it?

  73. Okay you are better than me. Is that what you want to hear psycho Jew. Now leave me alone nutjob.

  74. Wow…still with the “kyke” epithet, hm? As much as I’d love to debate with you the finer points of the glaring emotional and psychological deficiencies you clearly possess, we adults can’t simply sit at the computer all day and fling juvenile insults in the desperate attempt to bolster our frail ego. We have to go to our JOBS and CAREERS to be responsible, productive members of society…something which has clearly never been expected of you.

    You get the designation of “tinyd**k” because your proclivity for racism and unsubstantiated personal attacks clearly connote a glaring psychological trauma which compels you to lash out angrily at anyone and everyone whom you perceive as superior to you in any way.

    Come to think of it, you’re an awful lot like Elliot Rodger.

  75. Yeah kyke you are better than me. Your Jew brothers kill innocent women and children in Palestine for the fun of it, for laughs. You Jews are all our moral superiors, in your kykeheaded dream. Dream on kykesucker, you are living in your own fake world for now. But a new dawn is coming a new light is beginning to shine, on the sick evil disgusting nature of the Jews.

  76. What is with you kykes and your obsession with bigcock? Why are all kykes, big cock worshippers? Is that your religion? Is that you God? Answer funboy. Answer kykehead.

  77. Hate whom, tinyd**k? There’s no “us” here. Just an angry, scared boy whom finds it necessary to mask his glaring insecurities with the name of a fictional character (because heaven forbid you actually take accountability), who has chosen to fling woefully misguided racist epithets at someone whom doesn’t even fit into the category to which you’re trying to assign him.

    And you’ve made the pathetic attempt to troll someone who clearly surpassed you in the realm of social development by the time he was in third grade…

    Come on, p**sy…use your real name. I dare ya.

  78. Why do you hate us, kyke? Answer the question tough guy. Why do you hate us, psycho kyke? you want to fight over words? What is wrong with you? Words bother you?, thing skinned psycho, kyke?

  79. Ah. Thank you for clarifying that you are neither high nor retarded; choosing instead to hide behind the anonymity of the internet where you can fap your tiniest of penises and exemplify to all here what a scared b**ch you are.

    What’s the matter, Jimbo? I mean, I get that testicular cancer can sometimes affect children, but that CAN’T be the reason that you’re so testicularly deficient (since reading is hard for such a distinguished fellow like yourself, that last phrase means you seem to have no balls) that you must adopt a pseudonym to say in this thread the things that would never leave your quivering, timid lips in the presence of an actual person.

    And, to your last point. My last name is German and my knuckles (and also liver) are quite Irish.

    Come on, p**sy…use your REAL name…better still, come look me up. Unlike myopic children such as yourself, I don’t need to hide behind a nom de plume. Having the integrity to stand behind my commentary with my ACTUAL name attached to it already makes me more of a man than you could ever hope to be.

  80. Come on kyke, I know you hate us. I can fee l it in ever word you speak. Tell me kyke, why do you hate us? Why kyke, why? Did I spell that right? I would love an explanation of your hatred of us.

  81. Scrapper, you’re incorrectly attributing a line from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution, clearly indicating that you’ve read neither.

    Go back to fourth-grade social studies, doofus.

  82. Are you high, retarded, or a combination of the two?

    He wasn’t a jew, mouthbreather. He was English and Malaysian. Religion had nothing to do with this in any way save for his belief that he had ZERO control over those girls that he incorrectly believed conspired to find him undesirable.

    Here’s a great trick to try with your bible…it REALLY WORKS!

    Hold it out with one hand, arm extended out directly in front of you, with its spine pointed in toward you.

    Next, thrust the spine of that bible into your trachea AS HARD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

    The trick is that you’ll be dead before you can learn that your religion lied to you your whole existence.

  83. Charisma can get you farther than an AMEX Black card. Some of my favorite dates required little more than the $20 necessary to buy some picnic munchies and a sixer of a decent craft beer. Hell, I’ve had some damn great times with potential partners without either of us having to shell out a damn penny.

    This notion that money and looks alone are sufficient for women to flock to you is horrendously flawed.

    You could own a restaurant with what is possibly THE best iteration of a particular dish, but if you don’t take the risk of promotion, no one will ever even be aware of your dish, let alone interested in trying it.

    Relationships are THE SAME DAMN DYNAMIC.

    You could be the greatest guy in the world, but if you won’t grow a pair and actually try to connect with your audience/customers/crush of the moment, all the effort and time you put into yourself will have been wasted, because one simply couldn’t get past the prospect of rejection and chose not to take the risk.

    Talking to her is risk that, if handled properly, can earn you the reward of continuing to get to see her.

    If you don’t take the risk, you’re GUARANTEED to get no reward of any kind.

  84. I’ve had more than a few uncomfortable chuckles in response to your brand of drivel, Mikey. I’m an artist (I can’t be considered anywhere CLOSE to wealthy), and yet, despite my glaring lack of a stock portfolio, an import car, designer clothes (bona fide thrift store whore), and my unapologetic aversion to shaving, I seemed to be able to overcome my inability to woo women. What’s your excuse?

  85. The sadder part here is that you think by virtue of buying her dinner or a gift, you’re OWED sex.

    No, no, NO.

    Coming from a guy whom once shared some fraction of this kid’s frustration, it took having some damn humility to hold myself accountable and realize, “Maybe it’s ME. I seem to be the only constant in this equation of my loneliness.”

    I’d spend frustrating nights at the bar (and before that, assorted teen dance clubs before drinking age), sitting passively in a corner, hoping some girl would just notice my presence and somehow magically be drawn to it. Doesn’t take a sociologist to know how flawed that kind of “plan” truly is. A woman can’t be attracted to you if she’s not even remotely aware of your presence.

    It took getting the f**k over myself and actually TALKING TO WOMEN to figure out it wasn’t the mystifying art I had been conditioned to perceive it to be.

    I may have been a “late bloomer”, but in retrospect, it was largely my fault for not taking the risk in the first place.

  86. ” Lots of us still enjoy the companionship now and then, but on our own
    terms, not the man’s terms (this means yes to fun, but no to sex).”
    You are one of those wordy (w)itches, this could have been summed up in ONE word, “tease”. What’s worse is your kind
    is worse because at least a prostitute gives out when money
    is exchanged. You expect a man to take you out, feed you and entertain you and you have no intention of putting out the one thing a man puts himself through your crap to get. A ‘stinky wick’.
    Do you really think you are all of that and that your boorish company will satisfy the majority of men? They would rather go out and have a few with the boys instead. Get over yourself already.

  87. LOL Right. This guy really believe that being a weirgen and his 2nd time out and he is a great lover. He doesn’t realize that 100% of guys at that stage in the game are fumbling, stumbling noobies. Just because you can last forever due to a callused cawk from years of rubbing out your own does not a great lover make. hahahaha

  88. See clown. You can’t even reply. No go back kiddie RawStory and use your buzzwords over there.

  89. NOTICE: The Crazy Disqus Stalker Troll above has proven themselves to be so insane that I no longer reply to him with anything other than this canned response. Do not mistake my silence for agreement or acquiescence. I will not waste my valuable time on trolls.

  90. Yes, nothing you ever says makes any sense. That is fine with a bunch of children like RawStory, but other sites actually have conversations.

  91. I assume from your belief that you are broke. Money is obtainable. If you want a woman who wants money— get some money. If the money fails, reassess your belief.

  92. You only deserve to get what you give. If you cannot bring to the table what you are expecting from other people then you need to work on yourself. There is a reason you are not having the relationships you want, and it’s not the other person. Nobody owes you anything. Get your shit together.

  93. “girls care less about wealth than about personality,” thanks I had a good laugh from that.

  94. i will say though that i don’t think Elliot Rodger going crazy had anything to do with virginity, as half or more of the people he killed were probably virgins (his house mates were 3 Asian boys 19-20 y/o, and he stabbed them)

  95. At Elliot Rodger’s age dating sites are mostly men. At age 30 it’s about 50/50. At age 40 it’s mostly women. It’s just supply and demand. Women are at peak demand in their early 20s. Men are at peak demand in their 30s when women want to raise and support a family. You can either deal with these facts of biology and “ignore bitches, acquire currency”, or go crazy like Elliot Rodger.

  96. Yes FC….they lie very well. That’s really disturbing that Dahmer story, where they handed the Asian victim right back to him~~Wow! What a nightmare. Psychopaths are the scariest people, missing a soul. Hope I never run into one! May more gun regulations be put in place~~save a few people. Have a good night.

  97. totally off topic, but i love how all dudes no matter what always believe when we tell them that they are like totally the best we ever had. “oh ya baby all the other guys before you were awful but not you!” lol
    women are way too nice. its like we cant even help it.

  98. He was a psychopath, and the police simply saw a nice young man. Psychopaths (male or female) are skilled in hiding their true selves.
    That news about the police finding him to be no problem reminded me of the TWO times the police ignored Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes. One time was when he was driving and a squad car pulled him over. He said he was just on the way to the dump. He had large black trash bags in his car, filled with decaying human body parts.

    The other time was when a drugged young Asian victim had ESCAPED Dahmer’s apartment, and the police found this naked kid, all incoherent, and handed the victim right back to Dahmer, who had since run outside looking for him. He had told the police that the boy was his lover, and being Asian could not handle his liquor. The police laughed, and told him to keep a better eye on his boyfriend. OMG.

  99. Frightening, these misogynist sites exist! The only way they can feel good about themselves—declaring all women whores /the enemy.

    An overinflated ego, with no respect for life. He did declare that he was the true Alpha male, the best~~so sad. If that’s his best, no one wonder people ran from him. Your post was spot-on, well said. I can’t believe he LEGALLY obtained guns too. He had a history of psychiatric care/problems. It was a terrible day for those families. If only they brought in him right after that evil video was posted. They should’ve searched his room, all the weaponry and manifesto, was there! That was more then a warning flag—it was blatant in your face, someone was going to die by his hands.

  100. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Got anything else? I think you are referring to another document. Do you know which one?

  101. to mikey: The women you describe are just as shallow and useless (except for attracting sexual partners) as the men you describe. The good woman don’t go for that kind of guy….at least not twice. Everyone’s different, and there are tons of nice women out there who would go for a “nice guy”. Maybe not 10/10 on the scale, but you get the point.

  102. Also if you do not believe in that, then the first amendment which gives us the right to comment on things like this doesn’t exist either.

  103. Michael did you ever read the constitution. Read the preamble. It says that at the very top

  104. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not in the Constitution. So YOU need to read it.

  105. I was almost 28 when i lost my virginity (not long after going to a strip club and getting my first hands-on experience which was a huge confidence boost). this guy was 22 and started planning when he was 20. MOST well-off, white, educated boys are virgins at 20-22. He just didn’t know that. Yes, girls get all the fun at that age and their pick of the boys. And then things start to change – i noticed it around age 26-27. Women started to hit on ME. When they get a little older, their criteria changes. A man being short isn’t such a big deal. The man who is “weird” is now “funny”. And as far as the sex – I didn’t tell the girl i had been a virgin until after the 2nd time we did it. She was stunned. Apparently, i was the best partner she had ever had. I could last until she orgasmed and she would have 1, 2, or 3 of them. The guys she had been with had been having sex since their teens had bad habits or were simply too bored by the experience to try. While someone could have given Elliot Rodger this advice, it’s unlikely it would have helped since he was obviously mentally ill.

  106. First of all, “cunt” comes from the same root as [French] Connoisseur, [German] Kenntnis, and [English] cunning. Cunt means “intelligence” or “intelligent one”. So thank you for using the term correctly. Many people think it means vagina, lol!

    Yes, this is a Feminist era. But this male was a virgin and a psychopath. Virginity is great if it’s voluntary. But this psychopath belonged to a group called “incels”, or “involuntary celibates”. Psychopaths and other MRAs lack the intelligence to comprehend why they do not get things for free, when they don’t deserve things. Much like the spoiled little brats MRAs are, they think “want” equals “deserve”. This psychopath MRA wanted sex and love and equality, but he did nothing to earn any of those.

    I agree with you again on your point that such males who lack intelligence or reasoning skills will in fact reach out with the only language they know: violence. This psychopathic MRA was hardly the first to use violence against the precious prize he wanted but couldn’t achieve (women), but he was the first one who made videos about it! THAT is why we are talking about this one.

    Last month, another self-entitled brat became violent at his desired prize when she turned him down to go to prom with him. He was just doing what other MGTOW-boys do, behaving like tyrannical, violent little crybabies who were turned down. He stabbed the girl who said “no, thank you, I don’t want to go to prom with you”. Fact was, she had a boyfriend, not that it mattered. The MRA (or bRA, boys’ rights activist) felt the only male thing to do was murder her for daring to not give him what he wanted.

  107. A problem with online dating sites is that they are man-heavy! Two-thirds of the members are men! And what few females do exist on those sites can be split three ways. First, fake profiles meant to lure men onto the site. Second, women who join out of boredom rather than an actual desire to get married, and third, women who do not have very much going for them at all, and are among the least-desired.

    Statistically however, those last women — the traditionally least-desired — get MUCH more attention than even the great-on-paper guys who join. Once again proving that online dating sites are not nearly as great for guys as they are for women. Today’s dating is just a buyer’s market. And women aren’t buying 🙁

  108. A better site: http://www.geohive.com/earth/pop_gender.aspx
    And do not neglect a very, very important fact: women live much longer than men. A few years may not seem like much, but when counting lives, a few million extra 90 year-old women will falsely skew the appearance of who’s who and how many are how many.

    Most men who are looking to date are looking for someone in a twenty-year age range to themselves. All of these 90, 100 year-old females on the Census Stats don’t do them much good. And worldwide (not just bits of the U.S.), men do outnumber women, and that INCLUDES the enormous amount of elderly women in the bunch.

  109. No, the “good guys” are who find them the most attractive. It’s the jerks, the losers, the shallow, skin-crawling a–holes who don’t find them attractive. And that is awesome, because it saves women the trouble of dating [most of] them!

    Although to be honest, with this cougar/MILF nonsense going on, we’re forced to see the hottest, wealthiest young guys focusing their desires on women twice their age… so women who’ve matured still don’t escape the horny-go-round 100%. It does all even out though, since younger girls are focusing on school and high-powered jobs. It hardly leaves time for dating…

  110. http://www.geohive.com/earth/pop_gender.aspx
    There are more males in the world than females. It is YOUR stats which are off. We’re all close enough to 50/50, but there are more females who are killed at birth (simply for being female), more girl children sold into sex slavery (which means an early death), more females killed in “honor killings”, more wives killed upon the deaths of their spouse, and the list goes on.
    What you might be conflating with fact is that women do outlive men. So yes, there are millions of elderly women who lived longer than men. But we don’t tend to count them in the normal dating pool.

  111. It sucks that both men and women virgin-shame. I’ll try to fight the urge to say some uplifting platitude you’ve heard a dozen times before.

    It sucks for guys today that since women are working our own jobs, we just don’t *need* men in our lives anymore. Men used to be the one necessary goal for females (marriage). But now since we work our own jobs, earn our own pay, have our own homes, buy our own stuff, and live our own lives, men and marriage have become superfluous. Lots of us still enjoy the companionship now and then, but on our own terms, not the man’s terms (this means yes to fun, but no to sex).

    Thanks for being a good person. Not just thanks for being a non-murderous misogynist, but thanks for being a good fellow human being. Don’t identify yourself by your number of sexual partners.

  112. I can agree with you 99%. But this kid was also a psychopath, a sociopath. That type of person will NEVER get that the problem is actually themselves. He didn’t suffer from a moment of “woe is me”; he lived his entitled life thinking “why aren’t I being served every last thing I desire?” Volunteering would have not served his enormous ego. He would have been driven to violence even sooner.

    This boy is just another standard misogynist who thinks he is awesome, he deserves all the hot women he sees, and that all other men are less deserving yet still out-achieving him. Misogynist websites abound. And they have so many woman-hating members who suffer from the same psychopathy that women are all whores… the kind or whores who just won’t sleep with any of them.

    Look up “psychopath” and “sociopath”. Never will you see more perfect definitions for the modern-day misogynist.

  113. Self-entitled much? “I want sex, give me sex, if I don’t get sex EASILY I will go on a rampage”. Prostitutes are the misogynist’s biggest target of violence, rape, and murder. I don’t know whether or not you think that woman-haters exist or not, but they do, and they despise prostitutes moreso that they despise other women.

    I spent the better part of my adult life fighting HARD to decriminalize prostitution, and only in recent years have I changed my position to eradicating it instead. It harms both men and women. Sex-positivity is great, but reducing sex to a financial transaction is what empowers misogynists’ venom against all women. Too many females die at the hands of self-entitled men as it is. Don’t add to the number of murders.

  114. Flag the garbage. Misogyny is hate speech, and Disqus’ rules prohibit it. Also posting off-topic violates the rules too, but it’s fair to assume Mikey just goes on every Internet board and posts that all women are whores sadly… I hate to think how many victims “Mikey” will be responsible for Ellioting…

  115. Proving two things: girls care less about wealth than about personality, and that men who can’t get laid can’t blame their wallets; it’s all about personality and some guys just refuse to accept that they are not the *GOD* they see in the mirror every two minutes.

    This kid was actually quite handsome. Well-spoken (but many psychopaths are), from a desirable family, had all of the trappings of wealth, and still women sensed he wasn’t worth it. It is no surprise at all that the woman-hating sites he belonged to are just writhing with thousands of other male virgins who can’t stand females (yet want females more than oxygen itself).

  116. See, you are typical of misogynistic thinkers in that you think this raging monster was “a good guy”, and that women still steered clear of such a “good guy” as Elliot, and rather went for dirtbags. No. Women wisely steered clear of him, and from you as well from the sounds of your comments. He wasn’t “decent”, as you refer to him (or possibly yourself).

    Your entire paragraph sounds lifted from any of the top dozen misogynist websites. Of course misogynists don’t call yourselves that; you just think you’re all awesome, great dudes and instead focus on how awful women are. Women were right to treat him like a leper, and it wasn’t because he was DECENT. Save some parents the agony of mourning their daughters’ eventual murders, and just take the coward’s way out now, before you go Elliot’s way.

  117. You’re right, on everything. He was superficial too, much like other boys/men who denounce women who won’t have sex with them. He was like a typical misogynist in that he had an enormous ego and a zero success rate with women. He subscribed to pro-dude/anti-woman sites, sites where they talked about “incels” (involuntary celibates — VIRGINS) and whores (any female who refuses to sleep with him).

    He was a ticking time bomb, and what is scary is that these sites have thousand and thousands of other members. They often focus on violent retribution against females. It’s either rap3 them, or murder them. It’s all about getting what they think they deserve, or killing the ones who won’t give them what “they deserve”.

  118. The mentality you’re using is pretty identical to other misogynists’ manner of thinking. “I want sex, I deserve sex, give me sex, or else people get hurt.” NO. Women are not anyone’s prize. Women are JUST as sovereign in our humanity as men, and we do not have to *give* sex just because men believe they deserve it.

    As to your statement ”they receive coaching in dating skills”, well, that’s what Pick Up Artists sites do. And it was the Pick Up Artistry that pushed him over the edge to kill women. (Yeah, I know he *only* killed three, but he’d planned to kill dozens, ideally more. BECAUSE of pick up sites like how you suggest would HELP virgins, you dimwit.)

  119. He was clearly delusional, among other things. The alone fact that he himself is biracial yet despises minority men who date white women says a lot about himself. I read that he had been in therapy since he was 8. My daughter goes to therapy for Aspergers and it is to help her learn social skills and to learn proper interaction with others. Even at age 7 she understands that her brain is just wired differently and once she is taught that something isn’t a social norm, she usually behaves appropriately. Am I worried that she will someday slaughter others because she feels different? No. I don’t believe for a minute that Aspergers was the only diagnosis this young man had. He clearly had much more than that. Most people with austism or even Aspergers do not ever act out this way. Is the media to blame? Again, I don’t think so because normal people know what is fantasy and okay, and what is not. He was sick, period. I myself enjoy watching shows such as “Hannibal” “Dexter” and other shows/movies that aren’t exactly Disney…. I am by no means interested in killing another person, and would never even consider it unless I was protecting myself or my child. Are the police to blame when they went to check on him and found him to be polite so they did nothing? Possibly, but since I don’t know every single detail that is hard to speculate. It would seem though, if his mother had reason enough to call the police, she would have offered enough information that they would have had a reason to check his room out, which they apparently did not, according to Elliot himself. I think what our society should do instead of always trying to point the finger at who is to blame AFTER the fact, is to really be more aware of mental illness and there should be more support for those who suffer from it and their families. That being said, it can certainly be a fine line between civil liberties and detaining someone against their will by only the word of a concerned family member. Can you imagine how many people would be detained just from spite from another person?

  120. The autistic virgin also says he hates men who get the girls he wants – why don’t guys also tell us what they have to say for themselves in deciding to have a sexual relationship with a consenting female? How dare they. And how dare those women expect to not be at the beck and call of a narcissistic psychopath regardless of whether they want to or not.

  121. All I am saying is that people who are mentally ill have a right to die, and should have euthanasia as an option,but with informed consent. It would save the medical system, and the tax payers money in the end. If you read the constitution, you have a right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.So since these things have eluded him, and since he didn’t have any of them then he should have the right to end his life with professional medical help. He killed himself anyways. It would have saved people’s lives in the end. Better one than seven in my opinion. Nobody has the right to lock you up, and take your freedom unless there was a crime committed. He committed a crime called conspiracy to commit murder. Blame the police for not locking him up for that sooner. The parents told the police and so did a lot of other people.

  122. That sad-sack attitude will insure that you will be alone. Try not focusing on yourself, and go help someone who has life worse than you do. Women admire men who aren’t narcissistic assholes.

  123. “As we mature, some of us females do start seeing that the good guys are better.”

    And as women mature, the ‘good guys’ will likely find them less sexually attractive.

  124. How tragic that those who should have known him best (parents) were too preoccupied creating fantasy worlds (Father producing movies) to realize that their real world was crumbling around them, and there is no way even the Greatest Producer can now fashion a perfect Hollywood ending to their tragically flawed script!

  125. It looks like that guy would have found any reason to shoot away!
    No one in the world hurting but him 🙁

  126. Just wanted to say that I was a good looking dude, really funny, smart,
    musical, well-liked, loads of friends, but I didn’t even have my first
    kiss until I was 23. Didn’t have sex until I was 29!
    It happens when
    it happens. And honestly, because I wasn’t a 15 year old kid, when I
    DID end up having sex, I was able to last for a while and my sexual
    experiences were pretty great.
    Best advice you can take is the
    hardest thing to do, but it’s true – just relax! Don’t stress, be cool.
    Women can sense desperation and it turns them off. For real, it’s like
    they can smell it. The more you relax and be cool with who you are and
    where you are in life, the more women will eventually be interested in
    you, I swear. It may take a while, but it’ll happen. 🙂 Hang in there, bud.

  127. I’m sure he would’ve killed the prostitute too! He was mentally deranged, just watch him in that video, even laughing/smirking about it. It looked like a bad horror movie was being produced…..but, he was for real. I’m surprised no intervention a long time go. He sounded very superficial too!

  128. Just wanted to say that I was a good looking dude, really funny, smart, musical, well-liked, loads of friends, but I didn’t even have my first kiss until I was 23. Didn’t have sex until I was 29!
    It happens when it happens. And honestly, because I wasn’t a 15 year old kid, when I DID end up having sex, I was able to last for a while and my sexual experiences were pretty great.
    Best advice you can take is the hardest thing to do, but it’s true – just relax! Don’t stress, be cool. Women can sense desperation and it turns them off. For real, it’s like they can smell it. The more you relax and be cool with who you are and where you are in life, the more women will eventually be interested in you, I swear. It may take a while, but it’ll happen. 🙂 Hang in there.

  129. Wow, it chills me to think that this might have been prevented had users of these sites contacted the police in Santa Barbara. People can say stupid things online, but when an individual states plans to do harm to others, it should be taken seriously. Given the fact that the parents had already contacted the police, additional information might have brought about a real search of his apartment.

  130. Gee where’s the NSA and their fancy listening devices when you need them. Guess they’re only interested in spying on their wives and lovers.

  131. Yea, but who are “they?” Are you focusing on women who are out of your range or you don’t have anything in common with? Have you sat down and made a list of the type of woman that you need (not want). Both men and women are guilty of attempting or wanting to attain someone who is perfect instead of focusing themselves and their actions on attaining someone who is perfect for them. Maybe a nice woman who isn’t a 10 or, heck, even a seven. Maybe a woman with a few extra curves. Maybe a shy woman who is just as lonely as you and able to really appreciate someone in her life.

    And, I agree with NexiD, you can have sex. I’m a woman and I believe escorts and prostitution serve a purpose. It’s a service some people are in great need. Find a friendly, honest provider who can understand your issue and help you see to it. There are also sex surrogates who, legally, can train you in the ways of sex and intimacy. She may also help give you some experience interacting with women in order to increase your self confidence and be able to meet and interact with women who are just right for you and see what you have to offer.

    You are a virgin because you are choosing to stay a virgin. While there is nothing wrong with that choice, there is something wrong if you blame your virginity on women, rather than taking a look at the choices you have made and pointing the decision to stay one at yourself.

    We all lost our virginity and it wasn’t easy for all of us. You have to take the same steps we did to lose yours and, just maybe, that step is an alternative one… and that’s ok.

  132. And this goes to show why a rational society wouldn’t leave its boys’ sexual debuts to the haphazard when it becomes clear that they can’t figure out how to negotiate and close the deals with girls at developmentally appropriate ages on their own. Start to worry if that doesn’t happen by age 20, say. They need some kind of intervention where they receive coaching in dating skills and even work with sexual surrogates, if necessary.

    And no, prostitutes don’t really solve the problem. Prostitutes don’t teach young men the adult skill set they need to have competent relationships with women.

  133. Women are not a “minority” – women are 52% of the population, and this has been true basically forever. Your stats are off.

  134. There is clearly something to the fact that women
    flock to the most disgusting piece of garbage males and treated decent
    men like lepers. When do all of the man-bashing/shaming women of America
    discuss why that is?

  135. Very tragic for the people who have been affected by this. Wish you all the best.

    He, however, I have no thoughts or wishes for, he was very egotistical and narcissistic, he flaunted his wealth, expecting girls to be drawn to him. He wasn’t bad looking, but his personality and attitude about how great a catch he was, is way off.

    Also no point blaming the people who read his comments and did nothing, I bet no one really expected him to actually go through with it. They called his bluff, but he wasn’t bluffing. He is responsible, no one else. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

    He planned it, he did it, he takes full blame.

  136. There are girls out there, believe me, like myself who applaud guys that are still virgins. I’ve dated promiscuous guys in the past and they were jerks. As we mature, some of us females do start seeing that the good guys are better.

  137. He was different, we can assume he was bullied his entire life, then he goes off to college and watches everyone having a great time, while they roll their eyes and snub him. It’s not the first time a victim of a cruel society snaps, won’t be the last.

  138. Dude was sick in the head, period. I don’t think the fact he was a Jew has anything to do with it.

  139. Women, even young women, are turned off by whiny, insecure, “woe is me” men who enjoy playing the poor victim. I guess though, if you’re a egotistical, self-absorbed narcissist who can’t see yourself as the common denominator of why women aren’t interested in you, it’s much easier to blame women. So what no chick wanted him and he was a virgin at the old old age of 22 (OMG), there are 22 yr olds in this world with real problems….like dying of terminal cancer or cystic fibrosis or trying to survive under bridge somewhere. a shame this sick phocker didn’t survive to spend his life in prison getting plenty of sex from his cell mate.

  140. There’s much you can do w/yourself, every day. You need to CHOOSE to do it. See above…
    And keep in mind, there are many people who have sex all the time & are just as empty, lonely & miserable as you are.
    That’s b/c that is not what life is all about. It’s a lie you choose to believe.

  141. Misogyny is a sickness. Why there are any websites at all that promote it is beyond me. Same w/porn. All evil & sick.
    But we’re living in a very evil & sick world, that is not going to get any better, until it’s finally stopped for good.
    This boy was so filled w/hate & self loathing, he should have been committed somewhere, where he could harm no one.
    People who feel so alone & miserable, need to stop w/all the self pity & force themselves to get out & see real loneliness & misery. Go to a nursing home & visit people just dumped there by their families & left to die. Go visit in a rehab hospital where people have lost limbs from accidents &/or are mentally scarred from them, never to be the same again. Go to any animal shelter & give love to a dog or 2, that has not felt a human touch in days & may be ‘up’ for the needle. Take them out for a walk. It may be their last. They’ve done nothing to deserve their lot in life, but be alive. They don’t have the power to change it.
    You can change yours. Get out of your self pity rut & do some GOOD in lives much less fortunate than your own. You’ll start to appreciate what you have & what you have going in your life. The fact you can just get up & out of bed every day & dress yourself w/o help is huge, to those who can’t anymore. Volunteer to work at these places, even a few hours a week. You’ll see the same people there all the time, both employees & those who are residents. You will form friendships w/these people. These residents will most certainly show you love. They crave it much more than you can imagine. Just sit & visit w/some who never get a visitor. You’d be surprised at the volume of life’s experiences they will share w/you. Play cards, do puzzles, watch a movie w/someone. BE a friend. That’s how you make one.
    Volunteering is an attractive trait in many people’s eyes. You may meet someone special by doing so. At the least, you’ll meet some great people.
    You’ll meet some wonderful dogs, if you go that route. They are the only beings on earth capable of unconditional love toward everyone, even those who hate & beat them. They love back. You can learn much from a dog. I believe dogs were put here on earth to show humans how they should treat each other. What a wonderful world it would be if we all did just that. It’s not spelled ‘God’ backwards, for no reason. Yet, we treat them like trash & kill them by the millions each year.
    Redirect your anger & obsession w/being lonely toward something or someone else & turn it for GOOD.
    You choose daily which you serve that day. Serve your evil anger & loneliness, that’s fueled by evil, or serve the good in life. Ask God to help you do it. He will.

  142. I’m not him, but I tried online dating and nothing came of it.
    Some of us are just meant to be alone.

  143. Well it’s legal here and society doesn’t some old dude at work got one when we where working away and I went to a Japanese one with my girl friend to exp two Asian girls at once cost $350 for one hour thou girl friend paid.

  144. but then society looks down on getting with hookers. No-one respects it, and you have a chance of ending up being arrested and shamed on tv. That’s what happened to me anyway.

  145. what a load of CRAP

    have you never heard of online dating??? give me a fckn break… try harder or shut up.

  146. Dude pay for sex.. Even married people do it. Save time, money and energy. Go get a high class hoe.

  147. I don’t hate women. I do recognize that they will never like me and it tears me apart every single day. Stop demonizing the rest of us and stop virgin-shaming. We have enough pain to deal with.

    And please don’t try and tell me that there’s ‘someone for everyone’. Men outnumber women by millions. Somebody has to be the odd man out. We’re just the ones that drew the short stick.

  148. Those that knew of his plans and didn’t notify the police of his plans should be held accountable.

  149. That kid was a Jew and he killed innocent white blonde Christians girls because he hates us.

  150. what do you feminist cunts have to say for yourself? So this is feminism. IF I were you I’d expect more shootings from autistic virgins.

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