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Robert Pattinson might reconcile with Kristen Stewart despite allegations he is now cheating.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

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Robbert Pattinson busted cheating. The complete breakdown right here. 

It just keeps getting crazier and crazier day and day. What to believe what to think. According to Radar Online R-Patz has noticeably cooled down over the past couple days and is now starting to talk about whether or not to give it another go with Kristen. He’s reportedly been sharing his thoughts with several close friends, some of whom think he needs to move on as quickly as possible and some of whom think he shouldn’t discount all the wonderful and happy times he had with Stewart over the past few years.

mercurynewsLast week, Pattinson allegedly stopped giving Stewart the silent treatment and began to answer her “tearful texts” and multiple phone calls. But according to In Touch magazine, Pattinson has only called Stewart after he’s had a few too many drinks.

“He’s been drunk dialing Kristen. Rob had been avoiding her calls, but now they’re talking … well, they’re barely talking. There’s a lot of dead silence on the phone because there’s not a lot to talk about,” a friend of the actor told the magazine, who claims Rob has been “drinking like crazy” to numb his pain.

Since the cheating scandal broke a few weeks back, Pattinson has been spending time away from the watchful eye of the paparazzi, and with the exception of a recent night out with friends at an a bar in Ojai, he has stayed out of sight.

But that might be wishful thinking pursuant to a note that has been making the rounds, both jezebel and myself (I don’t know who else yet?) received a dossier outlining purported cheating escapades at the hands of Robert Pattinson with various leading ladies, models, and even barmaids.

Then again if Rob and Kristen can get past it all and have an honest discussion what does it matter what happened in the past? Or does it?

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Kristen Stewart cheating scandal; Robert Pattinson wants man to man talk with Rupert Sanders.

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Kristen Stewart begs her boyfriend Robert Pattinson to take her back after cheating on him



  1. I detest cheating more than anything else in terms of things that will f**k up a relationship but if Kristin’s only sin was what was shown in those pics then if she and Rob were truly in love they can move past it. I don’t believe for a second that Rob cheated on Kristin as much as he is opposed to even the idea of cheating and I don’t really believe Kristin would sleep with someone old enough to be her father. The pics look she was very uncomfortable with what was going on and I think Rupert started making the moves and she wasn’t really sure how to react to them seeing as how he possibly would have been directing her in Snow White and the Huntsman part 2. People seem to take directors for granted but they can make an actor or actresses life a living hell. It doesn’t happen a lot, or at least not the extent that the public knows anything about it but when it comes to filming they’re the one’s that call all the shots, quite literally, and considering her age and inexperience and his age and experience it leaves much to question…also Sanders has more or less faded from the media, he’s no longer even mentioned by name by the media, now he’s just referred to as the 41 year old married director that Kristin had the tryst with. I’m by no stretch a fan of Kristin’s, or of Rob’s for that matter, the only reason I’m following this story is because witch hunts piss me off like no other and that’s all this seems to be.

  2. it seems each statement contradicts another statement down the line. What is the real truth anyways? I’m tired of reading all this BULL CRAP. anyways I for one will watch the BD part 2 If you watched the last four you gotta watch the last one right>?

  3. Well first and foremost maybe you should learn how to spell his name right in first place and you might have an extemely tiny piece of credibility (probably not)!

  4. Not really cheating if you kick someone out your house and dump their car on the street now is it? Sad,sad he’s spiteful…I say thank your lucky stars you weren’t married with a couple kids like Ruperts wife, she has to be the worse affected one out of all this, and she probably has no job so sucks twice as much I’m sure…there go her “extra work” gigs.

  5. Why anyone would post a story from a crazy, unstable, unhealthy fan who has an obsession with Kristen Stewart is beyond me. It is well documented on the internet that this woman is not well. She has “threatened” Rob with “exposing” this if he didn’t take Kristen back. It is awful that you would publish this. I hope this has legal ramifications since you’ve mentioned so many celebrities and posted some pretty ridiculous accusations

  6. Firstly, if he has slept with someone else then cant blame him as they don’t really seem to be together at the minute! Secondly, that photo is really old and since rob hates cheaters I doubt he would do that. I doubt he even had that night out since no1 out of all the sources who allegedly saw him at that bar managed to get a photo..hmm.

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