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Watch: Texas man threatens to shoot driver in the ‘f–king head’ for turning into his driveway

Michael Alan Truelock.
Pictured, Texas man pointing gun at motorist, Charles Landers.
Michael Alan Truelock.
Pictured, Texas man pointing gun at motorist, Charles Landers.

Michael Alan Truelock Texas man caught on video threatening motorist, Charles Landers with a gun after he made wrong turn into the Honey Grove man’s driveway. But perhaps not all is at seems as new revelations and exposures come to light….

A gun brandishing Texas man has been caught on video threatening to shoot the driver of a vehicle after he accidentally drove onto furious man’s driveway

Michael Alan Truelock, 50, of Honey Grove, faces up to 20 years in prison on a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the July 2019 encounter in Fannin County, where he’s due back in court next month.

A newly released 45-second clip shows the tense encounter between Truelock and Charles Landers of Grayson County who was looking for a place to fish as he drove along a roadway in northeast Texas when he made a wrong turn onto the man’s property.

‘I didn’t know this was your house,’ Landers tells Truelock as the man holds him at gunpoint, video shows.

‘Yeah, you f–king did, too!’ Truelock replies.

‘I promise you, I’ll put it in your f–king head,’

‘No, I did not,’ Landers insists, further aggravating the armed man as he tries to leave. ‘I’ma — I’ma go now.’

‘No, you’re gonna f–king end up dead,’ Truelock replies. ‘That’s what’s fixin’ to happen to you.’

Truelock then threatens to shoot Landers in the head, telling him, ‘You ain’t driving nowhere.’

‘I promise you, I’ll put it in your f–king head,’ Truelock continues in the video. ‘You’re in my driveway.’

Landers claims he was actually parked on the road, but Truelock is unmoved, according to the footage.

‘Put it in f–king park right now,’ Truelock tells Landers. ‘’Cause you’re fixin’ to go to jail … Put it in park or I’ll put a f–king bullet in your head!’

Landers then drives off as Truelock opens fire, hitting the man’s car, video shows. Landers was left so terrified by the confrontation that he reportedly crashed into a nearby ditch. But what follows next might cause some readers to reconsider.

Michael Truelock Texas
Michael Truelock, Texas man threatens Charles Landers.

Is there more to the story that has been revealed? 

He added: ‘I thought he was going to get in his car and chase me. I was doing 70-80 down this gravel road and I fishtailed and hit a ditch and totaled my car.

‘I then crawled across the other side of the road because I thought he was going to kill me.’

Truelock was indicted by a grand jury in October, Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser told the nypost

In addition to 20 years in prison, he faces up to a $10,000 fine if convicted, Glaser said. Truelock is scheduled to appear in court on July 13th, 2020.

Truelock’s attorney, Scott Smith, declined to comment, except to say that Landers’ version of events was ‘incorrect’.

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the incident was now in the hands of the District Attorney.

But there’s more.

And then there was this comment made on scallywagandvagabond.com’s Facebook page:

‘Actually your story is wrong. I know this family and Charles Landers is the ex husband of Mr Truelocks wife. Mr Landers has been threatening the Truelock family for years. Landers has voluntarily given up his children legally because he wanted an out on child support. He purposely went to the Truelock home and was banging on the windows and doors threatening this family. Maybe your shxxty paper could actually research the public court records to see the actual history instead of taking Landers BS story at face value.’

Michael Truelock Texas
Michael Alan Truelock.
Michael Trulock Texas
Michael Trulock Texas and Charles David Landers incident report
Charles Landers Texas
Charles Landers Texas incident report.
Charles Landers Texas
Charles Landers Texas incident report