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No, Kristen Stewart did not surface from hiding to work out at the gym.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson said to change number, wants nothing to do with Kristen Stewart.

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Robert Pattinson busted cheating behind Kristen Stewart’s back. The proof here..

Robert Pattinson might reconcile with Kristen Stewart despite allegations he is now cheating.

Kristen Stewart emerges as Trampire. Now receiving images of herself with her eyes burnt out.

Kristen Stewart now seen fighting in car park. The stress is unbearable.

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross make up. A day after she shows up without wedding ring.

The media are desperately frothing all over themselves. Can someone please wipe off the tabloid editor’s saliva off the floor….?

Seems like a day doesn’t pass that there is a micro analysis of the break down between affairs between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. From stories that they were planning on babies, from him calling Giovanni Agnelli accusing him of having an affair with her (why should he care, he’s no longer involved with her and refuses to see her, so why the drama?) to her reportedly seen in a car park wagging her finger at her minder. Really? Is this what counts for news?

Sadly the answer is a resounding bloody yes. The tabloid press (this chap included) are all too aware of the public’s desire for information about this duo. For some reason or another (whether logical or not) they have come to embody some sort of modern day religious motif being played over and over, with sanctity, virtuousness and spiritual purification (yes cheating is a sin, so I have been told over and over). The couple in some perverse way have come to become the tabloid’s version of ‘as the world turns,’ the famous tv drama (does it still play?) that would check in daily with beautiful conflicted characters, desperate for love, fame and happiness but somehow blinded by temptation, ego and momentary lapses in judgement.

Which brings us to the latest nonsense sighting or supposed sighting. Has Kristen Stewart been working out? Here’s the simple answer, show me some photos (cause you know her ass is being followed 24/7) and I’ll answer yes. Show me no photos and I’ll plead for all your tireless tabloid editors to go out and take an extended siesta today. Please there’s only so much fabrication, spin and make believe in a make believe story that we can all tolerate.

Never mind, I’ll be out with my own spin and grind them speculation of the latest drama in twenty minutes….

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Kristen Stewart hiding in producer’s house crying hysterically. Hasn’t showered in days.

Kristen Stewart’s adulterer Rupert Sanders hasn’t seen his wife since news of affair.

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Kristen Stewart is a fine actress. She is also a cheat and a liar.

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