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Robert Pattinson busted cheating behind Kristen Stewart’s back. The proof here..

Robert Pattinson and LA student Erika Dutra.
Robert Pattinson and LA college student Erika Dutra. All images in this article courtesy of source.

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There’s nothing that makes a tabloid writer glee with joy than the receipt of the following email (the size of a novella courtesy of a Hollywood insider) that just landed in my tips email box ( I understand jezebel received it too). Essentially it categorizes all the hussies Robert Pattinson has been said to be cheating with on the side behind Kristen Stewart’s back courtesy of my source whilst he cried wounded soul. Don’t believe me? Let’s have a read of the this long delicious note that just arrived and you can make up your mind….Scallywag.

Here’s also food for thought via the stir; All things considered, it shouldn’t surprise us if these allegations have their roots in reality and Rob really was as (or even more!) unfaithful as Kristen. Sadly, theirs likely was never the blockbuster franchise love story come true we believe it to be. Then again, when is it ever?


*** article extends for 3 pages to present assertions and of course pictures.


From anonymous source:

If I actually thought for one second that Robert Pattinson would do the ‘smart’ thing and take Kristen Stewart back for cheating on him with that dirty old perv Rupert Sanders, then I wouldn’t be sending this at all. Instead he’s allowing her to be ridiculed and ripped to shreds in the media and by the fans. They’ve been issuing death threats against her and the hate this has generated has gotten out of control. If he’d give it another chance and try to make things right for her and her reputation then I’d just let bygones be bygones. But it doesn’t appear he’s going to do that and he’s going to allow her to be destroyed because she got caught and resulting he is humiliated. I doubt he really cares other than being made out to look like a cuckholded fool because he has done the same thing over and over again with countless partners. He’s just escaped having his picture taken kissing (or worse) with someone else. There’s been plenty of other evidence alluding to his cheating escapades however.

Here are a few that are known of:

Megan Fox and Robert Pattinson

He’s been cheating since the start of their relationship in early 2009. He hooked up with Megan Fox AFTER the Twilight premiere in Tokyo when he first got together with Kristen:

via chinadaily: TheTwilight  heartthrob, who is rumored to be dating his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart, and was recently reported to have hooked up with Joe Jonas‘ girlfriend Camilla Belle — apparently had liaisons with Transformers star Megan Fox.

and then this via yourtango“Megan was totally into [Rob] and thought he was really cute,” a Hollywood insider told E!. “But nothing ever went further than one night they were together. He totally blew her off.” 

Megan admitted much herself by mocking a young Hollywood actor had tried to woo her by inviting her to fly with him on a Wal-mart private jet. He did promo for Wal-mart at the start of New Moon filming in Arkansas and they flew him down from Vancouver on their private yet. That was Rob and there were rumors of them out at bars together and staying in her room at the Palisades Hotel together during this time. There are pics of Rob leaving her hotel early in the AM after one of their alleged hookups and trying to sneak back into his own with wet hair

He was sleeping with Nikki Reed all throughout Twilight filming in 2008 while trying to get with Kristen and split her up from her then boyfriend of 3 years, Michael Angarano. He was still sleeping with her at the start of New Moon filming in 2009 as well with her being spotted leaving his hotel, the Sheraton Wall Centre, by local paparazzi PunkdImages frequently after she’d been up there for hours with him. Enty the entertainment lawyer who blogs on Crazy Days and Nights has also written several blinds about how he was sleeping withAshley Greene on the Twilight setas well while hooking up with Nikki Reed before he got together with Kristen Stewart.

Ashley Green 3-09

Rob was pictured leaving the New Moon set late at night alone in the back seat of the same care with Ashley in Vancouver as well in Montepulciano, Italy while they were filming in both locations-no Kristen in sight. He’s continued his affair with Ashley for several years, with them supposedly hooking up most recently again during the Breaking Dawn 1 international promo tour. They were overheard having “loud, wild sex” in their hotel suite in Paris and the staff was notified. Rob was interviewed the next day in Berlin with the reporter saying how tired he seemed and saying he wouldn’t comment as to why.

Supposedly Ashley called Pattinson’s cell recently for another hookup because she couldn’t wait until promos began again for another hookup but Kristen answered the phone instead. Ashley hung up, Kristen recognizing the # called her back telling her to stay away from Rob or she would tell the media about Ashley’s little venereal problem (herpes). When they had to fly back up to Vancouver in May 2012 for some additional reshoots, Ashley changed her flight at the last minute so she wouldn’t have to be on the same plane as Kristen. Gee I wonder why?

Robert Pattinson and LA student Erika Dutra.

There have been a number of other smaller cheating scandals he’s been involved in over the years too. He hooked up with blonde LA college student Erika Dutra chick in Cannes in May 2009–the pics of them together with his arm around her were published by Star magazine. While filming Remember Me in New York City, Camilla Belle who he used to live with in London while she was dating hist best friend Tom Sturridge and who he’d been hooking up with in LA the previous fall, visited him there and they went out drinking with his co-star Emilie de Ravin, who had just announced she was separated from her husband at the time coincidentally.

The rumor going around from people in the cast/crew out with them was that Rob went back to his hotel with both girls and had a three-way that night (Camilla is rumored to be bi-sexual). There was also constant tabloid coverage of his dalliances with Emilie on setthrough the remainder of filming that summer so it wasn’t just a one-time occurrence.

That fall 2009 while filming Eclipse, he was supposedly still seeing Ashley on the side hooking up with her at her hotel while Kristen was busy on set without him. There was also talk of affairs with Kellan Lutz and Peter Fascinelli at the time. Apparently Rob is strongly rumored to be bi-sexual as well but more into girls usually-particularly blondes. Rumor was that he and Kellan shared Ashley a few times while he and Peter shared some girl her was cheating on Jenny Garth with at the time while filming that fall in Vancouver.

Peter’s affair was going to shop this to the tabloids but was paid off my Peter’s team before that could happen. There was also this pastry chef from Deliciously Yours Cakes named Sarah who served cupcakes at a private event he’d attended that fall in Vancouver. He’d gotten her number and called her at 3am telling her that “her cupcakes were beautiful” trying to hook up with her. She was married with a child though so I don’t think anything actually came of that. She blogged about the bizarre phone call a few days later though on their website.

The following winter from January-April 2010 he was supposedly on “a break” from his relationship with Kristen so they could focus on their careers, according to their management teams anyway. However despite this he attended the BAFTAs with her where she received the Orange Rising Star award that January. She also visited him while he was filming in both Budapest and London that April during her 20th birthday. His co-star Christina Ricci later talked about his “girlfriend” coming to see him during filming and how sweet she was to everyone while on set. This didn’t stop him from cheating while she wasn’t around during that period though.



    both are not married. Why say all of this about Robert’s and that every thing is true about Kristen. no one know and want to know this is PR AND ROBERT IS AWARE. Kristen, was used by Summit and Robert. Please let it be and just leave her along.

  2. I got bored with this half way through cos it started getting ridiculous, but I did find it hilariously funny because it was such a load of crap. The bit where the writer mentions Ashley having herpes was the best part, this person is clearly delusional. And obviously I don’t know Rob personally, but you can tell he’s a genuine down to earth guy and he actually gets embarassed by all the attention he gets. I’m surprised legal action hasn’t been taken – I know reporters always make stuff up, but this blogger has seriously crossed the line.

  3. LOL BULLSHIT! As Kristen has been caught with Rupert, now people must say that Rob is the devil that pushed her to fuck with a married man. The only reality is that Nikki and Rob were a couple. Everything else is written by shipper obsesed with this pathetic circus called Rob-Sten and with Kristen Slut. This is crap. Kristen Slut is a TRAMPIRE, HOMEWRECKER, SLUT AND THE MOST DESPICABLE HUMAN BEING. KARMA!

  4. Shut up, slut! Kristen is a homewrecker, a famewhore and a fucking whore. She is with Rupert. She deserves all the hate for being so despicable. KARMA!! Rob-Sten it’s PR. They never were a couple. Buy a life and grow up.

  5. These pictures are so old…get a life if you actually belief this crap…always have to create drama where it isn’t and shouldn’t be.

  6. oh for f*cks sake really? Maybe I’m just odd in that I don’t give a flying smurf what they do behind closed doors; they are actors, acting is their job. To me it just seems absolutely insane to be this obsessed with what they do off screen…that would be like admiring a cashier at such and such a store because they’re really awesome with customer service so you start looking in to what they do when they’re not behind the register…it’s nuts…not to mention illegal and it just amazes me half the shit the media gets away with in the first place. They don’t even check their sources half the time or even to see if what they’re reporting is in fact “fact” but that seems to be OK because they can just say they’re quoting their source and use word like “alleged” and “supposed” so they’re not really liable for what they say but the damage is already done because true or not it’s already planted a seed in their readers mind and no matter what else is said or even if the statement is retracted for being absolute horse shit that seed is still there. If the entire cast of Twilight were constantly having huge ass orgies it would not make a tinkers damn as long as they were still doing their jobs ON SCREEN. The only thing that irks me about this whole thing is that Kristin is hiding from it. It’s turning the entire thing into some taboo mystery and the media eats that kinda stuff for breakfast. Also she is shirking her responsibilities for promoting the movies she is in which is part of her job unfortunately. Granted I understand going through something like this in which the entire world seems to hate her it would make those appearances uncomfortable but still, in the real world there are only so many times you can call in sick before you get canned. In her case she’s an actress so for these things she is capable of “acting” like everything is OK and just soldier through it. I’m sure it’s a devastating time for her (and I don’t mean poor Kristin she screwed up so lets comfort her. I mean that when your career is based primarily on how popular you are and you suddenly piss off everyone who previously adored you THAT can be devastating). But she does need to get back out there and start trying to mend bridges before it destroys her career. She’s going to lose jobs if producers think she cannot handle stressful situations in a professional manner and if she loses fans she loses popularity and as a result loses casting opportunities.

  7. Wow this is soo not true. Whoever wrote this needs to get their head examined..like wow kristen found out what ashley n threatened to reveal she had herpes omg how farfetched!

  8. I know the one who has written this story,he has commented this story in most of the news of us magazine’s site.all people he mentioned have a photo with him or just were in the same city he was.he just made a story for each photo.he just met megan fox in mtv awards and most of the women he named in his story were his friends and they were married or in a relationship.

  9. God said let there be light.They will figure it all out no matter what they each do.They are both old enough to handle it.They’re both individual people. Tell you what wait for each of them to decide.

  10. The biggest issue I have with what Kristen did is the fact that she had an affair with a married man & let me just say, if her sleeping with Rupert is acceptable then I think we as people have lost all of our Morals & Respect & we don’t deserve to breath fresh air!!!!!! If she messed with a single guy who cares but a married man with kids??? And it’s not all on her Rupert was a Married father he’s lower than scum to me!! I’m more worried about his poor wife and kids & how they’re getting through this very public scandal!!!

  11. Ty Ty Ty you said it all!! HOW is he cheating on her when they’re not together anymore???? Wtf lol they’re split up its fair game now! If he screwed around before he dated her that’s not cheating either!!! Wow rob is getting hotter & hotter now with every story that comes out! Sure hes adorable but now I’m wondering why all these ladies keep coming back for more haha & Megan fox is beautiful & apparently he used & dropped her!! -_-

  12. Lol…. WOW seriously how sad! When I read Kristen cheated I wasn’t shocked! I believe no celebrity relationship will last but then I see this load of bs and all I can say is really??oh u got a pic of Rob with a chick they must have hooked up??!! I doubt it! Why now? Why didn’t this come out before she cheated? “it’s not fair what robs doing to Kristen so I’m telling on him” lmfao seriously grow up noone believes your load of garbage!! Lay off of rob & I don’t hate Kristen she cheated get over it and move on already!!!!!! Yesterday’s news!!!!!!!

  13. Robert Pattinson seems to be a sensitive soul who was hurt very badly by someone he believed to be his soulmate. Give him a break. He didn’t cheat on Kristen.

  14. I saw this posted on EW in response to the nut that wrote this:

    “You wanna go there? Two can play that game. KStew’s fans are obsessed and crazy, making up lies about Rob to try and make her look better.

    I don’t see anyone here saying KStew has been a liar and a cheat for the past 5 years, saying she cheated with Emile Hirsch when she was with Michael Aragano. Or that she cheated with Ryan Reynolds when she made Adventureland, or that she cheated with Jackson Rathbone in Vancouver after her birthday party when she left the restaurant with him and then was papped wearing his clothes the next day.

    Or that she partied the night away at the Chateau Marmont with an unidentified guy and then was papped at the airport on her way back to Vancouver with huge bags under her eyes and dark circles that they couldn’t even cover up with make up for BD1.

    Or that she had many temper tantrums on the set of Eclipse, and the reshoots had to be shut down for a day because she was so argumentative with the director (who refused to do any commentary for the DVD by the way, and never says anything about Stewart).

    Or that she’s really unprofessional and has a bad reputation in the entertainment industry. Or that Jake Scott said directing her was like trying to herd cats.

    Or that she is bisexual and has been with many women over the years. Or that she cheated with Garrett Hedlund, jetting to London to spend time with him while Rob was filming in Toronto, Or that she went to the LA film festival with Garrett instead of flying to Canada to see Rob.

    I don’t see anyone saying she ran over a puppy in her mini or that she boiled a rabbit, do you? Those are the kinds of lunatic rantings that are being spewed by insane Kristen fans. See the difference?”

  15. ITA, and…if this BS is true why is she so eager for KStew to get back with Rob. This nut bag does not sound rational at all. Maybe a psyciatric alarm needs to be sound off…before she does more damage that we don’t want to see.

  16. if only women could jerk off watching their favorite actors and then forget about them 5 minutes later like guys do, it would make their lives so much easier. stop obsessing over people who don’t give a f*ck whether you’re alive or dead.

    The quote above is from Slutkristen’s message below, I had to point it out because I think it is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen posted on a gossip board! Thanks again Slutkristen!

  17. The most hilarious thing is these freaks think this is the original Star Wars trilogy or something.They were just b movie vampire flix.Nobody will even remember twilight 10 yrs from now. kristen stewart will be lucky if she’s still working then with her cold emotionless non acting skills. my guess is she’ll be history. robert will only b working if he stays thin and still has the looks (and his hair) even then he’ll b lucky to have a career in 2022. Do you know how many pretty hollywood boys and girls had big fame that disappeared in less than a decade? You’ll be embarrassed you wasted any time caring about these two no names in 10 years…

  18. as long as my kids don’t grow up using “vampire lady” as their handle i’ll be a happy parent! it’s pretty f-ing disgusting that overweight greying women have an obsession with twink actors playing vampires in movies with lousy scripts to the point where they want the airheads to get married in real life! guess the fact your heroine is hot for old wrinkled jewish cock ruins the trilogy for ya…if only women could jerk off watching their favorite actors and then forget about them 5 minutes later like guys do, it would make their lives so much easier. stop obsessing over people who don’t give a f*ck whether you’re alive or dead.

  19. Why dont you get a life.Stop being a nasty bully.I sure hope you dont have any kids because you are a name calling bully is that how you want your children to act.

  20. LOL. Let me vive you some moré mes that You forgot in this page and that are also in the web: Robert is a woman and in pregnant. He is cheating wath Reese (8months pregnant). After cheating News, he run to living arms of Ketty in England, aaahhh… Also he was photographed with his new love… Upps sorry publicist… Some others: Elvis is alive, Michael is hidding from press… Don,t try to put this on Robert, he is doing things right, he ie not talking to the press and he is not running out with some chick to vive the punch back. He is hurt, with reason

  21. Wow, this mail was really written by a hater who even failed to get her ‘facts’ straight. What a load of BS. She knows nothing that hasn’t been around on the internet for ages. Her timelines and ‘proof’ are just wrong (for example, how can a girl have tweeted about Rob with a woman at the Chateau Marmont in January 2012, when the L.A. TImes article in the link was published in April 2011? Funny…). I started listing them, but it’s just endless… interview quotes are just wrong (the KittyKat Club in Berlin? I think she means the Kit Kat Club that Rob jokingly said he wanted to visit with his dad. Natalia Tena said she nearly went to Berlin with Rob and Tom Sturridge but couldn’t find her passport, so they went alone). Rob went to the 2009 Oscars, not in 2008. Rob wasn’t in Berlin for press for BD the day after spending the night in Paris, he was in Paris doing promo. later that day he left for Brussels, spent the night there and did press there in the morning (and even if the location is different: does anyone really believe that you’ll hear loud, wild sex from a luxury suite with several rooms, which is probably soundproofed?). The Palisades Hotel? All gossip sites mentioned the Palihouse Hotel (and those pics in the reference are in front of the Palihouse) Etc etc… I’m pointing these inconsistencies out to show that if this girl can’t even get easy to check facts right, why on earth should anyone believe the rest of this insanity?

    BS, leave the guy alone…

  22. I really think you Twilight fans should go and see a doctor. Are you people mad? Do you people really think that Robert Pattinson is the “nice” guy he is publicly? What is wrong with you? Of course he cheats, the relationship is not some fictional relationship. Hollywood sells fiction, and you people still buy it. Furthermore, Kristen Stewart is at the very least bisexual. It is going to take some time for her to discover her sexuality fully…But look closely, the girl is cerebral with men for a reason. Stop mystifying these people. They are people not a fairy tale.

  23. all this stories are all crap,bcos she went to this shit and now she want to be rescue by rob,she shit on her nest,rob you have all the good life so move on

  24. Just wasted my time watching the video of Comic-Con where Rob and Maggie Grace are supposed to have been “eye fucking” each other. Whoever this person is that e-mailed you all this bullshit is stupid. That wasn’t even Maggie Grace he was shown talking to. In the very brief 2-5 seconds that they show, he was speaking with Mia Maestro(she’s a brunette) who plays Carmen in BD2. Maggie Grace is the blonde who plays Tanya of the Denali Clan in BD1 & 2. Need to get your shit straight before you go around trying to muddy the name of a good person!!

  25. This is some of the worst bullshit I have ever had the misfortune to read. Seems like hard core KS fans trying their best to throw Rob under the bus, again. Very pathetic in my opinion, very pathetic! In fact, some of it sounds like a threat to Rob……if he doesn’t get back with KS this is all going to come out. Wow, just…….wow!

  26. When you start posting pix of his erect uncut cock then you’ll be making news, how she could give that up for a short mutilated jewish vienna sausage is beyond stupid…

  27. funny she changed her story then. la weekly said she got kicked out of soho (which is what she tweeted about) because she tweeted about Rachel Hunter. it’s even more funny, because this happened in april 2011, and during that month rob was promoting his movie water for elephants. she does have her own little blog what a great to get your 15 mins then lie about what’s hot now.

  28. Seriously? Which planet do you come from exactly? For some men, the more challenging the conquest, the more exciting it is. Especially if the woman is already “taken”. These older men who know how to use flattery to seduce young women…this is their m.o…taking what isn’t theirs. And they don’t want to keep them once they’ve lured them away …the thrill is in the chase. I’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of man’s “charms”. Such a man can be very persuasive. And do a lot of damage in the process.

  29. Huh. I don’t know about it, but I did read that story about Jen Hoffman in LA Weekly (saw this on Jezebel) and she later tweeted that the reason she got kicked out was because she was tweeting about Rob Pattinson making out with some girl. While most of this is entire bullshit, it’s very strange that Jen Hoffman would make up some lie about seeing Rob Pattinson making out with a chick in the Chateau when he was still with Kristen. She’s not some desperate, wannabe model type of person. That photo with that one girl in the car was really weird too. I don’t know that many committed boyfriends who go out at 2am with a couple of guys and girls and then get cozy in the backseat with another girl. I mean, I think Kristen Stewart fucked up big time and I do feel sorry for Rpatz, open relationship, pr, or not, because this has to be horrible for him either way. It sucks no matter what for him. Nonetheless, I kind of wish he would have pulled something like Tiger’s wife did initially and just not spoke about it. You know People and Gossip Cop talk directly to an actor’s source. I just feel it would have been classier (even if KStew cheated on him and broke his heart) to issue something along the lines of Rob hopes the press will leave them alone in this difficult time and in his time of pain, instead of portraying him as like this martyr and how heart broken he is and how his trust was entirely destroyed, etc. Sorry. Like I said, I feel sorry for him and I completely agree he likely got screwed over, but there’s something very distasteful in how his PR team is handling this PR disaster. So I guess I agree with the crazy tipster in that particular point.

  30. haha.. name-dropping never fails, right? 22 comments (including mine:).. no matter how stupid and unbelievable you sound just print two magical words “Robert Pattinson”, folk will be attracted to it like a fly to the fire even though no one ever heard of scallywaganwhat..

  31. this site makes the national enquirer look like the wall street journal…i’ve seen personal facebook pages with more proof behind their stories, and if you’re gonna make stuff up, at least come up with original bs, everything here has been posted on other gossip sites a hundred times before. It’s all been copied and pasted from other web sources, including the typos!

  32. Who cares? Why is it his job to rescue her from the horrible fallout she caused by screwing a married man (her boss at the time) in broad daylight? She deserves the whore filthy pig reputation she’ll now have for the rest of her life. Did he have an affair with a married woman on set and cause the breakup of a marriage? Until he does he’ll never be the cockwhore cow she is. That’s your excuse for republishing 3 pgs of old news and proven lies? this must really be a desperate website…

  33. Gossip Cop has debunked every single story, so sad you have to rehash “scandals” from 4 years ago that aren’t true.

  34. Why anyone would post a story from a crazy, unstable, unhealthy fan who has an obsession with Kristen Stewart is beyond me. It is well documented on the internet that this woman is not well. She has “threatened” Rob with “exposing” this if he didn’t take Kristen back. It is awful that you would publish this. I hope this has legal ramifications since you’ve mentioned so many celebrities and posted some pretty ridiculous accusations.

  35. You are misteken. The story came first from CDAN blog. The bold master of this blog is an enterteintment lawyer. He made a story as blond vice and readers decoded it. He wrote before the affair that Kristen was asexual and Rob was running around. Go back to his blod, readers are adults and they don’t full around. Don’t blame an imaginary girl. She would not have power to print the story. Wait till they interview the”cupcake”girl.Just because there is no pictures… Just saying. Let the story run its course.

  36. That dirctor Rupert Sanders in not an idiot, stupid but smart. He spent the whole summer fiming with Kristen and if he believed that Kristen had a real boyfriend he would not have followed her. It is true that Rob visited UK once when she was working in his own country – and not for her but for his friend family event. Rupert would not risk hitting on Rob’s GF. He must have thought that they are distant.

  37. Let the story unfold. These are NOT NEW stories. Sarah R.- a woman wrote on People blog that she thought Pattsion was her boyfriend, since she had seen him with Sarah so mnay times. She is an older woman. Who knows? Let them talk.

  38. This is so sad rob would never do this ,these pics are old news ,I also know Kristen would never believe this crap about rob,she knows she screwed up and is begging for forgiveness ,she would be devastated if she knew they ere turning this on poor rob whom I’ve met and is the sweetest nicest guy to all his fans. The media is pushing this too far, it’s not a Clinton or Brangelina scandal so move on to more deserving adultery scandals sheesh!

  39. so where is proof? i see you are stating more lies. keep on. hopefully someone will be sending you a cease and desist letter soon.

  40. He isn’t married, so how can anyone say he is cheating. Here’s the difference – NONE of these women are married with children. He wasn’t with Kristin then, and even if he was dating her he was free to see who he wanted to see. How can anyone say he is cheating if he is seeing someone now? Kristin has no class, no character, no integrity. She and Rupert have ruined a family unit. RP should run as fast as he can and never look back. She isn’t ready for any kind of relationship, except the cheating kind. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He can do so much better!!

  41. I love kristen, and i love Rob.I love to see them reconcile soon and work things out together. People make mistakes, only people who never do mistakes may accuse Kristen or Rob. Are you people never do mistakes???!!

  42. This is BS!!!!! I don’t believe this at all. Someone or some people are just trying to turn the tables on him like he is such a bad person. Whatever!!!!

  43. These are just innocent pictures. Besides, who gives a damn if he cheated…he’s ROBERT fkn PATTINSON….he could do with whatever the hell he wants 😉

  44. Omg! This is crazy. Those pics were before him and Kristen were even dating. Why do people try to turn it around on him. Kristen was the one who did wrong. People need to grow up.

  45. Why didn’t they post the rest of the crap that nut bag usually posts at the end :

    “This is not going to go away if he dumps her permanently. She’s not the only guilty party here. If he wants to keep this all under wraps and out of the mainstream media (as in not just in the comments section on gossip sites), then he’d better be careful. Kristen was stupid with how she handled her affair. Will Rob be smarter than she was? We shall see.”

  46. This is an e-mail that a deranged Stewart fan has posted time and time again. It is without merit and she has threatened Pattinson on the boards with “releasing ” her information if he did not take Stewart back. You can check gossipcop (dot) com and see that they are all lies by a crazed fan.

  47. is this a joke? who believes this crap? his gf gets caught cheating, so now all of sudden he was the one cheating without any proof. who was your source her pr team?

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