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Was Rupert Sanders fixated with the young ingenue Kristen Stewart because she reminded him of a young Liberty Ross ?

Liberty Ross and Kristen Stewart
Liberty Ross and Kristen Stewart


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Living in the past is one thing…but fucking the past is another !

With revelations that the ‘Snowhite and the Huntsman,’ director Rupert Sanders carrying on a dalliance with the actress Kristen Stewart behind his wife, Liberty Ross’ back (who got to play the actresses mother in the above movie, talk about an Elektra complex) questions have been asked how did this necessarily come to be?

It may have in fact something to do with the fact that the two women looking incredibly alike and the fact that they easily play off the Hollywood ingenue types goes a long way too. In fact recent photos and comparisons show Kristen Stewart and Liberty Ross are almost too uncanny for words.

Like the young actress, Ross fills her wardrobe with dark, punkish clothes. She wears cut off jean shorts with a black leather Balenciaga motorcycle jacket and beat-up Converse sneakers. Last time we checked that was Stewart’s trademark. Add on the ghostly pale skin, the jet black short hair, hell even the sharp bone structure and one cant help but wonder…Was Rupert after a younger version of Ross ????

At 22 year of  age Kristen Stewart is 19 years younger that Liberty Ross which warrants the question whether Rupert growing tired of his middle aged wife or if he was craving some young fresh ass ? Or was he taking advantage of the fact that he’s now a big shot director with shit tons of money and there for wanking anything that will have him.  Either way the whole thing is fucked up considering Ross was actually a fan of Stewart !

According to Fox News Liberty claimed at a movie premiere in May that.

“Kristen was my number one choice. I think there is no better Snow White in my opinion. She is great.”

Yea she’s great alright…Rupert certainly thinks so. Her Oral skills are just uh um…superb.