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Kristen Stewart photos. Are the photos really just part of publicity set up?

Kristen Stewart appearing on US Weekly cover
Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart appearing on US Weekly cover

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Kristen Stewart is a fine actress. She is also a cheat and a liar.

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Robert Pattinson hiding from Kristen Stewart at Reese Witherspoon’s house.

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Kristen Stewart never had an affair says Liberty Ross’ brother.

Commentators have begun wondering out aloud whether the Kristen Stewart photos depicting her canoodling with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders are all part of a pre arranged publicity stunt and that the two had been in on it from the very start.

examiner: After browsing through Us Weekly’s complete gallery of the tryst, it appears that either these two – in spite of being aware that they are recognizable and one is a celebrity of ginormous proportions – are either completely inept when it comes to sneaking around, or their blatant lack of effort in evading any paparazzo is due to the entire affair being a publicity stunt.

Although one photo depicts Stewart mildly disguised in a broad pair of shades and…um…her boyfriend’s LA Dodger’s hat (because, you know, THAT won’t give anything away), the other snaps couldn’t be more obvious if the twosome had slapped a bumper sticker on the car they were making out in that exclaimed, “Ask Me About My Infidelity!” with a number to Us Weekly headquarters scrawled at the bottom.

At first thought one was beguiled to wonder if indeed the whole situation is a clever publicity stunt on behalf of Stewart and Sanders (and one imagines the complicit backing of studio heads) to pull off a coup d’etat that is likely to lead to unwavering publicity and exposure for all involved before one also realizes that the two have a lot to lose too if the whole stunt goes wrong. Which in Ms Stewart’s case seems to have been the case, now that her live in boyfriend Robert Pattinson has flown the coup and the public at large have turned their nose at the starlet, with some having gone as far as threatening harm on twitter.

….in other pictures, when the two step out of the car in a “rundown neighborhood in the west side of town”, the images come off as very posed with Stewart leaning over a guardrail and staring pensively into the…thistles…or whatever was in those trees,’

But even the folks at examiner are quick to note that all the above is mere speculation and one can even wonder the idea of it all being a supposed publicity stunt might be the behind scenes work of publicists trying to resurrect the decaying situation?

Then there’s the idea that maybe these two just wanted to get caught, could such people in their positions really be that stupid to expose themselves to the ever prying eyes of paparazzi on the hunt? After all Kristen Stewart is known for zealously protecting her privacy and has hardly taken the time to announce that she was involved with Patterson (but why should she anyway?)

Then again, if there ever was any intention of leaving their respective spouses why not just have a press release announcing said measures as opposed to concocting elaborate schemes?

I also came across this comment which adds food for thought….

I have been saying this whole time that something just does not add up with this whole story. I am not even a huge fan, but I know enough about them through various interviews to know that she is very private, and she is vary aware she is followed. She has said this for years….so I thought it was extremely odd that she would do anything in public, then I saw the photos, and thought they looked staged, especially when they are looking in the direction of the photographer! The thing that really made me think this was all a PR stunt was when she issued an apology, I mean the woman won’t admit anytihng to anyone, but then she issues an apology declaring her love for ROb. I believe she did more harm for herself by doing that it just makes no sense to me…However, I can not come up with a good reason why they would stage this whole thing, seems a bit extreme to me…but only time will tell….

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  1. This is really going too far. I mean, how many actors do this on a daily basis. So she had a one day fling. Big deal. I blame the 42 year old Sanders way more than Kristen. She might have got cought up in the moment with his pursual. She might have been flattered. Whatever. Robert is acting all injured here, but what about him pursuing Kristen while she was in a long relationship with Michael? People have already forgotten that. she had one non sexual indiscretion. I guess that automatically makes her a slut. Give it a rest people. She is a very young girl who happens to be a celebrity. She is entitled to make some mistakes and learn from them. People forget that she is human like the rest of us. We all did things we are not proud of in our youth and we all played games. Stop being so self rightcheous

  2. agree it could be publicity stunt. She uses a rental car to show up for a vanity fair interview so she is not recognized but to doodle around with a man twice her age, she chooses her car and public places!! Doesn’t make sense! Pix look fake too. Whether she really cheated on Rob will remain to be seen but even if this is a publicity stunt, she sill reads as totatlly self-absorbed and melodramatically serious….she has gained from dating him because she isnt that likeable and unfortunately I think dating her dampered his career opportunities

  3. I think they should sue the people put the photo in public, because they destroy the married life and rob n kristen life, they said they give her a warning , warning what ? photographer invade a person privacy, this photographer are just want money, they dont care about other people feeling, they care how much money they will make on this photo, they dont feel guilty, because of that photo people involve are suffer if things goes worse, they should blame the papparazi or that photographer.

  4. What if KS and RP were never actually a couple? Maybe they had a flirtation in the beginning and their team was like “yeah, this’ll bring us the big bucks” so they were told to keep up the suspense. That could account for them never actually publicly revealing anything, other than hints. As we all know, Kristen’s a livewire. Maybe she got sick of the whole deal and decided to do a big eff-u, unconcerned about the public fall out. I know this sounds like another conspiracy theory, but it seems odd like others have said for them to be so blatantly out in public with the PDA. KS is not that stupid. Hopefully not evil enough to deliberately throw it in RP’s face. I’m going with fake relationship all along.

  5. I definitely realise that Kristen did a very terrible thing but could the whole thing have been set up by Rupert Sanders himself? It has been reported that he was coming on to Kristen while filming the movie and she kept it professional. Could he have tipped off the photographers about what was going to go down that day? It seems that in the end, his marriage is safe and he is getting a lot of free publicity. Too bad Kristen made a stupid, stupid decision to get caught up with him. Why would you think cheat with him, when you have Rpattz at home? Can you say ew!

  6. It sounds like conspiracy theory nonsense. And if they were both trying to end their relationships why is Rupert not using the tryst to get his wife to divorce him and rather he is working to get her to keep him? And why is K. Stewart trying to get Rob Pattinson back? Nope! It looks to me like what we are seeing is what is really going on. That having been said does anyone else think that the hating that is being heaped on Kristen Stewart is getting over the top? Look, she cheated on her man (and he’s a nice guy) and she jeopardized the marriage of her friend (Liberty) and that marriage has small children inside of it. She’s done something wrong for sure, and it isn’t a minor thing, but she is a human being. She is surely upset about losing R. Pattinson so right now she is feeling pretty bad and all this hating-on her could cause her to do something crazy like hurting herself. I think things are getting overboard and people should tone it down. She’s a human being.

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