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Nashville baby hot car death: Business dad ‘accidentally’ forgets black daughter

Katera Barker
Pictured adopted Nashville baby, Katera Barker and her adoptive parents, Jennifer and Ken Barker.
Katera Barker
Pictured adopted Nashville baby, Katera Barker and her adoptive parents, Jennifer and Matt Barker.

Accident? Katera Barker a black adopted one year old baby dies after her white father, Matt Barker claims accidentally leaving her in a hot car while running late for a business trip. 

Katera Barker a recently adopted one year old baby girl has died after being left in a hot car by her Nashville, Tennessee business dad.

The girl’s death on Wednesday follows after being left in her father’s vehicle just on ten hours as the man told of making his way to a business trip when he ‘inadvertently’ left the child behind.

At the time, the Tennessean reported Matt Barker taking his two children, Katera and a five-year-old, to daycare earlier this week when he returned to his Tennessee home to leave for a business trip.

How the father managed to drop the five her old child while not being cognizant of also not having dropped off the adopted one year old who had all arrived in the same vehicle remained unclear.

A report via newschannel5 revealed Barker, Wednesday morning running behind schedule and rather than dropping off both children at the daycare center as he customarily did, (where a shuttle service would then transport his five year old to elementary school) the father instead drove directly to the elementary school where he dropped the five year old girl off.

The father claimed not remembering his ‘black adoptive’ baby daughter being in the vehicle when he returned to the family home after driving his eldest child to school.

Barker, who is now being investigated by Nashville Police, then took an early morning ride-share to the airport and flew out for his trip.

The temperature in Nashville hit 31 celsius degrees (89 degrees fahrenheit)  the day Katera was left in the car.

Katera Barker
Pictured the Barker driveway at their Nashville, Tennesse home where Katera remained in her father’s truck for up to ten hours in 89 fahrenheit weather.
Katera Barker
Pictured the vehicle where Katera Barker was ‘accidentally’ left behind.

Katera Barker mother finds out her two children were never dropped off at daycare center later that day: 

That afternoon, when Katera’s mother, Jenny Barker went to pick up their two children from the centre, she was told Katera had never been dropped off. 

A call to her husband led to Jen Barker realizing her daughter was still in her car seat, inside her husband’s pick-up truck.

According to police, Jenn Barker rushed home and pulled her one-year-old out of the four wheel drive just before 6pm to perform CPR before paramedics arrived.

Katera was rushed to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Barker arrived home late that night and police said the couple are being fully cooperative with their investigations.

Police said no charges are likely to be filed in relation to  Katera’s ‘neglectful’ death.

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