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Kristin Marie Jones, hot nanny leaves kids in hot car to get great tan

Kristin Marie Jones
Kristin Marie Jones is also a preferred hawt bixch

Kristin Marie Jones a Portalnd, Oregon nanny has been arrested after leaving two small children locked in a car whilst she set about the business of getting herself a great tan at a local tanning salon.

Local media outlet KMVT reports that cops say Kristin Marie Jones left a 3-year-old boy and six-month-old girl in a car with the windows rolled up while she went to go tan. Temperatures on that day were reportedly up to 90 degrees.

According to KOIN, an officer was called to the scene by a witness who saw the children in the car:

When the officer arrived, he spoke with a witness who directed him toward a vehicle, court documents state.[Portland police officer Rian] Hamby looked inside the Dodge Caravan and saw the two children, sweating and screaming. He opened the door to take the children out, court documents state.

While he was taking the boy from the car, Jones walked out of the tanning salon, court documents state. She removed the other child from the vehicle and everyone went into the tanning salon. The officer states in his report that the boy was “soaked in sweat.” According to court documents, “the officer felt the heat radiating from (the child) through his bullet proof vest.”

Police said on the afternoon when the children were found, it was approximately 90 degrees, and none of the vehicle’s windows were open.

Kristin Marie Jones
Because some things have a higher priority ….

According to cops, Kristin Marie Jones first tried to pin the blame for the incident on the children’s mother, claiming she’d left them with her in the car. However, the story fell apart when investigators discovered the mother was at work all day. Jones finally admitted she had left the children in the car while she went into the tanning salon.

Her charges include two counts each of first-degree criminal mistreatment and first-degree child neglect. Jones pleaded not guilty to the charges and is due back in court in August.

And then there was this comment on the web that brought out a rueful smile from the author:

That woman is NOT A NANNY. She’s a cheap babysitter at best. Nannies are an entirely different animal.



  1. Seriously? Many still tan. Probably always will. Most do not leave kids in the car when they do so though. SMH. THAT is enough reason not to procreate. THAT I agree with.

  2. Thats not HER FB page..its a community. Probably someone against what shes done. But, I wont disagree, the selfishness, arrogance and stupidity of this girl ALONE, makes me wonder whats underlying in her twisted psyche.

  3. Hot?? Okay. Whatever you think. I mean, she’s not ugly…but…well whatever. Thats not the point at ALL here. This TRASH is SOO SELF absorbed and I agree. Shes NOT a Nanny!!! How is it not obvious this GIRL is not TOO self-absorbed?? I know, hindsight. What ignorance of this one though. This girl has ruined her life or at least hindered it, BIG TIME! And almost caused someone their children’s lives!! THEIR CHILDREN!! Someone trusted her with their most precious treasures, THIS is how she says “Thanks, Im worthy of that trust”!? How unbelievably selfish and stupid. I cannot believe how dumb or just plain selfish some people can really be! Its running rampant these days. And thats SO SAD. Thank GOD these babies are okay. This one? She deserves what she gets. I bet the parents are mortified! And I HOPE this one is SCARED. SMH

  4. “While he was taking the boy from the car, Jones walked out of the tanning salon, court documents state.”

    OK, then what was the deal with the wheelchair in court? Pretending to be paraplegic for sympathy from the judge? PLEASE throw her in jail! PLEASE!

  5. Twenty three is hardly a kid. Even in our society which keeps people from being fully an adult till 21. She is obviously the three S’s, Shallow, Selfish, and Stupid. These are the character traits of far too many in this country. Between Hollywood, social media, and reality TV. The get rich for looking good, or at least what the media says is “good looking” has become one of our biggest industries. Our leaders get elected on looks and sound bites, and the schools teach diversity. Is it any wonder that stupid people like this, are in front of a judge. Also, why is she in a wheelchair? Did she forget how to walk? She is blonde.

  6. Just irresponsible??? Are you kidding me??? Irresponsible is paying a bill late or maxing out a credit card!! This is beyond irresponsible and yes child endangerment is a “criminal” act!! The only consequence she was thinking about was how not tanning at that moment would effect her looks.

  7. That was my 1st thought when I looked at her picture…she looks evil!! Not guilty really??? Let’s lock her dumba** in a hot vehicle and she how not guilty she feels then…an eye for an eye bi@tch!!

  8. She’s just a dumb 23 year old kid, not necessarily a “criminal” (per se)… just irresponsible, and not looking ahead at the consequences of her decisions.

  9. Kristin Marie Jones it’s the bottom of the ninth the score is tied, the bases are loaded with two outs we need you to lean into the strike zone and take one for the home team……. moron!

  10. The author of this article is just as nasty as this hore…bleached hair and thick make-up automatically makes a girl hot? Author has bad taste.

  11. She posted a non-working spam video link to her Facebook page titled ”
    Video when Police found the Kids in the Car sweating and screaming” She has a serious personality disorder.

  12. Look at her face. She’s f’in evil. How can any parent or anyone for that matter trust a face like that. And she pleas “not guilty”? Lock her inside a tanning bed for 10 hours and see how she feels.

  13. Stupid white girls are the bain of our race. Keep tanning sweetie, and you will have the complexion of a leather bag when you are forty.

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