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Accident? Khalilah Busby baby dies in hot car

Khalilah Busby
How did one mother come to ‘forget’ one of her children in a hot car? Pictured Khalilah Busby.

Khalilah Busby a Dallas, Texas mother of seven has told of her two year old daughter dying in a hot car after accidentally ‘forgetting to count all her babies.’

Since the death of two year old toddler, Niriah, the mother has taken to blaming herself, telling in an interview with CBS 11 News: ‘I forgot to count each and every one of my babies.’

Reflected the grief stricken mother, ‘She was just wonderful.’

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The child’s death came after the family had spent all day at a Fair Park on Friday, pulling up in front of their front gate, and returning to the family home.

At the time, the mother had ‘mistakenly’ believed that all of her kids had gone inside the house to sleep.

Told the mother: ‘‘Somebody told me that everyone was in the house. I took that for granted.’

According to cops, Niriah had been left in the back seat of the family’s Honda Pilot SUV strapped into her car seat for at least an hour and a half.

The temperature outside was hot and could have been around 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the car. 

However, by the time the girl’s father went to work on the vehicle, he spotted his baby in the backseat still strapped into her car seat.

In turn, the frantic father noticing the child was unconscious began doing CPR while dialing 911. 

Despite the toddler being rushed to hospital she was later  pronounced dead. 

The incident has led to an investigation being launched by Child Protective Services and Dallas police. 

So far, no charges have been filed against the mother. 

Busby now hopes her child’s loss may be a learning experience for other busy parents. She encourages them to perform several checks for their kids and never take anything for granted. 

According to KidsAndCars.org, an organization that tracks child deaths as a result of parents leaving children unattended in hot cars, last year’s death toll was 38 children.

Khalilah Busby

Khalilah Busby
The family car.
Khalilah Busby
The family home in which the family had pulled up in front of after a Friday outing.

Khalilah Busby