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Casey Anthony video leaker finally revealed?

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony will be forced from out of hiding and back to court

BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! In the ongoing saga known as who actually leaked images and videos of Casey Anthony at the beginning of the year and why, chief suspect and presumed mouth piece for Ms Anthony, Holly Briley has this evening provided another piece of evidence as to the actual identity of the leaker.

Promising to once and for all let the cat out of the bag Holly Briley took to identifying the identity of the individual who “gave” her and husband Jon Briley the first video diary of Anthony. But dare we believe her? The tweets below…

Message Holly Briley claims she received from "Holly Nudd"

Why not just tweet the name and be done with it? No, of course not. Holly had to perfect her photoshopping skills before her big reveal.

As most know by now, the Briley’s have been known to photoshop many a thing in the past. And wait! If you go back to Briley’s appearance on Nancy Grace, Holly states that they found the video on a “Pay Per View” site – now all of a sudden a woman by the name of Holly Nudd gave it to them?! Yeah…not buying it. These folks certainly need a lesson in lying.

With that discrepancy, one can only assume that “Holly Nudd” is a figment of Holly Briley’s colorful imagination; a weak attempt by Ms. Briley to get hits on her pathetic blog and another made-up name in attempt to get the heat off of herself and her husband, much like “Amelia Sobel” who was later found out to be the work of the Briley’s son, Brittian Sanders. I’m afraid it’s looking like the only “person” who gave anyone permission to reveal anything was the voice in Ms. Briley’s head.

There’s medication for that kind of disorder, you know.

Sidenote: the definition of “nudd” is a rather interesting one. According to Urban Dictionary, “A person who when competing would rather take the easy, no skill involved way of winning and then talk a lot of smack about it rather than relying on skill for the victory.” Sounds about right in this case!

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  1. Holly and Jon were on a Facebook hater site when Rob Hensley teased them with clips of the Anthony video diaries, this was how they captured the clips and uploaded them to youtube. No one has found any pay per view site to date so one can assume they WERE lying about that.

    How Rob came to get the tapes is still a mystery. He claims they were given to him by other people who got them from someone who knows Casey. This more than likey is the truth as Casey has yet to file a police report for Hacking as she stated.

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