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New questions arise if Whitney Houston committed suicide.


Busted! Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi found getting high on cocaine after funeral.

Drug dealer reveals he sold Whitney thousands of dollars worth of cocaine prior to her death.

Bobby Brown rushes to a casino after Whitney’s funeral.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, known coke fiend now being urged to enter rehab.

Kevin Costner: ‘I should have saved Whitney!’

Did Whitney Houston commit suicide?

Authorities today conducted an autopsy on Whitney Houstonto arrive at an understanding as to what actually caused her death. With many speculating given the singer’s history of drug abuse that she overdosed or that simply her heart suddenly gave in after years of use some are now wondering out aloud if whether the singer chose to die by drowning herself.

WIth the cause of death been deferred pending the release of toxicology tests, which could take 6-8 weeks it seems the landscape will be rife with rumors as to how the singer actually died.

Asked if water was found in her lungs, perhaps as an indication to guage whether the singer was intent on killing herself, Assistant Chief L.A County Coroner Ed Winter declined to speculate.

At present no foul play is suspected with Ms Houston’s immediate family reportedly able to view her body upon it being moved to the mortuary. At present no date has been set as to when this may be.


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New questions arise if Whitney Houston committed suicide.

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  1. Possibly like Whitney Houston, Chris Penn also committed suicide.
    You see, like Whitney Houston, many performers seek a way out because they are
    just tired of life, tired of living, tired of trying to jump over the bar, tired of it all.
    So even if they have underlying physical or psychological conditions, they ‘engineer’
    their suicides long before (even over a period of a decade), to make it look
    ‘accidental’. Interviews with Whitney from ten years ago belie a latent ‘death wish’ …
    with subtle references to the ‘subject’ but while ‘objectivizing’ herself. Chris Penn
    probably committed suicide just like Whitney, just like Chris Farley, just like
    Marilyn Monroe. No amount of ‘Gospel singing’ tributes can ‘cosmetize’ a suicide …
    the eventual legacy of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Chris
    Farley, River Phoenix etc. will be/is that they cleverly and desperately and patiently
    killed themselves. Then the public will just move on to the next ‘artist’. Just ask
    Robert Downey Jr. and a host of others who have escaped the clutches of ‘the demons
    inside them’… and persisted, got help and are alive. The most crucial aspect to this
    is basically John 3:3 and John 3:16 …. because when one is lost eternally, that is
    the ultimate spiritual suicide …. forever.

  2. I would agree with Misskimisme……suicide would be her way out……and some of that “faith” might have been conjured up for the press….she might not have had as much as she made out to….it always looks better when a drug addict says they are religious….please….

  3. Her voice shot from years of drug abuse, pressure to perform at Clives party…risk of being publically humilated – AGAIN….perhaps she had enough and did commit suicide. No one wants to think of this becuase it would mean the faith that everyone talks of her having would be compromised. Perhaps she had so much faith, she decided to end her life.

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