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Whitney Houston: Doomed to self destruct, blew over $100 million on crack.

In 2006.
In 2006.

Busted! Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi found getting high on cocaine after funeral.

Drug dealer reveals he sold Whitney thousands of dollars worth of cocaine prior to her death.

Bobby Brown rushes to a casino after Whitney’s funeral.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, known coke fiend now being urged to enter rehab.

Kevin Costner: ‘I should have saved Whitney!’

As the dust begins to settle over the death of Whitney Houston, questions will begin to surface as to how did a once extraordinarily talented woman end up disintegrating in front of our very eyes? No doubt the process wasn’t overnight, it was a slow motion train wreck that had been gathering speed over the course of the years and despite the ultimate thud that comes with most collisions, strangely most people weren’t caught off guard when the news came that Whitney Houston had unexpectedly died.

Reflects the dailymail: This was a woman who, despite at least three attempts at rehab in the past eight years, appeared fully in the grip of drug addiction: wired, wrecked and out of control. Inside the club, it is claimed, she nearly came to blows with a partygoer who she felt had ‘got into her face’.

So why could nobody save Whitney Houston? In truth, having spent almost two decades destroying herself, she was past saving.

Frankly what could anyone do? This is one of the ravages of addiction. At a certain point the lethal decay sets in and the predilection for ones choice of substance becomes more vehement for the will to survive. It is always a thin line and once one crosses and comes back it’s rare to cross it again and expect to survive. Then again just because one person craves one thing and we don’t doesn’t make the maniacal disposition of that addiction any less diabolical- that is the irony of addiction. One assumes because they don’t have a desire to get high (drunk, gamble, etc) doesn’t mean there are others who do and to extremes despite their desire to only just feel the onset of euphoria and then hope to walk away. Walking away is ultimately the paradox of being.

And with the ravages of constant and high level use of crack cocaine came the fallout. Physically, emotionally and  financially…

Her voice, with her signature, high-octave power note, had been pitifully diminished by years of abuse, particularly the smoking of crack cocaine. The soaring vocals had become a soft, whispery falsetto. 

‘She don’t want to come, my soprano friend,’ she told a booing concert audience in London in 2010.

The years of material plenty were behind her, too. She was reportedly once again ‘flat broke’, even though she should have had a fortune well in excess of £100 million.

Indeed, despite earning up to  £20 million with a colossal 50-date global tour only two years ago, she was reportedly this month reduced to asking her great benefactor, Clive Davis, the music mogul who ‘discovered’ her, for hand-outs yet again.

Pictures of Whitney's bathroom in 2006, strewn with drug paraphernalia.

And then there was the public denials, which only led to public humiliation given the exaggerated decay in Ms Houston’s features that were apparent to all but illogically not her. Then again this is sometimes how one is forced to come to terms with drug addiction and the absurd notion that they can continue consuming that very thing that gets them high but at the same time gets them closer to death. Who in their right mind can avoid such an overt collision course. Isn’t that what addiction is after all- a denial that ones life has become a receptor for one’s desire to get high, even at the sake of ones own life itself.

Perhaps Ms Houston’s addiction and ultimate succumbing to drug addiction will serve as a reminder of the perils of drug consumption beyond a certain point (or if one wishes one can substitute drug consumption, for gambling, sex addiction, fame addiction, etc) – when in essence by yielding to an external stimulus we might be brought closer to nirvana but at the same time we are also bought one step closer to our self capitulation. After 20 years of constant use the drain of being it seems finally caught up with one very talented performer who simultaneously sought resurrection in the music she created and oblivion in stimulants that she sought refuge in.

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And this is a picture of the bathtub that Whitney Houston died in.

Bobby Brown gives in and will not attend Whitney’s funeral despite earlier reports of crashing.

Bobby Brown not invited to Whitney Houston’s funeral insists he’s going to crash it anyway.

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BREAKING: Whitney Houston has died



  1. You should really have your writing proof read before you release it
    to the world and make a total ass of yourself by misplacing and misusing $10 words that you obviously had to look up as you were writing.

  2. One of Whitney’s close friends stated on video this week that Whitney did drugs before Bobby Brown. I don’t think we can blame him.

  3. Say that, Dixie! It’s what I have been feeling and saying also. Why did noone that was around her in the last week of her life intervene and tell her mother to get out there? It was noted online that her mother said she spoke to Whitney the night before her death and she sounded fine. Why would her family think she was capable of managing her life there for a week without proper support? Talking about negligence! It makes me angry and very sad. I think others are more to blame than Whitney was. Also, here is an article that I came across that helped me make some sense of her collision course. It really put things in perspective for me and gave me far greater understanding and compassion about her life. There is often something deeply missing, that they cannot fill. We would think a person who had so much would surely be confident and secure. This article really touched me and made some sense. I hope you all read it:
    Congratulations to you, Dixie. I praise God for your deliverance! We know you are a walking miracle. I hope your live your live in God’s purpose.

  4. Bobby Brown was Whitney’s surrogate husband and scapegoat. Her real husband was her “lifelong friend” and fellow muffdiver, Robyn Crawford.

  5. I know I will get shade for this but I blame her enablers. She was extremely sick, and just like Chaka Khan said, why did she show up a week early for the Grammy’s, why wasn’t someone holding her pills, why wasn’t someone stopping her from drinking, or at least trying to slow her down….Whitney may have had a weakness for drugs, but all this family around her watched her continue to go down hill, even when she quit the crack, and said well it is doctor prescribed pills so it is o.k. Hell-o? What century are you living in, prescription drugs is a FAR BIGGER KILLER than illegal drugs. Just because a doctor in a lab coat prescribes it, does not make it any less toxic than a crip dealing crack. She did tons of crack, but ultimately as with most rich celebrities surrounded by “family” i.e. enablers, no one bothered to check on someone in a bath for OVER AN HOUR???? Nobody kept track of how many pills she took or her alcohol intake, and what about Thursday night, nobody tried to stop her drinking. She had proven to be unable to stop herself, and I know because I am a recovering addict, I needed someone to ride my ass so the disease would not take me down and lay me to rest 40 years to soon. Sorry to vent but just like Mr. Jackson, there was warning signs all over the place for both of them and not one of the “loving family members” tried to intervene at the most important time

  6. face it people,whitney houston was one of the best singers back in her day,but  smoking crack and smoking joints laced with cocaine,her voice gave out,addiction is an illness,i know first hand some people just arent stong enough to get better,not sticking up for her at all ,just sayin im sure one morning she didnt wake up and say she wanted to be a drug addict,the worst thing out of all this mess is THAT A LITTLE GIRL LOST HER MOTHER and that is the biggest tragedy of them all,god bless you whitney and bobbi kristina

  7. Well, Beullahlove, I don’t know what difference it makes what type of destructive substance Ms. Houston ingested but, you’re right, scallywag is no journalist.  S/He’s just a low level gossip monger who contributes nothing more than the deterioration of society through callous commentary.  Big deal. 

  8. Whoever wrote this article is absolutly disgusting!…Have some common decency!
    To write derogatory comments that are ignorant after the death of someone is grossly
    neglIgent as a journalist and INSENSITIVE as a “Humane Individual” which you
    obviously aren’t….You were a “Waste of egg and sperm” Mr. Scallywag!!! You need
    attention!….any kind you can get you sleazy parasite!!!….The world will be better off
    without SCUM like you and you will not be missed!…By the way Whitney smoked
    High-Grade Rock Cocaine!…not the by product known as “Crack” you idiot!!!!!!!!!!
    Get it right MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No one knows for sure that the photo used by jeernalist scallywag is a bona fide photo of the bathroom of Whitney Houston.  Yes, Ms. Houston was an admitted addict, but that’s all we, people who don’t even know her, need to know. She coped as best she could and it’s not the jeernalist’s place to ravage her after death with garbage like this so called blog that supposedly “enlightens” the reader.  Shame on all of us, especially the author, for tromping on the tragedies of others.

  10. scallywag, don’t kid yourself.  You’re not a journalist in any way, shape or form.  You’re a jeernalist and nothing more.  One day you’ll have to answer for all the scummy things you write about people you don’t even know.

  11. Actually, scallywag, the following substances Ms Houston reportedly had in her room for her ingestion were all “downers”, not stimulants; they all “depress” the respiratory system.  Not only that, but she also had an infection requiring amoxicillin, which is effective for respiratory infections. Furthermore, she had been SWIMMING in the pool prior to going up to her room to bathe….you know, bathe to remove chlorine from the pool……so might’ve been fatigued, in addition to fighting infection.
     ….. a HOT bath causes VASODILATION, which is also the effect of the depressants (ativan, valium, xanax, alcohol) that she reportedly ingested.  VASODILATION reduces blood pressure, & slows respirations.  Slowed respirations reduce circulation, & can bring on cardiac arrest once respirations stop (arrest).  The “typical” respiration rate of a non-medicated adult is between 12-16 breaths per minute.  Ms Houston basically slowed her own breathing down chemically beyond the point that could sustain life.  Too bad she didn’t have the foresight to ask someone sober to stay with her to call 911 & start rescue breathing for her, in the event she stopped breathing due to the depressants, with access to reversal drugs like narcan. (After all, this wasn’t her first “ride with the circus”, & she had the $$$ to buy anything or anyone she wanted, including a personal physician who could’ve revived her).  (This is what bothers me most of all: that all of these TV ppl get on about drug addiction & regulating prescription pills…BUT IGNORE that while laws might be enacted on pill mills, etc, for “Common Folk”, who might actually find these laws hindering their ability to get adequate treatment for their needs, these celebrities ARE CASH CUSTOMERS, CASH PAYING PATIENTS, WHO CAN NOT ONLY AFFORD, BUT HAVE READY-ACCESS TO MEDICAL PHYSICIANS, DRUGS, & TREATMENTS !!!! THEY CAN ALREADY BY-PASS ANY LAW OUT THERE, COZ THEY’RE CA$H-PAYING !!!!  “Common Folk” don’t have the same access, they  rely on insurance companies which “Celebrities” don’t have to rely on. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    Dr Drew & others ought to keep this in mind….”Common Folk” can’t afford home visits from personal doctors, can’t get drugs outside of insurance coz of cost prohibitions; “Celebrity Folk” can get anything, anytime, MONEY is NO OBSTACLE. sheesh!!!!

    So when you combine: infection, fatigue, with vasodilators/respiratory depressants: ativan, valium, xanax, alcohol, you get ENHANCED vasodilation…..breathing slows to a stop, then the heart stops, & death ensues.  The same thing can happen if you take BETA BLOCKERS, have pneumonia or severe flu, have wine or brandy, & take a hot bath (after not bathing for a few days & feel cruddy).  
    The fact that she had some water in her lungs in small amount indicates that indeed her respirations had slowed, to the point she lost consciousness, was very close to not breathing at all, sunk down under the water, which not only didn’t wake her up but had dilated her blood vessels so much that she couldn’t wake up but breathed in water into her lungs near the time of her death. 

  12. Journalist?? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    NO. The correct descriptor is Tabloid Proctologist

  13. To: ALL tabloid scumbags and the gutter rats who help them prepare dreck like this column.
    May you all slowly drown in your own waste! Like toilet paper, you serve only one purpose.

  14. Is this the pic that Bobbi Brown’s sister claims to have taken?  The one who claims to have spent months smoking crack with Whitney? 

    Glad that during her clean time that Whitney knew enough to kick that leaching Bobbi Brown to the curb.  It’s too bad that the addiction he propagated in her wasn’t as easy to overcome.

    I truly believe that she’d be alive today if their paths never crossed.

  15. If I wanted to say something nice I would have become a publicist not a journalist/blogger.

    Raising questions and seeking answers will almost always lead to some uncomfortable postures.

  16. I agree, Catt.  “…blew $100 million on crack…” is a groundless allegation with no reasonable expectation of being proven and was written solely to engage in compassionless judgment.  I feel sorrier for the ignorant author of this article than I do Whitney Houston.

  17. Didn’t your mother ever teach you, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  You sound like you need to denigrate someone to make yourself feel better.  The practical reality is that Whitney Houston, despite her relatively short and sometimes troubled life, was more self-actualized than 99% of the population who live lives of quiet desperation and demonstrate this with articles like yours.

  18. It’s hardly an issue of whether I feel better about myself. I can assure you there are many articles that I write that damn well distress me. The real question I think is what motivates people and how is that someone like Whitney Houston has left us overwhelmed and asking questions about life in modern day America.

    I think ultimately the trick is to try and distinguish the myth versus the actuality of being, or to be succint the apparitions of the human condition, a task that can make even this chap quite grumpy and sullen if you must know.

  19. Who she was in her her younger days and who she was when she died are two different people.The friends she chose and the lifestyle she lived and the drugs she did completely destroyed who she was. What a loss. But the Whitney we loved had been gone for a long time already. May God bless her soul.

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