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Kim Kardashian attends pre-Grammy party, disrespects Whitney


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Kim Kardashian decided to show up at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party this evening looking like a full-sized adult Bratz doll. Or, in not such nice terms, a two cent whore… Because let’s face it, even those Bratz dolls look classier than the former Mrs. Humphries does, even on her best days.

This comes on a rather somber evening after the sudden shocking & tragic death of Whitney Houston, where Clive Davis’ party-goers paid tribute to Houston by recognizing her with a moment of silence late Saturday evening.

As always, Kardashian appeared at the event likely with one agenda and one agenda only: to make sure all eyes were on her. I won’t even bother to comment on the atrocity that is her choice of outfit or her, ahem, assets. All I will say is that I find it incredibly tacky that these celebrities find it okay to stop, smile and pose for cameras while Whitney Houston lay lifeless in the same hotel, partying literally a few floors down.

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Bobby Brown gives in and will not attend Whitney’s funeral despite earlier reports of crashing.

Revealed: aides rushed to get rid of Whitney’s coke stash before paramedics arrived.

Bobby Brown not invited to Whitney Houston’s funeral insists he’s going to crash it anyway.

And this is a picture of the bathtub that Whitney Houston died in.

Whitney Houston: Doomed to self destruct, blew over $100 million on crack.

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  1. Guys just all calm your tits. Like seriously, not EVERYONE knew Whitney Houston or who she was. Why go back talking about other people that didn’t even have any fucking connection to Whitney’s death. Instead of cursing out Kim K, curse out the guy that got Whitney into this whole pile of shit drugs, Bobbi Brown. And Kim K is super pretty and gorgeous. And she doesn’t resemble any prostitute especially a 2 cent one. Plus millions of people die each day, but no one gives one f*ck. But ohh, when a celebrity dies, the world must stop. Whoopity fuckin’ doo.

  2. Actually, a sort of mediocre club singer, Ray J peed on Kardashian and her mother marketed the tape for profit and to make the skank daughter a celebrity. Just saying.

  3. so true, she is the most vapid, disgusting, class-less skank on the planet. She is deeply loathed by many, and things like this make her more loathsome.

  4. She had no place at that party.  This attention hungry no talent slore shows her cat face at every event there is.  Why there ought to be a law..no kk no lindsey.

  5. FYI Clive got permission from the family to continue with the party, so you cant just shell out millions and 1000 hours of man power and work and all the ppl it takes to pull that off and fire all of them, while it is terrible and so damn sad a fricken waste, life goes on, i have been crying all weekend but life goes on

  6. Kim KarTRASHian is a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve to live! I pray every day that she gets murdered!!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD and I KNOW HE answers prayers!! xoxo

  7. Kim Kardashian you are trash!! Scumbag and well I won’t say that, I’m trying to be a lady. Look at yourself in the mirror….Disrepect, I’d say. Do you know what respect means. No wander that Kris Humphries wants to make you pay for what you did to him. Wow you are gross. I’d put Llindsay Lohan above you. I have boobs, but I’m a bit more modest. Your gross and materialistic.

  8.  How could you wish ANYONE dead. Regardless of what you think about her, she is someone’s daughter! She does not deserve to die.  Whitney made the choices that lead her to where she is. Kim does non of the things she did and even though I do not care for the Kardashians, she is still a person. No matter how shallow she is.

  9.  This article is bullshit. She showed up to the party and I’m sure she did not expect all eyes on her. This article is poorly written and does not suggest weird behavior from Kim. If she was loud and outspoken at this party I would agree that she was a bit out of hand but quite frankly she just showed up to this party like anyone else. I just think whoever wrote this article is jealous and has too much time on their hands.

  10. Kinoptika, if you hate Kim K so bad, why do you watch or readanything that has to do w/her?  I dont wsee anything wrong w/her showing up. Did it occur to anyone that maybe whe was invited? It’s too bad that Whitney passed away. But life goes on and Kim paid her some respect. Kinoptika, you sound like someone who would babysit Dumbhump. He is a golddigging manipulator. He has complained since Kim left him and threatened lawsuit here, lawsuit there. So why would ppl bash Kim? She’s not the one breaking the confidentiality agreement to her friends, he is. She’s no the onw whining about the marriage. He’s the one who has a lot of stuff on camera that is not good for his image but he keeps complaining that the whole sting was stage. I think, like him, you are a self-centerd pigheaded SOB that has a problem with women. If Gisele walked into this party,would you bash her and try to petition her? She has no talent, just looks. But you just go ahead and hold Dumbhumps hand and tell him that its ok to bully ppl and treat ppl like crap. It sounds like you and him have a lot in common.

  11. She does not get much attention from media and people any more, so she decided to show more of her IMPLANT… Sick porn

  12. I think she looked amazing. And yes kinope???. I am a big fan of hers. Just bcuz someone died doesnt mean life comes to a hault. And if u want to sau it was tacky for her to show up maybe it was tacky for clive to have the party to begin with. Maybe ppl should boycot ur sorry as.

  13. So everyone’s world is supposed to stop because someone died?

    People die every day. We wouldn’t get much done.

    It’s sad when people die, it’s sad that Whitnes chose drugs over life; she was an enormous talent. But life does go on.

  14. A national icon diva just died.  Show some respect, not enormous tits.  Kim has no class, she just wanted attention.  She got that but not for her ‘talent’.

  15.  There’s a time and a place… and Kim Kardassian fucked up one more time. Fuck her and fuck anyone who supports her (that means YOU, asswipe)

  16. Now more than ever you should take a stand and BOYCOTT EVERYTHING KARDASHIAN.
    It’s not about numbers and it’s not about vendettas… it’s simply out of respect for great talent, like Whitney Houston’s and so many others which scum like Kim Kardassian have  punished the media with. Let’s rescue talent and oust the Katdashian’s whorish empire from the limelight they do not deserve.
    Please support and sign this online petition and feel free to pass it on
    BoycottKim (dot) com

  17. that’s cute. hope you didn’t spend too much time looking for your little emoticon to describe what you’d never be able to actually verbalize. Really though, you suck. i hope you’ve got a back up career. 

  18. Whitney passed at 3:55 P.M. Clive’s party didn’t start until around 9…and you’re trying to tell me the celebrities that attended had NO idea? LOL.

  19. she is a soul less “whor-” who in their right mind takes this opportunity for a photo op? what a skanky skank…go away you parasite…

    boycott the kardashians…

  20. To all the  D!@k Riding Haters out there trash talkn my Boo Kim K….#kill yaself, my girl most likely  got dressed long before the news about Ms.Houston.(R.I.P. Angel) even broke, and if you got it why not flaunt it, everybody was under the impression that it was a party duhhh. So Haters get a new job cuz that 1 doesn’t pay!!!!! 

  21. There were hundreds of celebs present, many wearing less clothing than Kim. Can someone please tell me how it is okay for them to party and dance and smile yet people bash Kim for it?

  22. What do you expect from no talent? Do you expect it to recognize talent in others? So sad about Whitney. The outcome is what “Hollywood” (the media) does to true talent, and what it manages to do to NO TALENT. Keep going Kim, until your time runs out too. BAH!

  23. Although I don’t regard Kim K as anything close to what one may perceive as a bonafide celebrity how does showing up at an annual gala in a tacky outfit construe disrespect for a departed Diva…..umoron

  24. Disrespect or not, what is KK’s connection to the Grammy’s? She has no talent, other than being a vacuous skank.

  25. Enough of this stupid article many people at the party didn’t know Whitney was dead until it was actually confirmed

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