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Chaka Khan: “Whitney and I got high together.”


Busted! Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi found getting high on cocaine after funeral.

Drug dealer reveals he sold Whitney thousands of dollars worth of cocaine prior to her death.

Bobby Brown storms out of Whitney’s funeral after scuffle ensues.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, known coke fiend now being urged to enter rehab.

Chaka Kahn revealed on Piers Morgan Tonight that she, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown often got high together back in the day. The “I’m Every Woman” singer took to the CNN show to discuss the passing of long-time friend, Houston, even stating that Bobbi Kristina was around when the trio would get their fix.

Kahn also expressed her disgust over the fact that Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party went on as planned – on the same evening and at the same hotel where Whitney Houston’s body was just four floors up, stating, “I don’t know what could motivate a person to have a party in the building where the person, whose life he had influenced so enormously, and whose life had been affected by hers…I don’t understand how that party went on.”

It was “complete insanity,” said Kahn.

Reflects Ms Khan who is of the opinion that Whitney’s handler’s were careless:

‘I, too, was an addict, [and] I know if I was on the set of a movie, even now and [I’ve been] recovered for seven years, and I found out that I was coming to a city like L.A, we would’ve made specific plans that I come in [the] night before or day of performance,” she said. “Especially if you have not gone in and got proper treatment and gotten your situation handled. That was the first big mistake, for her to come in an entire week before her performance at the party, I would have never done that.”

“I stand on whoever flew her out to perform at that party should’ve provided someone to be there to somehow keep the riff raff from out of the situation. To keep some of the dangerous people away.”

Ultimately though one is forced to wonder how many times one can keep watch over an afflicted individual if they lack the commitment or resolve to stay the course, but then again what does it mean staying the course when arguably the best years of your life are behind you and the best you can hope for is something to lift you for a moment when you so desperately need it….At least Chaka caught herself in time.

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  1. Whitney Houston,like so,so,many of us,human beings,was in a time of her life where she was just trying to survive her mental stability in which she struggled for a long time.Her life as a singer /entertainer obviously and totally disrupted her from being that person.And now we have the memories of her that we,re lucky to have.You have to stop and remind yourself that she,s no different than anyone else in this world and like I said only human and we do the things we do because of the way we are.I think Whitney did the best she could at the time and I don,t know how hard it would be to have a career like hers,but to those who know what it,s like just to struggle with depression and other mental problems let alone having a career like Whitney had, is a life long very,tough,tiring, consuming journey.She was a beautiful person that maybe gave too much to her career not knowing of course, the effect it would have over the course of time and she paid the ultimate price.I,m very sad knowing she,s gone.I,ll always listen to her music.What a voice she had and she,ll always be there in our memories, on the radio while we,re driving down the road, or on tv on a relaxing night but God only gave us one Whitney Houston.Sleep in heavenly peace! We love you!

  2. I did not like “the show must go on”, either. But it is no more “outrageous” than tripping out on drugs in front of a child. The entire Industry is sick, full of pathos, and not even putting out quality entertainment anymore. It is disgraceful. High class addicts. I don’t want to hear about the “stress”. Most of them are known for their lifestyles rather than their artistic contributions. If it’s not drugs, it’s alcohol, sexual promiscuity, flaunting bodies, switching partners as they switch drugs of choice. Every day is a fantasy, a script, a performance, as was that Emmy production with a dead “family member” 4 floors above the show; you can bet the opportunity for ratings was a factor. And all of these Entertainers, so expert on health, diet, beauty, love, politics, so ready to be an authority, could not stand up to the producer and say “No”. Fawning and phoney. Most phoney was Springsteen’s one line lyric song of “We Take Care Of Our Own”; really? That’s when I switched channels in total disgust and watched real talent “Downton Abbey”. The Entertainment Industry has unlimited access to drugs, wild parties with alcohol are the norm; they get home delivery of the cream of the crop like we get pizza deliveries. They are above the law. It’s a wonder they haven’t killed someone else DWI. Why are they never arrested for public intoxication? Whitney should have been hauled off to a hospital on Thursday night, not onto a stage to further be stripped of dignity, now being touted as a “final performance” that was pitiful and shocking. And everyone was so surprised that 12-14 hours later, she died alone.

  3. You have a very short-sighted view of life–how do you know that Whitney’s best years were behind her?  She once said that she was looking forward to grandchildren–I’m guessing that some grandparents consider the time spent with their children and grandchildren to be the best years of their lives.  My own grandmother lived to play with and get to know her great-great grandchildren and was extremely happy about that before she died at age 100.  And we were happy to have her love in our lives as long as possible.

    As long as there is life; there is hope.  Whitney could have become an Oscar-winning movie producer; or helped some younger singer produce the next “Thriller”.  Neither she nor her talents were so disposable as to be written off because the bloom of youth had faded.  It’s a crying shame we treat our artists and cultural assets like fast-food wrappers–there’s just something profoundly wrong and inhumane about that.

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