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Bobby Brown not invited to Whitney Houston’s funeral insists he’s going to crash it anyway.


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Living up to his reputation of as a rabble rouser, hawt bixch Bobby Brown has put Whitney Houston’s family on guard by announcing whether they like it or not his ass is going to be at Whitney’s funeral this Saturday invite or not.

To date Bobby has yet to receive an invitation to Whitney’s funeral (can anyone guess why?) but that wont stop this bixch who suddenly has had a bout of nostalgia for his ex now that she’s of course dead. Which of courses raises the question had Bobby dared expression a billion of this degree of empathy way back when he and Whitney were still together how their relationship may have ended in the first place. Then again if we are going to go with that logic perhaps some of you are probably wondering how Whitney Houston would have fared all together if she had never even met Bobby Brown ever to begin with….

That said it looks like Bobby will get his way on account of his connection to his and Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina who will probably end up getting the family unity she has probably craved all along now that her mother is of course dead.

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  1. It is just not true that Bobby wasnt invited to the funeral. I read elsewhere that he is going and he said the comment that he wasn’t invited is not true.

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