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The top ten fashion whores of NYC.


At number 10- Malik So Chic (Sick).

Somehow we never seem to be able to shake this ‘girl’ off any of our lists. If you remember- he made it on our top ten media whore list and even our top ten society whore list (thank Gawd his ass didn’t make it on our top ten hot guys of NYC or top ten most beautiful women of NYC – cause honey that’s just pushing it).

Anyway back to Malik So Chic (Sick) – in the space of just over 2 years, our neon fuchsia nightclub hero has gone from undiscovered cross dressing windbag hanging out in empty night venues that he was promoting, guzzling free booze and secretly wishing some media bitch would one day discover him – and lo and behold we did- even if he only gave us one free drink ticket instead of the customary 5 that we’re used to.

From there girlfriend started parading the networks of other media enclaves- including Guest of a Guest (but really Pest of a Guest ), especially when he got a lucky break and some TV producer noticed the silver diamond twinkle in his eye and hired him out to be the token cross dressing glam reality star that only managed 43 seconds air time. From there he’s become a permanent fixture at every step and repeat ever invented by a Manhattan publicist, and made sure to get his mug in as many PMC picture perfect  moments that Patrick could possibly ever tolerate.

And presto- while we thought for a split second he was going to have to intern for Rachelle  over at GoG this hawt bitch is now getting set on releasing his own handbag line. Yes the American dream does exist for some, just apply and re apply the mascara and look (desperately) for the nearest camera boy…..



  1. This is terrible writing. You don’t even correct your typos. And why are the photographs not credited? Poor attempt at everything here.

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