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Who the hell is Malik So Chic? The geisha girl who could.

Photography by Galya Kolchayova.

When buying into your own myth leads to a whole city buying into it as well.

For all intensive purposes Malik So Chic is one of those eternal fixtures that one can never quite figure out how they got there but after a few martinis, a heavy batting of the eyelids one is willing to forgive his presence. In fact by the third martini and long woeful gaze you are probably besides your better will inclined to pick him up and gingerly pluck him on his cheek and whisper “I’ve never particularly liked social wanna be’s like you, but in your case I’m willing to look the other way.”

So it begins, nightclub fixture and self taught self impersonator Malik So Chic (Sick?) has now begun to finally enter the attention of the mainstream. A stow away from a meandering existence in Ohio, and the doting attention of lawyer father, this lad found the best pumps a girl could buy and decided that if there was any place in the world where he could finally be free and full of glee then downtown New York would be it. Known for nothing more than his outrageous dress sense, knowing the right sparkly people and making sure these last 4 years that he has been seen at all the right (whatever that words means) fetes, booze ups and desperate photo ops he is now destined (at least for this upcoming season) to enter the daily lexicon of what counts for presence and relevancy. Proving that in the gogo 2000’s talent and drive come second to vacuous behavior and a relentless drive to make it in front of the TV screen (this after all is how human beings like Jon Gosselin validate their existence), and that with enough lipstick, the right over sized sunglasses (gimmick) and a capacity to get themselves religiously noticed, photo shopped in society pages (like this one for instance) one can eventually fabricate an existence that is purely irrelevant but thoroughly entertaining.

Set to become the newest fixture to the mainstream and we guess the amused distraction of people who never noticed people like Malik So Chic before until paired up with uber socialite and pest Tinsley Mortimer (who if it wasn’t for her blond mane, dedicated campaign to be featured by every society rag and money bags would be a no show herself) the whole world can hardly brace itself. The dynamic friendly(bitchy) duo will soon be acting like fag bitches on the upcoming new reality show- High Society (yes- it has finally come to this, the disentegration of what passes for society and the greedy mauling of a time honored attitude for personal dividends…blah!) and forcing us to the very unpleasant conclusion, class and demeanor now come second to hysteria and histrionics.

All we can say is good luck Malik, we’ve watched you crawl a long way to get here, and in fact we were there many times to help you wipe away all those pebble bruises, but my dear if this is what you want- to be a celebrity prima donna we are so very happy for you, if not somehow offended and confused by the stupidity of it all (but really- you do deserve an A+ for persistent groveling and flapping your eyelids like a sex starved Japanese school girl). In any respect now that you’re a ‘star’ yourself (gulp) will we still be able to get drink tickets out of your little paws or will we have to wait behind a star struck public?

Anyway, Malik, you finally did it. You pulled off the greatest hat trick and con show the world has ever seen and we are so bloody thrilled for you. Can we have your photograph (again)? But first one more martini, oh dear it was only yesterday when girlfriend was eyeing us out of his corner booth at defunct Bungalow 8…?

The pathetic fixtures of New York High Society.

A Night out with Kenny Kenny and Susan Bartsch. What’s a Girl To Do?

Time is but just a Wonderful Memory… a Night out on the Town. Ennagon Gallery, Ago and Bungalow 8.



  1. Here is who Malik is. He was born Malik Sterling. He graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. He worked & studied in London, where he earned a Fasjion Communications Certificate for a year. He returned to the USA & was hired by V magazine as Asst Stylist. Since he worked for V he was invited to parties. From the parties he got to know many different people. Bungalow 8 asked him to host a party. It was a sucess. He left V agazine and is now a FT party person/promoter..

    All you had to do is google him.

  2. malik so desperate, you are a ridiculous fat piece of shit. you are the biggest hypocrite i have ever seen, u constantly contradict every thing you say. you put down tv shows yet u were a “star” on one of the most vilest pieces of shit on tv, and u boasted about it, yet u didn’t even have 5 minutes total time. u think u are a celebrity, yet u are considered a JOKE amongst the true nightlife royalty and legends. 1. ur style is sad, a fat ugly black man with a watermelon sized head and fucking rotten baby corn teeth who wears a $5 remnant piece of cloth draped over his outfits to disguise his fat body. 2. u have no tact, no class, and u are shameless at trying to claw ur way up to the middle. u act like ur intelligent and educated, yet ur grammar is horrible. 3. u pretend to lead a high class lifestyle, yet u live in the ghetto, but tried to allude that u lived in the hotel u were shot at. 4. u constantly repeat the same posts ad nauseum and yet u call out people for promoting themselves or their events. 5. u think u have become a celebrity, at times saying u need security, a p.r. person and manager, when lets face it u cantoloupe sized head retard, fame isn’t gonna happen for u. u appear on a piece of shit vile tv show and then bring on the waterworks and dramatics when ur all of a sudden so sensitive and surprised about comments about race and your fat fuckng belly. U ARE CONSIDERED A JOKE AMONGST THE NIGHTLIFE, u have no style whatsoever. the fact that u tried to call out andre leon talley because he dissed you for the wanna be fame-whore that u are is ridiculous. he is established,educated, and respected. u have fucked up corn teeth, live in the ghetto, and pretend to live a lavish lifestyle. u have what, 4000 facebook friends, yet u get maybe 3 or 4 responses to ur desperate pleas for attention. u ask the dumbest shit on their too. are u that dumb, haven’t u heard of google u fucking ugly mrs. clumps ugly sister look alike. u wanna be a forensic scientist…ur too fucking dumb asshole.go buy some more bargain bin scraps of sequins and more monkey hats, they only make ur fucked up gigantic head look even bigger. and finally, u don’t respond to ur “followers” who u have begged daily and hourly to follow u on twitter and then say shit like ” i don’t know you”, yet u follow every celebrity, people like the kardashians???? because that is what is a celebrity to you, u know nothing about what is true style and culture. go fix ur fucked up teeth, and btw, ur fucking ugly.

  3. We thought about it once, but since its people like you who read our blog we realized we’d be spending our hard earned on dollars on individuals who would normally prefer to comment on the occasional oversight.

    That said, if you know any young student we can pay below minimum wages we’d be delighted if you followed up with us.

    Scallywag- not the spelling bee he wishes he could be…

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