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Time is but just a Wonderful Memory… a Night out on the Town. Ennagon Gallery, Ago and Bungalow 8.


Masha, thoughts on memory. Photography by Galya Kovalyova.

Inspired by the wonderful Matilde Soligno whose work we went to see this Wednesday night at Ennagon gallery, Soho, we here at Scallywag and Vagabond decided to find out what time and memory really meant as we surveyed Miss Soligno, her guests, birthday boy Heinz Haas at the precocious Ago in Tribeca, and indeed our dear friend Malik So Chic over there at Bungalow 8 who was also celebrating his birthday and to be sure putting into in all to memory ….after all life is but just a dream.

Trying to qualify time has never been an easy concept, one could argue that time is meaningless, weighs nothing but bears everything, or as the Italian native Matilde Soligno would have it time in essence is just a fleeting feeling of now and the placement of now at some future date called memory.

After all like most things in life, as much as one can try to quantify something, life and time are all just a matter of perspective, all a blur if you will or a dream if you like.

Asked how she would define her work, Miss Soligno replied that in essence it was “the dissipation of time, of living life in a particular space with live in objects and feelings.”

By Matilde Soligno

“what interests me more is the way we internalize those passing moments, how we digest them, how we experience them and ultimately how we remember them, interpret them. If you look closely, you will see that there is often a gap between what you experienced and what was actually there……and maybe this is what we mean by suspension of time.”

Moving around the floor at Ennagon gallery (www.ennagongallery.com) we decided to see for ourselves what Matilde’s guest at her opening reception thought.

Sara (from Trieste, Italy)

SCV: What is time?

Sara: Nothing. It doesn’t exist. It’s a man made concept.

SCV: Then what should we make of it?

Sara: Well this is the dilemma. That we have to recognize it, and at the same time act on it.

SCV: So what do you do with your time?

Sara: Reach goals.

SCV: Lofty ones?

Sara: Yes. But I always am getting frustrated because I can never accomplish them all because….

SCV: For the lack of time, despite the infinite amount of it..

Sara: Yes, it sounds strange.

SCV: And what is memory?

Sara: It’s a second home. Especially the good ones. You can make what you like in this world.

SCV: What about the bad memories?

Sara: You can never escape those, just bury them…..but you will always know where you buried them.

Karl Demarest, Sara Gobboe, Mario de Grossi, and Scallywag
Karl Demarest, Sara Gobboe, Mario de Grossi, and Scallywag

From there we moved to the equally divine and gorgeous Masha who hails from Russia.

SCV: What’s memory?

Masha: Interesting you should ask. I’ve been thinking about this for a long while.

SCV: Is memory a function of time?

Masha: Maybe. It helps us relate to things around us.

SCV: Or how we prefer to remember those things around us?

Masha: Are you English?

SCV: Just a scallywag.

Masha: Well….. I think it depends on how you feel. So if you feel love, you feel those memories.

SCV: And if you don’t feel love?

Masha: Then you remember the love you used to have…

ERIN, ravenous friend of MASHA.

SCV: What is memory?

Erin: Something we don’t want to pay attention to.

SCV: Why?

Erin: Because we sometimes fear the knowledge of what once was. Or perhaps what you don’t want to see.

SCV: Can one change time?

ERIN: In your mind you can change everything, but ultimately time changes you.

SCV: In what way?

ERIN: In every way. Time is here to stay, we are not.

SCV: Well some of us…

Gisella, Garon, Antonio,Sigi.

GARON, dandy and artist.

SCV: What makes a star?

GARON: Soul and marketing.

SCV: As in telemarketing?

GARON; Not necessarily…

SCV: Would you consider yourself a star?

Garon: Yeah, without the marketing.

SCV: What’s tragedy?

GARON: When ignorance crashes into unawareness.

SCV: And memory?

GARON: The glorification of time .

SCV: Good and bad ?

GARON: God can never judge what’s in your head.

Heinz Haas. Photo courtesy of Heinz.

From there it was a quick cab ride to Robert de Niro’s new restaurant “AGO,” deep in Tribeca, where we caught up with tennis pro to the stars HEINZ HAAS, who was celebrating his birthday. Amongst wonderful friends, kindred misfits we sat down and digested not just the food but the concept of a good time.

SCV: What is time?

HEINZ: Meaning what time is it?

SCV: IF you like.

HEINZ: Time is something you can never capture, time is something you have to make something for?

SCV: Do you feel your age?


SCV: Do you think you look it?

HEINZ: Are you printing this?

SCV: What are memories?

HEINZ: Moments in time.

SCV: So memories define time?

HEINZ: Relax, have a drink….

Malik So Chic. Photography by Galya Kovalyova.

And that we did, quite a few before heading off to cheer our dear friend MALIK SO CHIC (stylist to the stars) whose birthday it was over there at BUNGALOW 8.

MALIK: My God you finally came…

SCV: My God everyone‘s so glamorous here? How do they do it?

MALIK: I know isn’t it amazing…?

SCV: So tell me dear are you having the time of your life?

MALIK: Always.

SCV: Can you define time for us?

MALIK: Something I’m never on time for.

SCV: Is that on purpose?

MALIK: Please….some things you can never change.

SCV: What makes life valuable?

MALIK: Friends, family, love and glamour.

SCV: Define glamour.

MALIK: That’s a hard one and we aren’t even erect yet.

SCV: Isn’t that terrible?

MALIK: I know…

SCV: Why do we aspire to glamour?

MALIK: Because we like to escape life.

SCV: Because it validates us?

MALIK: Are you kidding me?! Look around you, we’re living in a culture where you’re nothing if you’re not a star.

SCV: So would you like to be as star?

MALIK: I kind of am already…

SCV: Well someone has to be it.

MALIK: I know…

SCV: Finally what’s tragedy?

MALIK: Never making it as a star.



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