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Pest of a Guest- Tinsley Mortimer.


The girl we are all so sick of hearing about.

What is it with Rachelle and her girly gang over at Guest of a guest. Every time we find the courage to visit Ms.Hruska’s site it is another homage to Tinsley Mortimer. What the hell gives? Is Tinsley the world’s gift to media or just Rachelle’s gift to bored society girls?

A random flipping on the site, produced the following (blah, blah, diatribe) to you know whom.

Last night, the CW threw a party at SL to officially introduce “High Society” to the press. Tinsley Mortimer, Dabney Mercer, PJ Calderon, Tyra Banks, Sami Swetra and Devorah Rose were all there, as was Andre Leon Talley, who looked a little grump that Malik So Chic may have outdressed him.-

Oh brother. Are we all still in high school? Malik so Chic? C’mon we all know that girl only lives to out dress every woman north of west 23rd street. Pleassssee. Oh Tinsley, you are to be loved, frothed over and given a juicy scrub.

Tinsley Mortimer say hello to the world you have just been nominated as this week’s pest of a guest. Don’t worry one day Rachelle will de-thrown you and you will come running to Scallywag, but by then you will have to fight off that other bitch (who I admit I adore)- Malik so Chic. (By the way, Malik how’s that diet going, you’re still carrying that double chin, never mind – you’re a media whore just like the rest of us…)

Tinsley Mortimer- the world adores you, thank god you were born a socialite and without a double chin. Scallywag salutes you!

Rachelle, I expected better of you…oh dear.


  • izzy

    tinsley mortimer is fun to read about. i assume that is why sites cover these girls as they are pretty, rich and about to get in trouble or have a fight with someone.