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The Wooly- the best 1000 bucks I blew this weekend.


woollyAchieving fame, notoriety and a hang over finally moves way downtown.

It’s come to our attention that the newest place to turn up and pretend you are someone other than yourself is called the Wooly. Yes we kid you not. According to Guest of a Guest who know all about having you blow a thousand bucks but look good in the process, the new hot space has been the preferred venue of late.

Owned by Eric Adolfsen, the venue in the heart of the financial district is being touted as being the next Bungalow 8 and the newest coke den after the Jane st Hotel has had it’s summer flash and fizzle.

Reports GoG:

At the end of August, Eric Adolfsen (with the help of his friends) transformed the overflow space in the back of his dad’s restaurant into a private club, the Wooly. With details like vintage Belgian wallpaper, wall lamps rescued from the Plaza Hotel (before the renovation), rugs donated by Vanderhurd Studio, lampshades painted by Claude Morais of Ruffian and a stage for performances, the club will generally host private parties, salons and concerts for an art, fashion and music crowd.

Mmmh, isn’t this what we all use to do when we were all still in high school? Transform dad’s private basement into our private boudoir with exotic trinkets and the sluttiest girls we could find?

In any event we too can’t wait to turn up and harass Eric and beg him to teach us how to put on parties and do things that only lots of money can teach us.  Of course it may well turn out Eric is a bonvivant who likes himself regardless of media attention- but then again what’s the point of having a private club if you can’t have your friends and daddy help you out once a while?