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The deceitful tricks of pseudo celebrities.

Is this your wet dream kids?

Countess LuAnn and Jill Zarin.

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I get a phone call from a publicist who shall remain nameless who wants to know if it’s possible I can send a couple of photographers over to GIRASOLE, a fashionable eatery on the Uper East Side to cover her clients-  Patti & Jill & Bobby Zarin along with other housewives of NYC from BRAVO (including Countess LuAnn) who will be arriving later that evening for dinner and are in desperate need of paparazzi to document their existence and of course keep their surly disposition in constant auto gear.

“Can you do it?”

“It’s late in the day,”
I say fatigued and half annoyed that suddenly I have been designated as a paparazzo tabloid that wants to fxxk celebrities.

“We’ll even feed them,”
implores the publicist, desperation seeping into her voice “I just got the call and I need to get on it and I was thinking this would be up your alley?”

“Is the photographer at least getting paid, they would appreciate that?”

If Guest of a Guest and PMC can charge into the hundreds to take pictures of society folk and to a stronger extent if GoG can get away with charging non entity social climbers/media whores in the city money just to have the privilege of saying they made it in their rag surely a journal who actually attends the real society events and actually offers editorial should be able to scrounge a few dollars for their photographers. But no- just a dinner at best at the other side of the restaurant.



  1. I just received a letter from Jill Zarin’s representative – Darren Bettencourt asserting that he too is equally mortified and that by no means was Jill Zarin aware that such a request was made on her part nor was she aware that said request was made and pursuant to further discussions with undisclosed publicist and the restaurant a formal letter will be mailed disclaiming any involvement on Jill Zarin’s part.

    This should be interesting. Stay tuned…

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