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The top ten media whores of NYC.

Paparazzi in search of media whores...

“Media whores,” it’s a catchy phrase that has lately been making the rounds and making its indoctrination in the daily lexicon we call English. To have suggested someone was a media whore as late as 2005 would have had most people wincing and wondering what exactly you were talking about. That of course was then and as we now move firmly into 2010 and the age of hyper social networking, frantic media attention and photo sharing validation (more about this later) the two ugly words don’t seem too ugly anymore. In fact it has now become a strange rite of passage that if you are to be anyone, taken seriously or get yourself ‘correctly’ exposed whoring your ‘manufactured’ image is the new (con) game in town. Of course there is a lot at stake and the players know it.

As media stalkers, our implicit game is to give these ‘creatures’ their six minutes of fame, preferred three quarter angle and the buzz they so desperately desire because we know it’s what turns bored yuppies/hipsters and aspiring dilettantes into collective goo (sort of…). It’s all rather delicious because it helps this delusional merry go round world keep going round at a very dizzy silly speed. That said we decided to pause, put our own cameras down and ask who exactly are the new breed of ‘media whores,’ what they are after and how exactly have they gotten  to where they are and why it even matters.

As we finally turn to our preferred list of spectacular media whores we offer one caveat to all those nominated on this prodigious list, this article wasn’t written to knock you off your pedestal (that is a feat that we feel you are better served to achieve on your own…) but rather an attempt to educate (ourselves and) the public as to how we suddenly found ourselves dreaming about you in our sleep. That said, here is our list and if you happen to find yourself on it, never mind we’re sure you will still be adored by us and your minions and paradoxically thrilled that you once again managed to get your mug on another paper. No hard feelings if you catch our drift…

Coming in at number 10 on a flash is the strange figure of Derek Blasberg.

For those of you who don’t know Derek, he has been hailed as a writer (of what we don’t know…) turned preferred arm candy of privileged photo sensitive young women. Apparently rumor has it that



  1. It just may be right that our collective hero was dealt a harsh hand, or the slight of a judge who was presumably too eager to deal with Lilo in a way that suggests “party favors and 8 inch Louboutins aside’ the court always knows best. The truth is Lilo always knows best and to be sure the little chipmunks we keep in our closet haven’t stopped clapping with joy. Of course you’re probably clapping for joy too…

    Isn’t it time you became immortal like Lilo too?


  2. i think that Genevieve Jones is so popular because she knows how to use her poo-naa-nee-naa-nee…….. and you know what i mean…….

  3. and all women from the NY/NJ area are a bunch of neanderthal looking phuglies who should be released from their owner’s captivity and put back in their fenced areas with the gorillas.

  4. @this site – And I bet you they all have cool as shit nobody phuckin’ wants iphones!

    I’m not gonna reveal too much, but their building is scheduled to be demolished.

    Too much suck ass “cliche’ cool” reporting

    It takes years to be good writers, not 2 months!

  5. Pretty disgusting that you would could GJ’s background working class when her father was a chemical engineer and mother a homemaker. That sounds like upper middle class to me. i;m not defending this woman, but I do repsect this blog for being brutally honest. But there is noneed to be so snippy that a man with a degree and intelligent profession needs to be called working class. He’s notunder a car fixing tires, for Christ’s Sake.

    There is more than just Park Avenue and the ‘working class’

    What a disguting comment.

  6. Dear Eh, would you be interested in coming to work for us? We offer humor, skyline views of the Manhattan skyline, access to the best Dominican take out down the street and of course below minimum wages …

  7. please please hire an editor. this is painful to read. you may have a talent to dish up the dirt and for story ideas, but writing skills, i don’t know.

  8. “…idolize…” Really, no. I think he’s kind of douchey but probably the only person on the list who would retaliate if treated to harshly but if you listed him but acted respectfully then he would give you a pass because yes he is a media whore.

    I am just asking that no matter the list treat all the same and critique with the same standard of love or disdain. Get it?


    I’m enjoying the site and enjoy the banter. Also is your inside joke a reference to anal beads? LOL.

  9. i feel sorry for malik, he really is desperate to get any attention possible. it’s pathetic. think about it, even if high society will start showing episodes with him… he will get recognized, more or less, but then those 15 minutes will be gone… and what? he will have to get a day job with his recognized face. it is kinda humiliating. does he really thinks that becoming next snooki will really change his life? please… but anyway, i don’t think he will get any further than guest of a guest’s humiliating articles… and those will be over in a few weeks. sad.. sad… 🙁

  10. Melissa, I clearly stand by my list of media whores. And even though I don’t give PMC a thorough thrashing one has to realize it’s people like you who idolize him that gave him the stupid idea in the first place. But Patrick, just so Melisa M doesn’t think I’m being uneven in my media bashing let me say once again- you are a media whore. But please don’t thrash me with your camera next time u see me out- i’m not that much into pain (even if u are…inside joke)

    As for Lydia, does a horse whimper when you steal it’s hey?

  11. Funny that P.M. is on the list but you kiss his ass the whole time so you don’t feel his wrath, some of the list was quite entertaining but Frankel and Chic are one trick ponies due to the shows they’re on. Calling Lydia a media whore is like calling Steve Hanson a glutton for eating at his 10 restaurants.

  12. malik so chic is an ugly fat clown that freaks me the fuck out!!! Ugh, small dick, big glasses!!!

  13. Thankkkkk yoouuu for fufilling my lifelong goal of becoming a top tier nyc media whore this is one of my favorite online articles ever! So funny. And a really godd list w good stories! Bravo!

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