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Is the Countess on Crack? Money simply doesn’t buy her class.


Countesses who fail to see the irony of their existences.

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is one of those misguided hags who believes that money can’t buy you class or elegance except when it comes to her. With her newly released song, ironically titled “Money can’t buy you class,” the reality star goes out of her way to show you that she’s quite confused by life but having said that escapes its consequences because she’s as punch drunk rich as they come. Her song is a tongue and cheek admonishment on rude behavior and how the only way to get ahead in life is to be a disco Queen and have young skinny homosexual boys  want to make out with you on the disco floor.

The more one listens to the lyrics the more one has to wonder what LuAnn was thinking when one realizes how much her  whole existence has been based upon her extorting her vagina for the sake of money and deep seated money at that too. Let’s hope the disco boys get the irony, in the meantime the song should only be listened when you are feeling completely embittered, that way you can finally turn around and realize that there’s someone out there publicly making a fool of themselves for thinking otherwise.

Class with the Countess, lessons in Etiquette.

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