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Countess LuAnn; An impeccable ‘chic’ disaster.

The Countess and Jill Zarin slumming it

The Countess and Jill Zarin slumming it

Sunshine don’t live here anymore…

Kids, the Countess has finally come out with her latest conundrum to the good life:’Chic, c’est la vie,’ and if you’re into fornicating with gold tipped chocolate wrappers whilst drawing heavy mascara scars on your face with an electric beat in the background this bitch song is ripe for you…

But it wasn’t always easy for the Countess (interesting that LuAnn likes to keep her ex husband’s moniker even after he ditched her…) who was noticeably chagrined that the other ladies from the reality fiasco ‘Real Housewives of NY’ chose not to make cameo appearances in her new video. But thankfully Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon ever resilient media whores jumped onto the queue and offered their pimping services by the poolside. Well 2 out of 6 isn’t too bad or is it?

usweekly: “It was very disappointing that the other ladies wouldn’t be part of [the video shoot]. The other girls didn’t come, they didn’t think it was appropriate,” de Lesseps told PopEater.com of Alex McCord, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer and Cindy Barshop. “They said it was not the right image they wanted to portray and I was like ‘excuse me, not the right image?’ Who goes out without their panties, another rubs her husband’s naked chest on the show, please.”

Anyway, pack yourself a diamond crusted bathrobe, a diet flute of champagne and wiggle to abandon cause the countess has ‘magic’ in store for you.

Don’t you wish you could be a tired old hag pumping the bejesus out of a disco beat too? As the Countess says: ‘Life the live you want to live there is little sympathy.’ Indeed…

Poll: How do you rate the Countess’ new video?:

a/ Pathetic

b/ Trite and pathetic

c/ Deserving of a savage beating.

d/ A refreshing bout of nausea that only reinforces that at least someone out there has a more miserable life bigger ego than yours

e/ Sunshine don’t live here anymore.

Is the Countess on Crack? Money simply doesn’t buy her class.

Class with the Countess, lessons in Etiquette.



  1. I’m convinced that Luanne is really a drag queen. Her gravelly voice in this video confirms it.

  2. Figging hilarious and irritatingly outrageous. Being original these days is hard, she might have something here. Probably no me or less thought provoking as any of the other crap around.

    It will be fashionable to discuss and display your contempt for her so as to cement your membership your indi-rock scene, pseudo-intellectual crowd or what ever group you identify with. This will assure success and I wish her best. 🙂

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