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Class with producer Chris Young.

Chris Young

Countes LuAnn de Lesseps and Chris Young

With his debut as a new mainstay on Bravo’s ‘Real Housewife’s of NY,and off the back of his world wide smash hit- ‘Money can’t buy you class,’ courtesy of his chanteuse Countess LuAnn de Lesseps we decided to catch up with producer Chris Young to see for ourselves what the fuss was all about. No sooner after arriving at his sprawling NYC pied a terre we are reminded we are just mere mortals as we brazenly look out at the expansive cloud high window sills and that Mr Young is a man possessed, drawn to immortality, grandeur and the rude shock of being larger than life. What follows is our interview with him on a very most recent day.

SCV: So you’re about to become the new hot kid on the block of ‘Real Housewives of NY,’ I’m curious how it all happened?

CY: I met the Countess one night in NY and we got to talking and all I could think as we were talking what a wonderful majestic raspy voice this woman had and that somehow I had to do something with her, and eventually after she’s finished explaining to me about some new book she had just written – ‘Class with the Countess,’ that I turn around and say to her ‘what do you think if we took some of your lyrics in French and run it against a couple of beats that I am working on as background fashion cat walk music?’

SCV: So how did that go down?

CY: She looks at me and starts shaking her head- ‘Yes what a wonderful idea.’ The next thing I know I’m suddenly making an appointment for the Countess to come by and make a record with me.

SCV: So what happens next?

CY; Well there we are tossing words around from her book when out of no where she starts singing the chorus ‘Money can’t buy you class,’ against the back of some retro dance music I’ve compiled. I just look at her, do a couple of somersaults in my mind, change some of the lyrics around, get them to rhyme and the next thing I know the Countess tells me that she wants the TV crew to start coming round and filming her making her single with me.

SCV: So you didn’t even plan this?

CY: Are you kidding me! I hadn’t even heard of the show until then, if you find that hard to believe. I didn’t even know if the song would make the cut, and here’s Bravo and the countess calling me telling me how much they love the song and how they’ve got to desperately get me involved in the show. The next thing I know, Bravo bring out a new campaign- ‘Class with Bravo,’ and all this, just because I was thinking I had to have this woman sing a few background lyrics for me…it still amazes me.

SCV: So here you are now suddenly making your debut as a new reality star- what was going on in the back of your mind?

CY: Honestly it wasn’t even my primary concern, I had at that time being working closely with the children from the ‘Ronald McDonald,’ house, a charity dedicated to children in need and by then also traveling back and



  1. If I had to pick btwn Kim’s and Luann’s, I would say that Luann’s is better. Plus Kim jut gets under my skin.

  2. At least they are donating the song to charity, I bet Kim and Candy took all of the profits because they are bankrupt.

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