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Socialite Kristian Laliberte is called a fag and a jew- the horror!


lite-kristian-laliberteWhen Kristian demands that the brute be thrown out…


According to Guest of a Guest fellow media pundit and revered socialite Kristian Laliberte was shocked and horrified to find himself vilified by a supposedly ‘wealthy brute’ this weekend at Matt Levine’s Hampton’s venue – uber socialite hot house Georgica (that not even we for no inexplicable reason have yet to manage to visit).

Details as they have emerged include our dear friend and revered socialite Kristian was found in a rather vulgar alteration between himself and a nameless uber wealthy patron. What may have happened has yet to have been expounded upon but nevertheless Kristian was certainly thrown off guard when he was then ‘supposedly’ called a faggot and a jew. To be honest we don’t approve of this behavior and do find it rather vulgar and un gentleman like and we are sure our fathers would have spanked us heartily for such grievous talk.

That said people are people and alas no amount of money can buy one manners. Unfortunately Kristian’s demands to throw the scoundrel out were met with little reaction as Kristian has informed us he was told the brute was well heeled and in serious possession of wealth. We of course can only imagine the rather unpleasant position Matt and the team were put in…

To be honest we weren’t there and we do think it rather disagreeable that friends and socialites can’t all just get on and really resorting to name calling is rather unfriendly and we agree with Kristian rather untoward and inflammatory.

That said Kristian, we admire your ability to make headline news in the middle of August and if we could advise just don’t pay any mind to the brutes…I know we never do.

Oh well, when the heat gets the better of better behavior we think…


Kristian Laliberte Learns That Money Can Buy More Than Just Happiness



  1. I think it’s a testament to Kristian’s staying power that he can still make headlines in the middle of August. Bravo Kristian!

  2. Oh- please K is just a menace to society and gives all of us ‘rich’ people such bad names. Anyway, what’s a bruised ego amongst fellow vultures?

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