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The top ten fashion whores of NYC.


Sitting at number 2– is society whore number one – Daphne Guiness. (The Top Ten socialites of NYC )

Ahh Daphne- where do we begin with you? You are onto a realm of your own and even the gawds have whispered in my ear they are in of you and your 19 inch pumps.

Heir of the brewing company Guiness, loaded to the gazillions and already done her whirl of wonderful billionaires and philosophers (now that’s what we call uber kids- when was the last time you dated a philosopher?) and a perennial favorite at everything that looks shiny, star studded and glossy, Daphne is the to go to gal with high jinks.

signature9.com :The Daily Mail caught up with Daphne Guinness at a party in Mayfair, and the well-known heiress to the Guinness brewing fortune had some interesting comments on current fashion and body health trends. Guinness has made quite a few fashion headlines recently as the face of Nars Cosmetics’ fall campaign and savior to Isabella Blow’s prized wardrobe collection, but the 42-year-old daughter of Lord Moyne is apparently appalled by the way people dress and their extreme silhouettes.

But there’s more. Listen and learn kids:

You can tell the state of ­civilization by the way people dress,” she said. “If the people who fought two World Wars came back to 2010 and saw all of us running around in tracksuits, what would they think? It is just being sloppy. And it is not about the money, it is a mindset.”

Oh dear Daphne- must you be so obvious and obnoxious? But Daphne has more secrets and ‘cultural suggestions,’ she’d like to share….




  1. This is terrible writing. You don’t even correct your typos. And why are the photographs not credited? Poor attempt at everything here.

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