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The top ten fashion whores of NYC.

Lorenzo Martone to the left and Marc Jacobs to the right.

Coming at number 9 is cheek(y) bone wielding hunk(y) boy toy Lorenzo Martone .

Kids, I don’t know about you but every time I look at Lorenzo my heart skips a few rotations and is set off to a few dizzy fantasies. Famous for being a boy toy pop star (N Sync) and the ex husband play thang of uber heart throb and fashion aficiando – Marc Jacobs (which is nearly enough to get anyone into this list) – Lorenzo is what the cat doctor ordered.

A cursory look at Lorenzo will have you gushing at the pecs that he so painfully adores and takes time to develop at the local hawt gym (gawd could you only imagine the tiny briefs he wears when he’s doing those 4000 chin ups- sweat girl) as well as the overwhelming gushing presence he has when the camera boy rolls up with an automatic clicking machine.

Pursuant to his ‘date and be dumped’ relationship with Marc, Lorenzo wiped away the tears and suddenly became a swimwear designer (of course…duh) catapulting him to another tranch in the holy paradigm of fashion extraordinaire and fashion whoredom.

nbcnewyorkMartone’s debut collection will include 20 styles under the label Nycked, designed in collaboration wiithJules Kim (but not Martone’s steady,Marc Jacobs), and set to hit stores in November, according to WWD.

The move is a pretty creative step for Martone, who’s been heavily involved in the fashion industry in other ways — he’s a strategist for an ad agency and also co-founder of a talent and PR agency. Who knew? Not us. Until now that is.

We’re predicting that Lo (short for hunk(g)) have them bitches heaving hot and pretty as he takes his rightful place next to some front row park bench and struts his eyelashes as them hawt thangs strut past him and wink blissful jinks in his direction. Oh Lorenzo – you are the quintessential fashion whore! Yes our dinner date is still on for tonight!





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