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The top ten fashion whores of NYC.


And coming at number one is America’s favorite import and reason to glare at fashion covers and unconditionally loathe oneself for being sufficiently slovenly and overweight and unloved- Anna Wintour .

The undisputed Queen of fashion (yes children- gawd has whispered in my ears that Anna will be annointed a saint one day)- Anna has over the decades tirelessly championed fashion and made it our collective calling. What more accolodates could we infer on fashion’s supreme oversized sunglass ambassador?

fabsugar Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour attended the State Dinner at the White House in a graphicChanel dress and matching jacket. As usual, she looked fashionably elegant, but what struck me was her shoes. The nude strappy slingback has graced Anna’s foot countless times. What’s striking is that a woman who probably has 1,000 pairs of shoes in her closet is incredibly loyal to one style. We can assume she has 500 pairs of almost identical strappy slingbacks in various shades of cream.

Ahh shoes doth make a fashion matriach. But there’s more to this matriach who has reigned fifth avenue and saddled young fashion interns with stellar bouts of inertia and the heeby jeebies:

cbsnews: For 21 years, this divorced mother of two has been editor ofVogue, the last word in sophisticated fashion and fantasy. 

The aura of mystery that surrounds the 59-year-old Wintour is palpable. She is a



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