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The top ten fashion whores of NYC.


Coming at number 6 is our favorite fashion possum Derek ‘I just love to be adored and have chipmunks smile back at me’ Warburton. 

Derek in his own words is his own self made (drama) success story. Able to inspire underpriveleged children with his cheekbones (yes- the bitch goes running 6 miles a day – snow, hail or sunshine- just read it on his facebook homepage), starving Hollywood types with his shopping hints (Derek Loves Shopping -too much). From fashion stylist to budding television personality (at least on the other side of the world- but if that’s where the work is…) over in New Zealand where cows and sheep roam freely and smile when Derek drops by to pet them.

Often spotted at galas, charity circuits, the omni present step and repeat as well as Wholefoods (but only in the organic section), the local beauty bar a stone throw from his boudoir Derek is the quintessential fashion whore whom you don’t want to ignore because one day that bitch is going to be rubbing shoulders with more than spotted cows, type D faux reality stars- and quite possibly be launching his own fantasy line- “smiling tips with Derek,” or ‘How to strut up and down the sidewalk and pretend you to are a male fashion model,” (to his credit- Derek got to live out his wet dream when he was seen parading up and down with media and fame whore Tinsley Mortimer (aka Tinzer) for Richie Rich at the most recent spring collections – and kids we all did exhale loudly when Derek twirled those cheekbones to a dizzy beat).

Tight lipped about his future (does Derek really still have a future kids?) – Derek according to Derek is set to become a national house name beyond the one he is for mothers shopping at Macy’s in Long Island and Greenwich CT. What can we expect for the fashion stylist who could do good- fame, fortune, sheep day dreaming about him and that little angel in the sky whimpering that his hero Derek is firmly on his way of becoming a bona fide fashion whore. Congratulations Derek- you worked trolled hard for the money. Yes that’s right dear, we’re still on for afternoon tea, text me after you finish waxing your eyebrows….what? no don’t worry, I waxed mine this morning.


Housing Works presents ‘Design on a Dime.’

“I am Brooklyn,” (BKFW) Brooklyn Fashion Weekend 2010- a delicious disaster.



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