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Derek Warburton and Miss America host “Joseph Ribkoff/Lookbooks”


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg and Gordon Ho- Derek Warburton and Miss America-Caressa Cameron

The holiday seasons are upon us, a time of year when people begin not only to anticipate all of the nice things they’ll be receiving soon, but sometimes stop to appreciate all the nice things they’ve received along the way this year. The girls the LookBooks lounge for the Joseph Ribkoff/LookBooks styling contest have had tough times, but the event, conducted by Derek Warburton and Caressa Cameron, sought to brighten up their winter with some sartorial confidence.

Fashion blogger and television personality Derek “’Fabulous”’ Warburton and Miss America winner Caressa Cameron swanned around a well appointed room full of well wishers and fashion bloggers, hosting an evening that was as much about meeting and greeting as it was about clothes. The premise was simple. Joseph Ribkoff had provided an extensive rack of clothing and two makeup artists. Bottomless Closet had provided several women brave enough for a makeover who have benefited from the charitable organization. Then bloggers, friends, and family alike had the chance to be stylists for a night, putting together looks we would later see the ladies in.

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    Why would anyone hire the botoxed queen to host an event?