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The Giorgio Gucci Pony Show.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Giorgio Gucci with the alloted show girls...

Last week saw a dizzy ensemble of wanna be socialites and media whore fixtures (yes I am being particularly mean this afternoon…) mercilessly parading themselves in front of a bemused and often lost Giorgio Gucci who was here in New York after a 20 year absence to testify in congress about knock off products (the poor man is always being knocked off) and to make a few extra million bucks courtesy of his endorsement of his new cognac – the Emperor (yes kids, the Emperor blew my socks right off).

Proceedings began with guests who thought they had come to a circus show and that being seen in photo ops would validate them by proxy. King of the faux validation was too fast talking tv wanna be jockey Chance Spiessbach (who in case you didn’t know has been telling everyone he was the one with the Karl Lagerfeld FIT luncheon exclusive- while in fact it was yours truly but that’s what happens when show ponies try jumping off the valor of your good efforts…blah,) who had amassed a consortium of look alike rubber dolls cartoon characters to nestle up to Gucci as he stood there wondering if the money was all worth it (it was Girogio!)

Guest and Chance himself kids...
Yes- the look tells it all...



  1. ~ Um I feel I got out in time before the Drama !
    ~ The whole concept of the fund raiser was for the children and future generations to be taught not to depend on the system, and fend for themselves.
    ~ Matters to the people who count if Chance was involved from day one in the organization and implementation in activities .
    ~ just saying ~ Kg~M

  2. I knew where this event was heading which is why I did not attend and didn’t have my people attend. You always have to be very careful research companies and people who one hires out, cause at the end of the day it can ruin things.

  3. you got it right. Finaly some one see’s threw the bs. Poor Mr Gucci,
    Was embarassed in DC . Then had to suffer more tackiness in New York. Thank God its over he is back home and got his luggage returned

  4. aaaah… Quit whining all of you, you have been born and you are still alive and as long as there is room in your life for parties and their subsequent gossip, I won’t be shedding too many tears, my sweet little ones but I will cheerfully raise my glass to our collectively spoiled existence.
    As per the Chancey fellow, Scally rejoice, you will now have to make a more whole-hearted effort in that direction and launch your very own Scally TV on the air. With all that idle time on your hands.

  5. No Morgan, I was not there for free. It is my job title- as a reporter to ferret out stories. What’s for free is what you are reading and not paying me for, but then again by the same logic you offer you must be getting a kick because you’re a frequent visitor. Send the check soon.

  6. My naivite is apparent. Nothing says a party is bad like tons of people wanting to be there. If it was so horrid, why did you stay, because you crashed and were there for free? No one named Gigi was on the list 🙂

  7. Oh Morgan love u must be naive…..that event was so boring and sucked the life out of Fifth Ave….black tie and jeans and leggings don’t mix….the hotel jammed too many tables in the room u couldn’t even walk…and
    the line for food was ridiculous although what little I could get was good. There was nowhere to socialize.

  8. I love this!!! Hysterical, you make everyone realize that they can’t take themselves so seriously!!!! You are a favorite of mine!!! Hahahaha

  9. Instead of saying “yes I am being particularly mean..” you should have said yes, I am being particularly pathetic.
    You are clearly threatened to death by these two guys,”Chance” and “Derek”. You devoted the whole Gucci article to the both of them
    I was actually interseted in the party, but heard almost nothing about that.
    It was all fifth grade, school girl name calling. Is this what passes for entertainment reporting? Will this be what your feature in the London Times is devoted to also? Absurd!

  10. Melissa, what’s poor taste is me doing the interview with Karl and then Chance sneaking behind security (that is to say he was not invited to this event) and then using me to get to Karl and then the next day announcing it was an exclusive feature that he captured. This is poor taste and false representation.

    I just want to make sure the public understands the ethics that Chance holds. As for poor articulation, look for my feature in the London Times. At best Chance is an immoral opportunist looking to climb on others efforts and affections, it would be nice to show some honor and respect and stop milking a situation for what it really wasn’t…

  11. “aconcernednewyorker”, we all know who that is 🙂

    It was glitz and glam. Thanks for making MY point!

    Your other statement doesn’t even warrant a response – grow up…..

  12. Christopher, is there any article that you can intellectually articulate? It’s quite obvious that you are a jealous boy. One that has a lot of growing up to do… will you ever reach the status of being welcomed into the Manhood club, “mommy, he got the interview with Karl.” Doubt it! That pretty much sums of your lousy article.

  13. Morgan, one can only surmise that you were part of the “overcrowd” and the glitz and glam of being at a gucci party are still fresh and new to you.

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