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Karl Lagerfeld honored at F.I.T luncheon.

Image courtesy of Zimbio. Two icons. Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld

Photography by Gordon Ho. From L-R, Yaz Hernandez, Alexandra Lebenthal,Karl Lagerfeld, Liz Peek and Joyce Brown.

An icon comes to America. This past Friday noon, select members of society and press paid tribute to one of the most enigmatic dandies (or should I say scion?) of fashion- Mr Karl Lagerfeld, in consideration of his insurmountable legacy as one of fashion’s most heralded visionaries and revered stars. In lieu of Mr Lagerfeld’s appearance and participation as F.I.T honoree, Avery Fisher hall was decked with not just one star (that of Karl Lagerfeld) but in fact many stars in their own rights who quite rightly felt a kinship to this inspiring man and the ideas and aesthetics that he has over a lifetime cultivated and by now made a mainstay of contemporary culture.

As speaker after speaker came to the podium to laud Mr Lagerfeld before finally coming to the lantern himself in his whimsical glory (which this author can never enjoy enough) one became fully apparent that Mr Lagerfeld is a very serious man, with serious passions, pursuits, unique dispositions and most importantly a man who has cultivated kindred associations with various individuals which allowed us in some sense to demistify the man from the legend. At some point Mr Lagerfeld has stopped being a man but in fact become an enigma, but listening to him, and most importantly what was said of him by those who knew him well one could feel as if they too had suddenly been adopted by Mr Lagerfeld and his very private and magical world, so often expropriated by his transcendental design repertoire.


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