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The top ten socialite whores of NYC.


Yes Tizzer has to fight hard to keep the spotlight and sell the golden dream of herself. This is what being a nouveau socialite has been reduced to do- lobby so hard for your attention and think of wonderful calculated plans that will engender her self perpetuation to your collective memory and eventual purchase of the Tizzer ‘I have finally arrived to America’ dreamboat.

Even this weekend Tizzer was seen at all the right parties- Horror on the Hudson (not to be confused with Whore on the Hudson), where she was indeed the host and had her tweeting with ecstasy  that  at some point some 40 million people had dropped by and last night’s dreamy party at Lavo (the new upper East swank boite that always makes us dizzy and giddy the minute we get past the doorman) for super model Heidi Klum and some of her extraordinary friends and by extension Tizzer’s best friends too- Kim Kardashian, Olivia Munn, John Legend, Brooklyn Decker, Michelle Trachtenberg, which if we tried harder could probably fit on our list too, but as Tizzer knows only so many of us can ever have so much fun.

Which brings us to the grand dame and undisputed winner of our society whore list- turn next page kids.




  1. It’s not fair. Kristian Laliberte needs to be on this list and Paul Johnson Calderon? Please didn’t he die when he was caught stealing someone’s handbag?

  2. I know sweets, but she should have made a cameo appearance in your latest blog . . . trust me, the number of nights I spent with her counting her pics on PMC and how she bragged of Gibear’s top dog pics on PMC . . . lol

  3. Scallywag, there are some notable exceptions here- Kristian Laliberte, Devorah Rose (whatever…), Liam McMullan and especially you- the biggest wanna be pseudo socialite!

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