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The top ten socialite whores of NYC.


Which brings me to socialite whore number 2- Tizzer, aka Tinsley Mortimer, an unrelenting favorite of the NY set who if she keeps trying will win the coveted position of number one socialite whore one day.

Tizzer, what can we say about her? Well for one we can say she no longer is just a socialite she is also a celubutante (which is to say she has recently graduated with all her fantastic teeth pulling and lobbying to become a bonafide celebrity). Tizzer is rest assured at every right party the city has to offer, every front row that matters (you should have seen the look of death when Tizzer accidentally ran into her arch enemy Devorah Rose (who by the way is fast on her way of becoming Los Angeles’ newest sunshine boat) at one recent fashion show- such inconveniences when you are gunning for the gold medal…), every front cover that is fit to sell Frosty flakes and diamond tiaras at reduced prices and of course she even had her own TV show called – ‘High Vanity Society,’ which certainly caused our collective imaginations to swell before the producers conceded no one outside of a few private grammar schools could bare to watch anymore.

Clubplanet: Known as “one of the most famous faces in the New York scene,” she’s one of the reining queens if the New York’s socialite circus. After graduating from Columbia, she married into the Standard Oil family though her high school sweetheart then hit the charity-ball circuit with her sister-in-law, Minnie. Tinsley earned her A-list social status the old-fashioned way- shameless self-promotion. It definitely paid off because designers scramble to dress her and feature her in their glossy ads and luxury brands pay her to endorse their goods. In 2007, Dior hired her to serve as its “U.S. Beauty Ambassador.” She created a line of handbags for the Japanese accessories brand Samantha Thavasa, and she’s even landed her own reality show on the CW network, “High Society.” As of late she’s been fighting to keep the spotlight due to newer and younger socialites infiltrating the scene…




  1. It’s not fair. Kristian Laliberte needs to be on this list and Paul Johnson Calderon? Please didn’t he die when he was caught stealing someone’s handbag?

  2. I know sweets, but she should have made a cameo appearance in your latest blog . . . trust me, the number of nights I spent with her counting her pics on PMC and how she bragged of Gibear’s top dog pics on PMC . . . lol

  3. Scallywag, there are some notable exceptions here- Kristian Laliberte, Devorah Rose (whatever…), Liam McMullan and especially you- the biggest wanna be pseudo socialite!

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