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The top ten socialite whores of NYC.


Society Whore 5- I’m no longer an Unemployed Investment banker- I’m a full time society publicist- Ricardo Garcia of Red Hot Pr.

Time to meet Ricardo Garcia, one of the fastest growing presences in the society scene.There is nary a party he knows about is on the guest list or will somehow sweet talk himself into invite or no invite. An investment banker who saw the writing on the wall who decided his penchant for the good times, the attention of the bartender and all the Russian beauties he somehow manages to find (we’ve asked him how he manages to bring them home every outing but it seems to be at this juncture a very innate part of Mr Garcia’s retinue to return from every social function with a new model wannabe) would best afford him a career as a man of the nightlife promotions and pr campaigns of who we are never quite sure of. But that hardly matters as Mr Garcia, the only straight male contender hustles himself into this fall’s society whore top ten list of NYC.

Not quite the illustrious kid who makes the step and repeat his obsequious calling, he nevertheless has managed to dumbfound us on the odd time we have bothered to attend social grazing events, only to find the visage of Mr Garcia, his lascivious pony tail (thank Gawd he finally chopped it off) swaying as he looked for all the hot girls likely to be attending this evening’s society party to the point where he now feels compelled to write his own weekly newsletter of all the pony shows he attended.

To his credit he is well educated, bred, and when not in the company of a flotilla of young models well behaved. Our hunch of course is he is only being clever and feeding off the demographic that he wishes to curry and that he so often likes to remind us in his emails- “No Bridge and Tunnel here. Just models and socialites.” Indeed!

Mr Garcia congratulations on making it in a bullet on our society whore list this fall, let us by all means know when you manage to elk out your own TV show or full fledged media company, the natural progression for this remarkable social media whore. By the way, we enjoy the articles you submit to us, even if they irritate our readers ad nauseum..

Ricardo Garcia and Tom Cruise.



  1. It’s not fair. Kristian Laliberte needs to be on this list and Paul Johnson Calderon? Please didn’t he die when he was caught stealing someone’s handbag?

  2. I know sweets, but she should have made a cameo appearance in your latest blog . . . trust me, the number of nights I spent with her counting her pics on PMC and how she bragged of Gibear’s top dog pics on PMC . . . lol

  3. Scallywag, there are some notable exceptions here- Kristian Laliberte, Devorah Rose (whatever…), Liam McMullan and especially you- the biggest wanna be pseudo socialite!

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