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The top ten fashion whores of NYC.


And who do we have trolling the airwaves at number 4? Come on down Patrick McDonald.

Patrick McDonald dandy and fashion Gawd-ess to the stars and himself has never known a day in his life where he wasn’t been vividly reflected on by 22 year old boys wishing they could be as glorious or decadent as him. In fact Patrick has also never known a day that he didn’t have one of his signature hats ready, polished, waxed and preened waiting to sit on his head as he navigated that bitch called life. In fact, and we are sure Patrick can attest to this- Patrick has never had a day when he’s never sat front row at a major fashion show or had to face the chagrined snarls of Upper East side women who correctly suspect because of him they can never find enough rouge or mascara to wrap their pretty faces in- cause it’s all siting 14 feet deep high in one of Patricks hamper bags waiting for the right hat to be color coordinated with.

Here’s what Bravo Tv have to say about him:

bravotv: Patrick McDonald, better known as “The Dandy” to fashionistas everywhere, has been at the top of the New York fashion scene since his arrival in the late 1970s. Born in Germany to American parents, McDonald spent his early years in California before starting his career as a model. McDonald’s love of high fashion led him to pursue a career in the industry, holding positions as an assistant buyer at Barney’s and couturedirector at Fabrice. A style icon known for his unique look, McDonald has appeared in publications that include PAPER, Detour, New York, Numero, SoHo Style, Surface, The New York Times Lifestyle section,Sportswear International and Russian Vogue. McDonald has been voted one of Gotham Magazine’s 100 Best Dressed New Yorkers.

Kids- who could believe Patrick is so good looking and glamorous at the same time?

nymag : So you’re about to be on a reality show. 

Yes, I’m coming out on a Bravo show in December called Launch My Line. It’s a competition show between ten people vying to launch their own fashion lines. I’m one of the contestants.

Sounds familiar. 

It is a different kind of show—I didn’t have to live with the other contestants. I’m a little old for that.



  1. This is terrible writing. You don’t even correct your typos. And why are the photographs not credited? Poor attempt at everything here.

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