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Celebrity buff bodies.

Kim Kardashian- has cash drooling out of her pores.

Kellan Lutz. Perfect media whore number one.

How to maintain your cultural relevancy- liposuction and six packs will keep you loved.

It’s that time of year again where once again you will have to prove your cultural relevancy by being able to flaunt a fantastic body. As we all know no self respecting media whore will want to be seen without the appropriate media body. With lots of money to make, new fans to create and new reality shows to bake- this season will be the survival of the most ab photogenic.

That said, for the rest of you we suggest you suck in your stomach and a can of diet coke as you jealously glaze your eyes over these (almost) hot bods. Blah!

NY Daily News.

Mirander Kerr will keep most girls crying this coming summer.
Heidi Montag and her 'new' appropriated look. Delusional folly always work wonders in a teenie binny swim suit. California salutes you Heidi...
Ivanka Trump still has more money than you so never mind the creaks.
Alessandra Ambrosio- can we lick the sweat beads off your belly?
Lilo- the ultimate hot mess.
Jude Law- who needs a full set of hair and a six pack when you have an English accent and school boy charm...
Gerard Butler wants to let you know that he is oblivious to your demands.
Marc Jacobs and boyfriend Lorenzo Martone are hot sluts.
Kim Kardashian- has cash drooling out of her pores.
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