Home Scandal and Gossip Walter Palmer hires armed security guards: ‘Your attacks have gone too far!’

Walter Palmer hires armed security guards: ‘Your attacks have gone too far!’

Walter Palmer hires armed security guards
In a bid to stave off further vandalism and possible violence the hunter has now resorted to spending thousands of dollars a day on round the clock protection. Screen shot of his vandalized Florida vacation property.

In a gesture almost too true to form and what brought so much disdain against him, reviled Minnesota dentist, Dr Walter James Palmer has been observed hiring armed security guards as the latest acts of demonization against him saw his Florida vacation home vandalized Monday night.

Since been outed as the hunter who illegally felled iconic Zimbabwe Cecil the lion, the well to dentist and committed game hunter has been forced to shut down his business and stay hidden out of sight whilst enduring the wrath of the internet and protesters who have turned up at the man’s Minnesota home and practice.

But with the latest acts of intransigence against him, the hunter has this time felt compelled to fight back, rather than remaining subdued and hidden by hiring armed security guards which are purportedly costing him thousands of dollars a day to hire out.

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According to an exclusive via the dailymail, the Minnesota dentist has now also hired private detective agencies, tasked with guarding his families  three lavish properties, which are all crammed with exotic animal heads and mementos from Palmer’s numerous kills. Artifacts the hunter is concerned that zealots and vandals may now try to assuage from him as condemnation against him continues unabated.

The main Palmer residence in Eden Prairie, Minnesota has been closely monitored by police and has so far escaped any damage.

Nevertheless the hunter’s vacation home in upscale Marco Island, Florida failed to escape attention, after vandals chose to target the luxury waterfront residence by spraying the words ‘lion killer’ on his garage door and dumped pigs’ feet on his driveway.

According to the dailymail the property is staged with a hunting-themed decor, with exotic animals and safari motifs on the wallpaper, drapes and upholstery.

The yard features stone plant pots shaped like Easter Island heads, statues of elephants and a jet ski hoist painted and customized to resemble a giraffe.

Hired to offer Palmer’s luxury waterfront residence round the clock protection is Florida detective agency, Global Investigative Group, headed by a former chief of police and US State Department adviser, Walter Zalisko.

Offered Zalisko: ‘I certainly hope we don’t see any repeat of what happened,’

‘But if we do, the people will be caught on camera because we’ve installed closed circuit TV on the property.

‘A lot of those cameras are hidden. We’re able to document all the license plates coming on this street.

‘We’re going to have armed private investigators on the premises and these people risk being arrested and locked up for trespassing.

‘It could be a mixture of kids and then some wacky animal rights activists. Personally, I can’t really understand why they are doing this.

‘There are millions of abortions round the world. Nobody is doing this for the abortions yet they will for an animal.

‘People hunt every day in Africa. It’s nuts. It’s just unfortunate this was a popular lion.’

Since been outed, Zimbabwe authorities have said they are seeking to extradite Palmer but as of yet no official notice has been rendered to US authorities whilst Palmer remains in hiding, unbeknownst to even family where he may currently be.

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  1. Wht he would care about is anything happened to his mausoleum holding his dead trophies Minnesota that
    school house next to his minnesota home.



  4. Love the whole mob mentality that apparently appointed them selfs judges as well as the people who dish out the punishments. Let’s be clear. I don’t like what he did, however I don’t have all the evidence so passing judgment would be pretty stupid on my part. Also committing crimes and damaging property while no one is home puts you on the same level as him as far as being cowards are concerned. Why can’t mob mentality actually do something intelligent? All these papers with a lot of free time concentrating on one case amount thousands. Why don’t the masses actually shine a light on this illegal operation? Why no pool money to donate for more game wardens and higher salaries for them so they can’t be easily bribed? I guess throwing some pigs feet on a guys driveway will make everything better though.

  5. This mob mentality of hatred is what is wrong with America. What happened to our moral core?????I am ashamed of my fellow Americans who spew such vile hatred like some of these comments.

  6. It’s good to see backlash BUT I do hope the vandals will stop. The reason is if they find his real home and demolish, it will be more than happy. HOWEVER, the way the internet works is, someone will eventually put up the wrong house as a property of his the and unfortunate people living there will be harassed to no end due to misinformation.

    Mob mentality in the internet world rarely works well…..

  7. Well, now he has a PR Firm, so we will see the typical stuff we get from Hollywood. They will suddenly paint him as a ‘Great Guy’ who does Lots of foreign charity work, was ‘duped’ by his Hunting Guides. They’re surely already searching for patients that can attest to his ‘unmistakeable great character and professionalism’. Trophy hunting will be held up as ‘Conservation of Wildlife’. We will see lot’s of Paid For Articles on African Conservation Hunting -Good -and something like Chinese Poaching being the REAL ISSUE. I’ll bet he will throw the Pro-Guides under the bus, even though they are currently defending him.
    The PR Firm will help him rebuild his reputation by showing him fixing little African kids teeth, for 2 minutes. It will all be Forgotten in the next news cycle.

  8. Walter Zalisko makes some Stunning mis-observations and false correlations in his public announcement. First of all, that ‘Nobody’ is doing this for abortions around the world. Would he have us hunting down abortion doctors? Plenty of people are against abortion, but have decided to go about the fight by legal means. The same goes for Walter Palmer, except, a ‘somebody’ vandalized his home. A band of crazies didn’t come and burn it down.
    “But they do this for ‘an animal’.” No. They went to the Internet in order to massively shout out in a collective voice against Trophy Hunting of Endangered Animals by privileged pricks who think because they have money they can kill and steal animal lives for fun , and decimate waning resources that now belong to the planet as a whole. It wasn’t a ‘canned’ hunt, it was just a rip off of a life that was PROTECTED, that belonged Protected for a greater good, but ceased to be by a psychopath and his enablers.
    “I don’t understand why ‘they’ are doing this” Who are They? The Zimbabwe Government , who wants Palmer to answer for ‘alleged’ illegal activity? The Internet Hoard, who have basically gone wild in collective Online protest? Or just the asshole (s) who painted the garage. This last part is the only ‘they’ that didn’t have a right to do what they did and committed the crime of vandalism.
    Otherwise the collective ‘they’ haven’t done anything but Speak Out and Protest. Perfectly Legal.

  9. This guy has all the traits of a sociopath! He only gets upset when things aren’t his way or in control. The whole “I didn’t know” crap….sell that b.s. somewhere else coward..because no one is buying it (other than another trophy hunter scumbag). You are an idiot with caveman mentality. You are a pervert…pathological…a cheater…and a victim of your own ego. You made this mess…so enjoy it because your life is over as you know it.

  10. All of the “trophies” should be put in a big pile, set on fire, and make that a$$hole watch as all the beautiful souls are set free. Then send him back to Zimbabwe. Bastard.

  11. Its working! His business is shut down, He is spending thousands of dollars everyday to protect himself which is fast than any 401k is making these days. Keep hiding Coward!

  12. So you disgusting piece of crap, how does it feel to be hunted by thousands, please note they will not relent until you the coward come out of hiding and face the facts of illegally murdering a beautiful creature, just 1 of many that you have gotten away with up to now…hope you rot in the hottest hell ever scum bag!!!

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