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NSFW: Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting photos.

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting
A big game hunter known for flagging rules….

Calls to bring Minnesota, American hunter, Walter Palmer, a wealthy dentist to account after hunting down iconic lion Zimbabwe lion, Cecil, have reached a crescendo this early afternoon as the man’s identity came to be outed.

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Trending on social media are the following hashtags, #NoMoreCecils #bantrophyhunting with social media users calling for the man to now face criminal charges and possibly jail.

The call for the man’s head comes after his actions earlier this week spurred a petition to bring justice to Cecil the lion, the Zimbabwe wild beast that had been lured out of Hwange National Park, by the hunter.

As of 12 hours ago there had been just on 5700 signatures, but this afternoon, that number has risen to 34 000 and swiftly moving up. 

A spokesperson for Palmer told the Guardian that Palmer was ‘obviously quite upset over everything.’

‘As far as I understand, Walter believes that he might have shot that lion that has been referred to as Cecil,’ the spokesman said.

‘What he’ll tell you is that he had the proper legal permits and he had hired several professional guides, so he’s not denying that he may be the person who shot this lion. He is a big-game hunter; he hunts the world over.’

This isn’t the first time Palmer has been in trouble for poaching; in 2008, he plead guilty to illegally poaching a bear in Wisconsin.

Zimbabwean police are looking for Palmer, who reportedly paid $55,000 to shoot Cecil.

His dental practice, where he specializes in dazzling smiles that complement each individual’s tooth structure, skin tone, and facial attributes,” was unexpectedly closed this morning. Can anyone guess why?

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting

Walter Palmer Minnesota dentist hunting



  1. If the truth be told, the wealthy who use big game for target practice would much rather use other human beings, but the laws being what they are, they settle for taking advantage of the trusting instincts of semi-tame wildlife to get their jollies from watching an animal die.

  2. What’s the point of using dead bodies for decoration or furniture. Is this not a sign of a sociopath.

  3. Bless the beasts and the children…

    .. but throw this despicable, cowardly killer of magnificent wildlife to the lions!

  4. People who try and politicize this tragedy need more than a life, they need to get in touch with this loser Dentist and arrange a double lobotomy!

  5. I’m curious… How would you like to be hunted? Instead of killing animals, why don’t you donate your time and money to helping others? Perhaps this would enhance your ability to be a positive role model for your children. You are one very ugly man who should be ashamed.

  6. This POS is not a hunter, he is a killer! I hope he never has a moments peace and knows what it feels like to be “hunted.” Karma has a funny way of being one mean bitch!He is scum..

  7. Wow, so both he and his wife must have sexual problems. Gotta hunt so they can beat themselves on the chest and yell about how manly and womanly they are. A$$holes

  8. I’m sure he is also teaching his children the fine art of trophy hunting. His wife has also been involved in this “sport”, from what I understand. I feel sorry for his employees if the business was shut down. He deserves to feel what it’s like to be hunted down like a wild animal…..

  9. Wow, you are a tough guy. I’ve never seen such a tough man! Take a weapon out of your hands and I would bet the largest animal you could take on is a small dog….
    I hope you are served up the same fate of torture and suffering. You are a dirtbag

    You are a tire hipped out of shape crap bag that must have such a small penis this is the only way you can possibly feel good about yourself because every woman would just laught at you!

    Hope it was a worthwhile trip!… Another murderous adventure to take the focus off of something else!

  10. This less than a cockroach should be taken to the woods and hunted down slowly as he does to these beautiful animals. One arrow in the leg as he hobbles scared, another in the arm. Slow death as he does. He is a disturb kid like when he was 7 killing cats in his back yard. I spit on you.

  11. Trust me, they will rationalize this. He didn’t know. It was up to the locals, etc. Hopefully, they won’t buy it.

  12. In this day and age this is about testosterone and ego. How this man can say that he “didn’t have any idea” is a bit ridiculous. They tied a dead animal behind the vehicle to bait the poor lion. What did he, as an experienced hunter, had to know they were baiting. His second lie was that they had the correct permits and licenses. He didn’t ask to see the license, and when the baiting started a reasonable and normal person would have asked himself why they were doing this. He has already been convicted of baiting and killing an animal that was not in an area that was ok to shoot. He is not a beginner and I am not buying that “he didn’t know”. I hope that he is held to the same standard that the locals are.

  13. Indeed. I’ve shot and killed a cow once in my life. Once. We were on a farm, afterwards, we skinned it, gutted it and cut it into meat to be divided among everyone (four family members) for keeping and freezing in deep freezers. Vastly different to hunting, but I don’t feel bad for that as it was to get food for everyone. I have zero issue with people who hunt legitimate game for the same purpose, food only. But for those who hunt for fun, you’re pieces of shit.

  14. It is your fault. What’s next, going to the local zoo and hunting helpless animals? If you were trying to look masculine, please know you appear to be a wimp. Real men don’t need to kill animals to look like a man. Glad you are not my dentist.

  15. Now officials are saying Cecil’s cubs will likely be killed by the new alpha lion. Wonder if this cowardly POS ever thought about this consequence. Wonder how his wife and children feel about him—ashamed I hope!

  16. He is a coward at best, these are not hunts, these are kills by lying in wait. How many trophy so does this POS need! Trying to satisfy his short penis I suppose… I’ll bet the meat he has wasted over the years would feed tribes! I AM a hunter but this guy needs to be imprisoned.
    Maybe he’ll up the dentist suicide statistic, do us all a favor

  17. I live in an area where many people hunt for FOOD. I have no issue with hunting if you eat what you hunt but this gives every hunter a bad name. The man obviously has far too much money and no morals whatever. Seeing a rhino and a leopard shot for fun turns my stomach. I hope he is charged, jailed and put in a prison over there. I can understand the guide he paid as I am sure 50K is a fortune to them and we, as North Americans, know that. This is just plain CRIMINAL.

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