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Walter Palmer sexual harassment suit: ‘I paid $127K fine’

Walter Palmer sexual harassment suit
Does a former sexual harassment lawsuit settlement point to a Minnesota dentist’s penchant for predatory behavior? Pictured Walter Palmer via facebook.

In new incriminating evidence against Dr Walter James Palmer, 55 who this afternoon has become the bane of the internet after hunting down Zimbabwe Cecil the lion, 2009 documents reveal that the River Bluff Dental practitioner settled a sexual harassment suit against him from a former employee.

According to the complaint, the female employee, since identified as Tammy Brevik, who was also a patient alleged ‘she was subjected to ongoing and unwelcome sexual harassment by (Palmer) including, but not limited to, verbal comments and physical conduct involving her breasts, buttocks, and genitalia.’

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According to a report via twincities, the woman said she asked her supervisor and Palmer that the behavior stop, but it continued. She also said she believes she was fired for reporting the conduct.

The employee worked for Palmer from 1999 to January 2005 as receptionist and was also provided dental services by Palmer.

The complaint was dismissed in 2010 after the board determined he had completed all the requirement in the agreement. His insurer paid $127,500 to his accuser. In addition to the fine, he was also ordered to complete a jurisprudence exam and ethics course.

Palmer said he settled to ‘conclude the matter quickly and efficiently. (Palmer) did not admit any wrongdoing.’

Walter Palmer Sexual Harassment Documents

Walter Palmer Sexual Harassment Documents 2



  1. I don’t know if the fellow is religious or not, but no God would be so unfair and vindictive to be giving Walter Palmer such grief if it wasn’t deserved. Reflect upon that, Mr Palmer.

  2. I actually hate most American Dentists who are arrogant, overpaid and have a huge ego. This guy fits the profile and I hope he pays as much or more than the rates he overcharges for his clients over the years in fines for his inflated ego as the Big White Hunter killing an old Lion that was protected in a park. I got a better idea, put him in the same African park with no weapons and let’s see how big and bad he is against these majestic cats.

  3. What is it about you, Palmer, that makes you need to prove your power by harassing women and killing wild beautiful creatures? What joy is there for you I attacking this vulnerable beast. You are despicable. You make the world a sadder place.

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