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Gutless: Mia Farrow tweets Walter Palmer’s address

Mia Farrow tweets Walter Palmer's address
Why Mia Farrow went too far in tweeting Walter Palmer’s address. Screen grab picture of Mia Farrow.

Mia Farrow of all people, being in the public eye for many years should probably know better but judging from her conspicuous silence today, the actress is going to pretend tweeting the address of reviled Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer to her 656 000 followers yesterday is fair sport.

Sorry Mia but vigilante justice should never have any shelf life in a civilized and ethical society, especially if by seeking to chastise one man for his unethical and dubious affairs by foul play is just as underhanded as the deceit one seeks to challenge.

Whether the actress knew or should have known, yesterday’s since deleted tweet serves to endorse the idea of violence, threats and harassment of a private individual, especially if doling of that individual’s address comes from a celebrity.

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Given the actresses’ position, influence and her own experience at being publicly skewered, Farrow’s tweet betrays savage insensitivity and disregard for logical and rational discourse. Instead the actress like many users on social media has capitulated to herd mentality in a Roman Colosseum demanding the blood of an individual who they feel has dared to behave with impunity and devoid of moral integrity.

Reflects salon: You know what’s not cool? Going directly after Palmer or his family. You know what’s never cool? Anything that could lead to harassment and threats of violence and death. You kind of lose your moral high ground as the Person With the Most Compassion when you’re behaving in a way that has the potential incite serious damage on your fellow humans.

What do you think? As contentious as Walter Palmer’s actions have been, isn’t it the prerogative of legal outlets to dole out punishment in civil fashion, as opposed to taking liberties and disseminating a hard to get address and implicitly condoning some nut job to go to the dentist’s home and practice and do harm to the man or his family?

Mia Farrow let’s hope nothing happens to this man, it is not for you to judge, not for you to abuse your authority and not for you to condemn an individual to the real possibility of harm because you were offended. It is up to society, unless of course you would prefer to live in the wild and make your own way ….







  1. NOTHING wrong with her tweeting this POS’s house and business address. The SOB has his business address out there for the taking, after all, he is looking for patients to replace the hundreds that left his practice after it was disclosed what he had done. I saw look for the SOB, and beat the living sh1t out of him when you find him. He DESERVES to have the worst beating of his life, and the legal avenues are clown acts that will do nothing to him, so it’s up to regular people to judge him, and administer the proper application of justice.

  2. Good for Mia. She is obviously as appalled as most of the world is. I’m glad she did it….but I’m sure “it wasn’t her fault” just like that idiot dentist said.

  3. The difference is she is a celebrity with influence and a fan base. The general public that live around the guy are not. When you have media pull you do have a responsibility, not to mention what she did was also against Twitter policy. The guy was wrong don’t get me wrong but inciting your fans to commit violence is boarder line illegal.

  4. I second that, and what is even more stupid is how the guy is claiming that he regrets killing the lion but apparently it isn’t his fault. The fact that there are these dickless men who go around with their ‘big game’ chip on both shoulders really tells me that Palmer got off lightly given what a parasitic waste of human protoplasm he is. Really, this ‘big game’ hunting should be relegated to the same dustbin of history next to circuses that use animals and bull fighting.

  5. Why are people blaming Mia when the information she tweeted was on other posts before her tweet?!? People who live near the cowardly cold blooded killer were giving it freely before Mia. If this idiot can’t stand the heat, he should not turn up the fire. He deserves all of the attention he is getting and more!!!

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