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Walter Palmer Cecil lion hunter on the run. Closes dentist as internet explodes

Walter Palmer Cecil lion hunter
Will Walter Palmer be forced to face the music? Currently on the run… Screen grab.

Walter James Palmer has found himself on the run after being outed as the Minnesota dentist who callously hunted down iconic Zimbabwe Cecil the lion.

Since been outed the man’s presence has yet to be revealed, presumably as the well to do dentist mulls his options as the internet has taken umbrage with the North Dakota native.

With news that the police is now looking for Palmer, pundits have taken to the dentist’s Facebook page where there has been no shortage of outrage expressed at the man.

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Walter Palmer Cecil lion hunter

To boot, a petition to bring justice to Cecil the lion, the Zimbabwe wild beast that had been lured out of Hwange National Park, by the hunter has also grown exponentially.

As of 12 hours ago there had been just on 5700 signatures, but this afternoon, that number has risen to 41 000 and swiftly moving up. 

Disgust at the dentist has also been curried on social media, with the following hashtags, #NoMoreCecils #bantrophyhunting calling for the man to now face criminal charges and possibly jail.

The dentist also hasn’t been spared on yelp, where reviews of his dazzling smiles services at River Bluff Dental has also seen an avalanche of recrimination.

Wrote one outraged reviewer: ‘Ethics are everything in dentistry as in all medical fields, and this man has no ethics. Even dentists are supposed to uphold the Hippocratic oath: first, do no harm.

Palmer is a disgusting human being who paid 55,000 to poachers to lure a lion out of his protected area, shot him with a bow & arrow, and then returned hours later to finish him off. Cecil the lion’s tracking collar was still functional, so this sick individual skinned him and left him to rot.

This once proud, beautiful lion was destroyed because of this man’s idea of sport. That’s not sport, that’s disgusting. Think before you spend your money with someone who does this. The man has a prior conviction for poaching in Wisconsin. Now he’s off killing in Africa. Would you trust someone who has no ethics, who is willing to spend big money on illegal activities, and who knowingly hurts an innocent creature? Beware!’

Walter Palmer Cecil lion hunter
Walter Palmer on a previous expedition, picture is not with Cecil the lion.
Walter Palmer Cecil lion hunter
Will Walter Palmer ever get to practice dentistry again?

Since been outed, Palmer has also said that ‘some things are being misreported’ and that he will make a statement later. When and where is not necessarily understood as Palmer issued an earlier statement via a spokesperson via the guardian :

‘As far as I understand, Walter believes that he might have shot that lion that has been referred to as Cecil,’ the spokesman said.

‘What he’ll tell you is that he had the proper legal permits and he had hired several professional guides, so he’s not denying that he may be the person who shot this lion. He is a big-game hunter; he hunts the world over.’

The charity Lion Aid says on its website that it will be difficult to prosecute the person who paid for the hunt (Palmer) because the client did what the professional hunter tells him to do.

‘A client usually has no idea about the laws and regulations of the country he is hunting in – he just buys a safari and then places himself in the hands of his professional hunter guide. Finding the client could be interesting to let him tell his side of the story, but in terms of legal prosecution this person is hardly important.’

Palmer’s dental practice, where he specializes in dazzling smiles that ‘complement each individual’s tooth structure, skin tone, and facial attributes,’ was unexpectedly closed this morning. Here are a sample of thoughts currently making their way round on the web, see what you think?

Walter Palmer Cecil lion hunter
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  1. He doesn’t live like the people in the wilds of Alaska who have to make a kill survive. They use every single part of the animal to live on and last for months at a time. The fur for clothing or bed covers. They even eat the organs and the remainder is fed to their pets, nothing waisted. This jerk is nothing but an egotistical pig, with no respect for Gods’ Blessed gifts of Nature!!!

  2. You are the douche bag of douche bags. If you want to kill something, kill yourself. You are the scum of the earth

  3. EXACTLY!!!!!!! Hopefully there are sane conservatives and liberals who are appalled at this…..it is a bipartisan issue!

  4. Hoping this will send a message out to. All the rest of the sick, twisted, evil trophy murders out there. The fact that he shot the animal with a bow is cruel enough, but he LEFT IT FOR HOURS TO SUFFER. karma is already paying this man back and it will continue.. YOU RUÎNED YOUR LIFE FOR GREED AND THE JOY OF KILLING. Sorry no sympathy for what you are now experiencing

  5. Someone will hopefully take this piece of garbage out for good and make an example of this scum..He has killed many other beautiful animals and makes me ashamed to be a human.This sickens me to no end..He needs to suffer.!!!

  6. Well I am a conservative and this “doctor” is getting the bad karma he deserves. If you hunt for food to eat, that is one thing. To hunt to put an animal’s head on the wall is BS. Then to take a picture smiling with pride for killing an animal is pathetic. What a clown.

    This jerk has a really nice house for a dentist so he probably screws over his patients and overbills them. Looks like he already tried with one of his (female) staff. Sucks to be him.

    The only thing worse is doctors who dissect aborted dead babies to sell their body parts like a chop shop auto wrecking yard.

  7. Tom: “1) Stay on point when debating a topic (this has NOTHING to do w/ politics)”

    You dish out the advice, and don’t take it!

    This thread is about the dentist Palmer, and his killing a lion for sport…

  8. Really? This act makes him a conservative? So remind me – which party advocates the killing of unborn children?
    Here’s a little free advice.
    1) Stay on point when debating a topic (this has NOTHING to do w/ politics)
    2) If you are going t make an assertion at least have a defendable position
    3) If you a re a child – Please keep quiet and let the adults talk – you might learn something.

  9. You don’t get a pass if you don’t see the speed limit sign. You don’t get a pass if you forget to file your taxes. You don’t get a pass if you drink, drive and kill someone in an “accident”. You don’t get a pass for poaching, regardless of how you came to the action.

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