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Walter Palmer protesters lock off dentist office: ‘You are a coward and killer’

Walter Palmer protesters
How one Minnesota dentist found himself in the space of 24 hours becoming the most vilified man in America. Placards outside Dr Palme’s office.

Dr Walter James Palmer the Minnesota dentist uncovered to be the big game hunter who illegally took down iconic Zimbabwe lion Cecil has in the space of 24 hours come to find his once thriving business at a virtual standstill, his freedom in jeopardy (if charges are brought against him) as well as the most loathed man in America.

The disdain towards the dentist believed to have bribed guides $55 000 shows no sign of letting up as protesters have now amassed around the man’s dental practices, River Bluff Dental demanding the man’s head. Literally.

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Walter Palmer protesters lock off dentist office: ‘You are a coward and killer’

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Walter Palmer, dentist bribed gamekeepers to kill Cecil iconic lion

Since being widely condemned on yelp, social media and with an avalanche of signatures of various petitions, including DEMAND JUSTICE FOR CECIL THE LION IN ZIMBABWE seeking to have the hunter charged (signatures top at 333K this morning) the well to do dentist is also now negotiating death threats.

In the face of speculation that the dentist along with the guides had lured the big game out of the park so as to shoot him, animals rights activists have insisted the man needs to be extradited and charged. With some calling for the dentist to be ‘hanged.’

The man’s office have come to be surrounded by placards declaring the man to be a ‘coward and killer,’ while reviews of Walter Palmer’s dental practice have shown an avalanche of negative criticism of the man, with many calling the man devoid of ethics and morals necessary in order to practice medicine.

Offered animals right activist group, PETA: ‘’Hunting is a coward’s pastime. To get a thrill at the cost of life this man gunned down loved ‘w/ a high-powered weapon’.

‘All wild animals are beloved by their own, but to hunters like this overblown, over-privileged little man, they’re merely targets.

‘The photograph of this dentist, smiling over the corpse of another animal, will disgust every caring soul in the world’. 

The hunt that took place on July 1 off Hwange National Park before the big game was tricked on to a landowner’s property took place after Palmer allegedly paid/bribed $55,000 for a big game permit on the trip, with the hunter insisting that he did not know that the 13-year-old lion was protected. 

However, since the depth of involvement in Cecil’s death has been uncovered, outraged netizens continue to pour  wrath at the individual who had a history of blatant disregard for the law as well as instances of sexual predatory behavior which saw the dentist neither concede or deny a former patients claims of sexual harassment when he paid her $127K in 2009. 

Walter Palmer protesters
Stuffed lions were placed at Palmer’s house.
Walter Palmer protesters
Protesters dressed as ‘dentist hunters’ while armed with squirt guns outside his office
Walter Palmer protesters
Walter Palmer



  1. All I can do is feel pity for this evil bastard. He was obviously raised by souls who never showed him compassion and concern for all creatures. Pity, too for his children and future grandchildren. What can only be hoped for is that Palmer’s children marry spouses who were better raised that can change the path of his own. Walter Palmer – Rot in Hell!

  2. Hey big Walt, What a complete dick you are. Why don’t you explain the other problems with the law you have been in? Why don’t you take all the photos of you , your criminal guides, and all the animals you have proudly murdered off the internet? I can only hope that your actions have lost you your business. You should be glad there isn’t a city gallows or hanging tree in your city. You need to be strung up and everyone that desires to shot you with a bow can. But let’s make sure you live for 40 hours, then let’s skin you, grab your head and make a community dart board out of you and stick your cut off dick in your mouth. Your guides deserve the same thing. And it really doesn’t matter whether you killed Cecil, you killed a male lion in his prime that protected his harem, including his offspring. You fucking dumbasses the replacement lion will kill all of the existing cubs in that harem. Get the impact this had? I’m glad in don’t live in Minnesota, black ski masks and a bow would come in handy. The question is whose going to get you first?

  3. Welcome to Hell, Mr. Palmer.

    I cannot justify calling you Dr., because you simply do not deserve the title. Although I’m nearly 9,000 miles away from you, reading about the disgusting atrocities you have so shamelessly committed has officially made me physically ill… In fact, you have sickened millions of people AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD! How does that feel? Was your extreme narcissism and selfish disregard for the preciousness of biodiversity worth this outcome to you?

    As human beings, we have been blessed with an incredible gift of intelligence that is unparalleled in the rest of the natural world. With that extreme intelligence, comes an extreme responsibility to conserve and protect the beautiful living creatures with whom we SHARE this world. Unfortunately, you seem to possess neither intelligence, nor a sense of moral responsibility. I feel truly sorry for you. I don’t feel sorry for the public lynching that you will surely be subjected to for the rest of your days… Rather, I feel sorry that you (and others who share your “passion” for the merciless killing of innocent and endangered animals) seem to have missed the evolutionary boat.

    Here is my advice to you: Spend the rest of your life and all of your remaining wealth attempting to conserve and protect the creatures that you have for so long derived such sick and sadistic pleasure from wrongfully executing. This is the only way that you have the potential to ever find any respite. At the very least, making such a sacrifice will help any future generations in your legacy to save face and avoid the shame of being related to such a primitive and heartless narcissist.

    Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands. May karma have mercy on your soul.

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