Home Scandal and Gossip Did Mick Jagger get away with L’Wren Scott’s murder?

Did Mick Jagger get away with L’Wren Scott’s murder?

L'Wren Scott's murder
Is Mick Jagger involved with the death of L’Wren Scott? Some food for thought and questions that have yet to be asked.

Here’s an email that arrived my way that had me wondering, did L’Wren Scott meet her demise at the hands of Mick Jagger?

First of let me say according to the NYPD, L’Wren Scott is telling that the designer died at her own hands but as you shall soon see there are some unanswered questions regarding her death that raise concern and how interestingly the NYPD have chosen to deal with Mick Jagger who although was on the other side of the world when L’Wren Scott died ought to have at least engendered some questioning regarding his long term partner’s death. They may have been romantically linked (or not necessarily anymore at the time of her death) but they certainly were involved business wise, financially up to her death. Which ought to make for some interesting questions. Did L’Wren Scott in a bid to attain further legitimacy put her lover and business partner at potential peril that he or associates may have resorted to bringing the demise of L’Wren Scott?

Have a read and see what you think….

The media narrative was established by Jagger and his PR Flacks who ran to the major media outlets and tabloids while the body of L’Wren Scott was still warm. Even if you accept the narrative in its entirety there is a huge problem: How can L’Wren Scott simultaneously have be so distraught about her finances to kill herself, if she has an apartment worth $6 Million Dollars, her debt is largely corporate debt under the incorporated fashion brand (debt which can be restructured in bankruptcy) and her Rocker Boyfriend worth $300 Million did NOT break things off with her as Jagger claims? This is why you know Mick Jagger is quite possibly LYING. If Jagger is telling the truth that things were honky dory between the two, then the suicide is nonsensical. If he is LYING then her “suicide” makes far more sense.
One must consider that Sir Mick Jagger was more than a boyfriend of L’Wren Scott, he was a Stakeholder with a controlling interest in her Fashion Empire and her residence. Hence, Mick Jagger cannot and will not publicly admit that he withdrew from L’Wren Scott emotionally, sexually and financially and that he broke up or unplugged from L’Wren Scott, as some reports have surmised, because then it opens up a completely different line of questioning. But here is the problem, if Mick is all these things to Ms. Scott, how could have he been completely in the dark about her state of mind? Was L’Wren Scott planning some sort of retaliation once she discovered she was cheating on him and that Jagger intended to disassociate with Scott permanently and move on with his life, perhaps with someone else? Was it of the type of threat of disclosure hat needed to be nipped in the bud by the leader of the Rolling Stones? Did Sir Mick ( a Knight of the British Empire and known Crossdressing Bisexual) have access/akey to her abode, a key that could have been given to someone else, someone else who could have discretely led L’Wren Scott to meet her demise in a way that seemed like suicide?

KEEP IN MIND that any time that any citizen appears to have taken their own life or is possibly murdered, however they should come to an end, in curious circumstances, where there is financial disarray, problematic or at least complicated interwoven relationships such that one could be say a ‘STAKEHOLDER’ in another persons life, the “significant other” or former “signficant other” is usually called in for questioning by authorities. You would think this would be material if the significant other was a lover, friend, investor, creditor and quite possibly an Ex-Boyfriend. Mick’s creditors may wish to be aware that for all intensive purposes it appears that Sir Mick wielded a great deal of CONTROL over L’Wren Scott and her enterprise, arguably you may be able to pursue a Lender Liability claim against Mick to the extent that the corporate entity cannot satisfy you in full.


Anyone that close to a dead subject becomes a person of interest. When someone dies, murder or suicide, a minimum of conversations are usually had. I am putting weight in the facts without regard to tabloid narratives which have largely been pushed by Team Jagger. jackass. Even under a most favorable interpretation of the Jagger L’Wren Scott Narrative, Jagger ought to have been questioned by the NYPD. Keep in mind, that while the body was still warm, Mick Jagger & Co. took to their airwaves to try to establish the narrative. L’Wren Scott has NOBODY spinning to bloggers and tabloid writers. NOBODY. The narrative established is being establised on terms most suitable to Mick Jagger.

IRONIC that Sir Mick Jagger was not brought into New York City to be interviewed by the NYPD in connection with the death of Jagger’s “girlfriend” (assuming that they were not in fact broken up at the time of her death). Keep in mind it is easy for Jagger to write that script now because nobody is here really to counter that perception in the media if it is untrue. L’Wren Scott cannot speak about the true status of her relationship with Mick Jagger. She is dead.
EVEN MORE IRONIC…..Sir Mick did not have to step foot in NYC but was allowed to import the body back to LA with the assistance of Scott’s brother. Likewise little is known about her other creditors and/or who may have had an incentive to assist her in her “Suicide” Maybe it was CONVENIENT that Jagger was half a world away in Australia at the time of L’Wren Scott’s Suicide and maybe…it was by design to provide the ultimate cover. Given the distance, how could he have had anything to do with it right? When you have $300 Million and are a Knight of the British Empire….one tends to have access to people, places and things that others don’t.
One can envision Sir Mick advising her that he would not marry her, give her children or continue to support her business and that yes in fact he had been seeing other women because he is A “Rolling Stone” man and that he can’t be a kept man. So he unplugs everything at once: financially, emotionally and physically.L’Wren Scott breaks down at first before she THREATENS Sir Mick with EXPOSURE of ALL THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS that she has learned about the BISEXUAL CROSSDRESSING PLAYBOY ROCKER KNOWN AS SIR MICK, A ROYAL KNIGHT OF HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN who she kept satiated by dressing, making him up like a girl and using STRAP-ON toys with and playing the role of his DOMINATRIX or a MAN. Mick has not hidden or run from his propensities over the years and by now they are actually more mainstream, at least in certain circles. The problem is that Mick is in legacy mode, getting on in years and probably no longer wants his private life broadcast on several channels and the internet for his young heirs to have to read or deal with in the future. So of course, Jagger does not want a tell all book about his sexual picadillos this late in life. And given his frugal tendencies he does not want to be hijacked financially any further. A decision is made. A call is made. L’Wren Scott had to go one way or another…….and who is to know whether someone was standing over her to insure that she went through with the plan to remove herself as the problem….Perhaps things did not go down exactly like this….but if you think that people do not get terminated for messing with folks more power than themselves…you do not know or understand how the world really works. 

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  • Mahi Tuna

    1. means murder? once past 12 years someone is a murderer. After years together and children with Jerry Hall he gets a 20 something model pregnant, difference here was Hall didn’t commit suicide. Jagger has never been faithful to anyone, that could be proven.
    2. he shared the place and lived there
    3. then he would have been named as a creditor as is not
    4. breakup means murder?
    5. what narrative?
    6. Jagger is world famous, who else would media be interested in to sell magazines, all do respect Jagger is the famous of the 2.
    7. after autopsy and cleared by law enforcement
    8. your kidding right? that means murder
    9.He was willed the estate so of course he took control, probably the executor as well
    Your assumptions wouldn’t get a DA from stopping them from reading their morning paper. Financial motive? Jagger has a fortune in excess of 300 million, probably much higher. Jagger has had more woman and breakups in his life, this one is not unusual, he has a huge reputation as a skirt chaser and no history violence. What he is probably guilty of is seeing someone else and breaking up with his girlfriend.

  • Mahi Tuna

    Crossdressing Bisexual? really, love to see you prove that, he must have a great PR person considering the amount of books, paparazzi that have hounded him for 50 years and never has anyone produced evidence he a crossdressing bisexual, on the contrary there is more evidence that he has gotten more female ass than bus seat. Jagger has a reputation of being frugal considering his wealth, he reported he was broke at his divorce and split from the Jerry Hall. My guess if he is lying it’s about his new girlfriend. Scott, on the verge of her business collapse, deep in debt found out (or was told, maybe even by Jagger) that their romance was over and he was seeing another woman. This may have been to much and she took her own life, remember the two most important things in her life were coming to and end. People have taken their life many times when faced with the same future, also it is probably safe to assume Scott was under severe pressure, anxiety and depression at the demise of her company. If this article wasn’t so ridiculous Jagger would sue, no doubt if they pursue more accusations in the future they may get sued. I am sure the wording of this article and any future ones on the subject will be gone over with a fine tooth by the editors to avoid such a suit.

  • Ticker

    It’s the first thing I thought of when a heard the news…he is conveniently in the public arena overseas when she died. Also I wonder if they pocketed insurance money for the cancelation of the Australian tour? I am deeply suspicious.

  • Jenny202

    Grammar in this article is terrible. And it’s not “intensive purposes”, it’s “intents and purposes”, Good grief. That’s only one of many.

  • Jagger is a grandfather now. The Social Media is prolific. As one ages you could see perhaps that Mick might not have wanted to read that his girlfriend was dressing him like a girl and maybe even sharing him with other men.

  • Ellen: With all due respect, your dismissal of alternate theories as ‘Conspiracy Theorie’ illustrates that you do not understand that CONSPIRACY in the CRIMINAL world happens regularly. It is quite doubtful that Ms. Scott would have not changed her will if they broke things off unless he threatened that she better not. You are perhaps unfamiliar with the FACT that some with deep pocket finance entrepreneurs on the condition that they hold a survivorship interest in their personal assets. If you digest the Team Jagger Narrative that L’Wren Scott was a spendthrift, maybe even a gold digger who was wasteful with money, then all it takes is Jagger’s admission of other affairs, attention to withdrawaw from her emotionally, sexually and financially to be met with a threat by Ms. Scott to lawyer up since she was involved with renovating, styling and marketing to magazines like Vogue some of their many shared residences. If Jagger had her backed against the wall, the notoriously cheap Mick would very likely not want to deal with a lawsuit seeking 25-30 Million or more from him as well as a Book Deal where she discloses the Secrets of holding Jagger down for 13 years.

  • honey

    Who said he did any of these things? Who says she wasn´t the one cheating,using him for cash, going around asking his friends for money and so on? All this is nothing but speculations..

  • honey

    Point is, people are allowed to be or not with who they want, breaking up with someone is not a crime, and he shouldn´t be blamed for her actions..

  • Nicki

    No actually, they’re not. Being an abusive assh*le is never a good option.

  • tee

    point is if they were not together he should not be blamed for outcome sad as it was

  • Banner

    ..and your point is?

  • Honey

    and if he did dump her, stop giving her money,cheat ,distance himself from her,so what???Are people not allowed to do that anymore?

  • Honey

    If he was gonna kill anyone for exposing him or living off his name it would be Jerry Hall, or that brazilian bitch who had his love child(she has a tv show in Brazil,talks about him an awful lot..), both have been doing nothing but that..L´wren sure seems like a snob, but it´s highly unlikely she would write a tell all book ,she has never even talked about him in interviews..Even if it was the case, I don´t think his kids or fans would be shocked by anything..

  • NEVER ASSUME SUICIDE given how easy it is to make it seem that one committed suicide. Mick Jagger was easily a person of interest who should have
    been interviewed by the NYPD because:

    1- He spent nearly 13 years of his life in some sort of
    intimate, business and cohabitation type of relationship with L’Wren Scott

    2- Jagger presumably held a set of KEYS or ACCESS CODES to L’Wren
    Scott’s Apartment at 200 Eleventh Avenue in Chelsea, across from Chelsea Piers

    3-Jagger had a controlling interest in L’Wren Scott and her personal and business assets

    4-Substantial Evidence exists that Senior Citizen Jagger may withdrawn from the relationship and was cavorting with other groupies and girlfriends, having expressed reservations about marriage and children

    5-Sir Mick Jagger PR Team seized and took control of the post death media narrative surrounding the death of a woman he had allegedly dumped and forbid from touring with the band anymore.

    6-The Media has focused on Mick Jagger’s loss and presumed sadness, providing the right photo ops at the right time

    7-L’Wren Scott’s body removal from NYC was requested nearly immediately by Team Jagger

    8-L’Wren Scott’s body was CREAMATED in Los Angeles and some of her family members
    were banned from the funeral.

    9-Mick Jagger took control of L’Wren Scott’s Estate upon her death conveniently recouping, ahead of her business creditors, any investment he made in L’Wren Scott and then some.

  • katie

    I do believe we should just let this lye. Many have been hurt by this on both parts. It’s time to let L’wen rest…and grant her all the glory that she deserves for her untiny….peace to all of you !!!

  • katie

    The whole situation is unfortunate. On one hand you have beautiful women who is very creative, loved by many and trying to make a distinction in the world of fashion. And then you have an icon of music, mystical but yet giving. To unfold this mystery you’d have to be a fly on the wall so to speak. I do believe I know how it unfolded…but time will reveal the true story.

  • bliss

    Well, I do agree that the narrative has been wholly seized by Mick Jagger and his team from the get go. I think the only reason L’Wren would have killed herself was that Mick told her he was through with her. His PR machine has been so successful though that all I am seeing is a public outpouring of condolences to poor Sir Mick who was completely shell-shocked by the suicide of his beloved lover who killed herself over her failing business. I’m afraid I don’t buy that.

  • andrew

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  • Dizzy

    “someone else who could have discretely led L’Wren Scott to meet her demise in a way that seemed like suicide?”

    Surely there would have been some sign of a struggle if this happened? Bruising on the body where she was manhandled etc. Wouldn’t the cops be trained to look out for such evidence? How could a person discreetly lead someone to suicide? Not unless she had been drugged but nothing of that nature showed up in the autopsy. Seems a bit far fetched.

  • Ellen

    This is ridiculous. Although I believe he killed her with his behaviour, the idea that he had her murdered is a step too far. Maybe someday there will be an offence of ‘constructive murder’ but until then, we shouldn’t get carried away with conspiracy theories.

  • Sylvia

    Can it become even more stupid ??????????? No idea about how depressions show and what women (in this case) are willing to do in such a case. And, btw, her will to have Mick Jagger all she owned it not as generous as it seems. It was a fair PAY BACK. Now please leave L’Wren and Mick alone.

  • badself

    I had posted a response, but it isn’t here. It addressed some well known facts about the author, involving a dog.

  • scallywag

    Badself if you can provide the affidavit where I was arrested for sodomizing a dog in front of a children’s day care I would be more than thrilled to have you write a first hand account of the matter. I do admire our readers, well nearly all of them….

  • badself

    This whole article was absolute nonsense. The headline alone is reprehensible. To simply make up completely unfounded tales of someone committing a murder is news? You know, this is the same writer that only a few years ago got arrested for sodomizing a dog in front of a children’s day-care.