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L’Wren Scott funeral bitter feud. Where will she buried?

L'Wren Scott funeral
Why is L’Wren Scott’s sister Jan being boxed out of funeral discussions?

Tensions have arisen as to where L’Wren Scott is to be buried as a bitter dispute is beginning to emerge between that of Mick Jagger, the late designer’s long term boyfriend and that of Scott’s devout Mormon sister, Jan.

According to Jan Shane, 53, Scott’s body ought to be returned to the family plot to lay beneath a granite memorial alongside her mother and father.

The gravestone – believed to have been paid for by the family – is at the Ben Lomond Cemetery, five miles from the family home in Utah. It marks where L’Wren’s adoptive parents Ivan and Lula Bambrough are buried in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. L’Wren’s name is etched on the back of the headstone along with those of her siblings.

Nevertheless plans are under way to fly Scott’s body from New York to Los Angeles where Jagger is currently staying in a $2500 a night hotel.

Told Jan via the UK’s dailymail: ‘No one has told me anything about a funeral.  I’ve not had a single call from anyone in the Jagger camp. I’m beside myself.

‘Are they going to make it so secret that her own family is banned from attending?’

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A source close to Jagger insisted that the funeral will be held in Los Angeles with the full agreement of L’Wren’s brother Randall, who is in close contact with Jagger. It is not understood whether Randall maintains ties with his sister Jan and why that might or might not be the case.

Randall is understood to have acted as Scott’s financial adviser in recent months and who had been trying to help his sister sort out her debts.

Randall is said to be ‘disgusted’ that Jan spoke to media last week, during which she claimed her sister envied her ‘simple’ lifestyle in Utah, and that  she had been unhappy with her jet-set life.

Jan said: ‘L’Wren would have wanted to come home. It’s the family plot.

‘It is where we thought we would rest together for eternity.’

The nydailynews reports that only a select group of people close to the late designer will attend the funeral, likely to be held in California on Monday or Tuesday.

Jagger’s daughter Karis was spotted looking at plots at four different memorial parks.