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Mick Jagger inherits L’Wren Scott’s will. What will he do with $9 million?

L'Wren Scott's will
Why did L’Wren Scott leave her entire assets to Mick Jagger?

In a shocking disclosure, L’Wren Scott‘s will has bequeathed her entire fortune to that of her long term boyfriend, Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. The will puts into question why she chose to bequeath her assets to the rocker and why she cut out her family. It also puts into question what will Mick Jagger choose to do with the money now in his possession. Assuming it is not contested as has been speculated.

Probate documents obtained by the paper detailed that Miss Scott owned a condo at 200 Eleventh Avenue in Manhattan worth $8million and another $1million in ‘tangible personal property and various other assets,’

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In her will the late designer purposefully made sure that there was no misunderstanding that her entire assets would solely be going to that of Mick Jagger and that her relatives would be excluded. Not surprising perhaps considering that the late designer had not spoken to her sister, Jan Shane in six years since the passing of their parents.

Yet strangely her brother, whom she appointed a director of her fashion line, LS Fashion Limited, last year was omitted from her will, raising questions what discord may have existed between her and her brother. And why indeed she chose to leave all her assets to Mick Jagger who himself valued at $305 million is hardly in want for extra cash.

Wrote L’Wren Scott in her will: ‘Expect if otherwise provided in this will, I have intentionally omitted to provide herein for any other my heirs living at the date of my death.’

Remarked conspicuously Randolph Bambrough, L’Wren Scott’s brother: ‘I haven’t heard anything at all about a will, other than there’s supposedly one out there.’

Wrote Scott in her will: ‘I give all my jewelry, clothing, household furniture and furnishings, personal automobiles, and other tangible articles of a personal nature . . . to Michael Philip Jagger,’

Her main asset was the Chelsea condo where she hanged herself with a scarf March 17. An asset which Mick Jagger had acquired for the designer in her name.

But what is odd about the will is the fact that the designer left mounting business debts, including unpaid wages to the tune of $6.8 million dollars and had irked the rocker when she had taken a lien against her Chelsea home (acquired for for $5.6 million through a management company owned by Jagger) after Jagger took to paying off the balance of her outstanding $3 million mortgage only to find out in horror later that the designer had gone behind his back and remortgaged the apartment to continue her business operations.

That in turn may have led to some degree of discord between the pair as Jagger was said to be not particularly thrilled that his long term girlfriend had ostensibly used his money for reasons other than he had bequeathed, forcing the question if by choosing to leave her assets to Jagger she was simply trying to make good on her errant ways to the rocker? It is believed the rift may have led to their separation late last year when the couple were last publicly seen together before the rocker took to touring without her.

At present it is not understood what the late designer’s legal obligations were (rumored to be circa $6 million) and whether those must be paid off before any of the remaining balances is passed on to Mick Jagger.

Under New York state law, because Jagger is the sole heir of Scott’s estate, he has also inherited her debts.

Commentators on the web have since wondered whether Mick Jagger will do the right thing and pay off the designer’s debts (assuming her assets are not automatically applied to this matter or if debtors come after her assets) whilst others have wondered if he will choose to donate part of it to charity or even make the gesture of bequeathing part of it to her less than well to do family.

And there were these comments that made me wonder:

She didn’t have the decency or forethought to give it to charity.  She was a selfish and vain person. Even her suicide was a vengeful act because life and people around her didn’t treat her like a queen. 

Enough about this women. She could have sold the condo to settle her bills      and  still have more left than many will see in a lifetime. She also knew what type of person Jagger is and he was under no obligation to marry her. 


it wasn’t a “gesture of love.”  he bought the apartment, she gave it back.  she would have had to sell it to settle the debts on the business. even if not, given that jagger was shipping her out and the business was going under, she couldn’t have afforded the monthly association fee and other huge costs of those apartments even if you own outright.  jagger will probly settle the debts, and she honorably gave back the apartment for that.  the “gesture”? Well, rumor has it that during a fight over her encumbering the apartment to try to save the business, he told her, “call me when you get your problems straightened out.”  perhaps this little bequest is her reply to that.




  1. I agree he killed her. she was murdered. i know it . just like i know my own name. she had no motive to kill herself. she had no history of depression. if she was going to kill herself over money, why didn’t she kill herself when she was 1 million in debt? why not when she was 3 million in debt, and so on? because she was not so inclined, as many people are not. why would she kill herself if her boyfriend was unfaithful to her? he was always unfaithful to her, she never killed herself before in all those 13 years and he was never faithful. why now. there was no suicide note. perhaps she would like to have had a word with friends family or loved ones before she did it. and womens first choice in this situation are pills, not suffocation. that is for men in jail who don’t have access to a neighborhood pharmacy, which she could have managed perfectly well with just over the counter stuff. he killed her. how come she didn’t leave a dime to her brother, everything to him, this was engineered by him, her will was set up, perhaps even an insurance policy i don’t know, and then just like that, a young woman (who was too old for him at that point, but young none the less) just decides to hang herself on a doorknob one day just like that without a history of clinical depression, without a note, with a perfectly intact career, even if she was in debt. she could have sold her place in nyc, paid off the debt, still had a couple of million left over and just gotten a job and an apartment and started dating again if he was through with her. he was ready to swap her out for a younger one and didn’t want to pay any palimony. how is it possible that everything went to him without a dime to her brother , i don’t believe it. and why is there no accounting of her last day, who she talked to, what she did. who she was with. nothing. he paid someone to do it. that is obvious and i aint nobody and i know it, i can tell, bullshit

  2. Very interesting. I am aware of certain celebs having the power to remove opponents. Jagger, McCartney, Puffy, Geldoff.

    Jagger is money mad and her will suggests something fishy is going on here.

  3. SIMPLE: The debts of L’Wren Scott’s Global Fashion Brand are “Corporate Debts” which are presumably not-guaranteed personally or secured by her personal assets. This is why the narrative of her being in financial straits was absolutely misleading. Many corporate enterprises can “Restructure” their debt either in court under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code which allows a company to come up to pay creditors pursuant to a court ordered reorganization plan. Under that scenario, the debtor entity remains viable. For example, were she or say other lead designers still alive, creditors sometimes might consider out of court restructurings where the debtor corporation has a fresh source of capital and new business but is hemoragging from debt service. In some cases they will even trade equity for debt or simply reduced interest rates, a longer term and some markdown of the debt. BUT, since L’Wren Scott is DEAD and their is likely no point for the entity to remain or continue as a VIABLE concern, in all likelihood, a Trustee will be appointed to LIQUIDATE her fashion brand under Chapter & of the Bankruptcy Code. Hence, Mick Jagger who clearly quite well protected in all likelihood insisted on a pledge of her private assets as a condition of his financing her lifestyle and enterprise. I am quite sure that L’Wren Scott had no plans of dying otherwise she might have had her will redrafted so as not to live a a duplicitous, cheating reptile of a human being with a survivorship interest in her personal assets in the event of her death. Jagger is NOTORIOUSLY CHEAP and CONTROLLING and it fits his M.O.that he would have wanted some degree of control over L’Wren Scott. His generosity clearly was not unconditional. Given SIR MICK JAGGER’S “CHARACTER” (Cheap, Controlling and Egotistical) along with his history with women…..and its likely that L’Wren Scott was worth more DEAD than ALIVE at this point to Mick Jagger which is why I think he was somehow involved in bringing about the end of her life. I know I am in the minority on this….but I think this SOB is a money grubbing scoundrel who also had a hand in Brian Jones’ premature death as well. The onlt thing Jagger seems to like more than vagina or DAVID BOWIE’S penis is $$$$MONEY.

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