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Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega grand indicted to serve the rest of her life in jail.

Yoselyn Ortega
Yoselyn Ortega


Yoselyn Ortega
Yoselyn Ortega

Marina and Kevin Krim reveal how their surviving daughter Nessie saves them.

Oh really! Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega begs judge to bar media!

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega pleads not guilty to murder. Declines to speak…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega grand indicted to serve the rest of her life in jail.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was stressed out about money. Did the Krim family hold out…?

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now believed to have been motivated by money, but wont confess…

Marina Krim’s nanny’s Facebook page now insists that Marina Krim killed her children.

Marina Krim too remain tight lipped. Refuses to address nanny’s allegations…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega insists she was the one abused and mistreated.

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega thought she was too underpaid and didn’t like the way she was spoken to.

Cops say Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to admit killings….

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now formally charged with first degree murder.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega was warned she’d be fired. Refused to clean…

Marina Krim’s nurse Yoselyn Ortega to be arraigned from hospital bed. Still wont speak…

Marina Krim and Kevin Krim‘s former nanny Yoselyn Ortega said to have murdered their 2 children, 6 year old Lulu Kirm and 2 year old Leo Krim was yesterday indicted by a grand injury on charges of first and second degree murder and to spend the balance of her natural life behind bars and to never be offered parole.

The charge is believed to be so rare that it has only been raised 27 times in NY in 2011 and is often only brought forth in the case of serial killings, the killings of judges, police officers and those killings deemed cruel and wanton, as has been deemed in this instance with respect to two minors.

At present no date has been offered as to when Ortega will be arraigned on the indictment as she remains at hospital pursuant to her failed attempt to take her own life on the night of the murders of the children, October 25th.

To date Yoselyn Ortega has not admitted or acknowledged her involvement with the death of the Krim family children only to assert that her employer Marina Krim treated her unfairlyand was rude to her by failing to say goodnight to her the evening before. Upon waking up from her induced coma she only asked about her own immediate family and never sought to find out about the Krim family children.

At the time of the murders, Marina Krim found Yoselyn Ortega slumped in a family bathroom with her wrists slit and proceeding to slit her own neck with the bodies of her two children savagely slashed in the bath tub. It is believed the children died before they were able to be taken to hospital.

According to discussions with neighbors, family and friends of Ms Ortega the former nanny was undergoing a volatile period in her life which saw her incurring financial stresssomething which it is said was expressed to the Krim family who offered the nanny extra hours as a cleaner which is said to have infuriated her because she considered this below her station as a nanny.

Since the murders of the children, the case has provoked a wide array of hostile criticism from readers some who have wondered if the Yoselyn Ortega was indeed mistreated, underpaid or provoked by the nature of the socio economic dynamics at play (it has been speculated that Ms Ortega felt misappropriated and defeated in relation to her well to do employers the Krim family) to a state of mind where she finally lashed out.

Others have pondered if she may have just been a walking time bomb and that despite what the Krim family or others could have done for her she was destined to react viciously to insurmountable stress in her life. What is clear nonetheless is the needless deaths of the two Krim family children and the heart ache it has brought the Krim family, those closest to them and many readers and parents who have been appalled and dismayed at the callous loss of life.

To date Marina and Kevin Krim have declined to address assertions courtesy of their former nanny where she was in her mind provoked although it is thought more may be revealed once the case heads to a jury.

The Krim family have set up a foundation the Lulu & Leo Fund for the memory and celebration of their two children. The Krims have a surviving child Nessie Krim.

Marina Krim and her three children,Leo, Lulu and Nessie Krim.
Marina Krim and her three children,Leo, Lulu and Nessie Krim.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega now hires lawyer. Still not talking to cops.

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega thought to have resented her employers…

Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega refuses to cooperate with authorities.

Did Marina Krim’s nanny Yoselyn Ortega have a motive?

Why did a Manhattan nanny stab Marina Krim’s two children to death?



  1. I see so many this nanny’s taking care of small children, they couldn’t care less, they hang out with their other nanny friends, the kids are not watched, they are rude and mean to them, why an earth, you let this woman take care of your beautiful baby’s?

  2. A psychopath is one who commit crime without emotions being involved. Also a person who do not care the reason why he / she did it, and this woman have shown to be so reactive on her explanation. I agree that she’s more likely to be a narcissistic personality.


  3. Please, only the death penalty would do for this evil nanny Ortega!! Nothing less!!

    She was given extra hours of work to help her more financially and she got upset to have to “work” (vacation) more with children around!! Unbelievable!!

  4. No redemption for something like this. Quit your job, go to therapy, kill yourself. Whoever would murder two innocent kids in response to being “mistreated” deserves a fate worse than death.

  5. What she did had nothing to do with mental illness to suggest otherwise is totally wrong and an insult to those to have mental illness. Let’s stop pretending to figure this out. Treatment of what? Let’s call it what it is. This is evil in its most potent form.

  6. It was pure evil vengeance killing those children.. No excuses for Ms. Ortega She was complaining she had to do housework…. well she was getting paid for it. The Krims’ were helping her out giving her more work so she could have more money. She could have said NO if she didn’t want to do housework. This women new exactly what she was doing. She inflicted the worse possible pain and suffering on the Krims. I wake up everyday with my heart broken for the Krim Family and thinking about how the children suffered. We need to support the Krim Family 100%. All these Psychiatrists can diagnose Ms. Ortega but it was nothing but pure, evil, sick retaliation!

  7. I read an article by a forensic psychiatrist who was consulted by either Fox or CNN about a week after this horror story. He goes on about mental illness and how the system is in a shambles etc and that perhaps this terrible tragedy could have been avoided if Ms. Ortega had got the help she needed.

    Well, I kind of have a huge problem with that. To have this “doctor” generalize and dismiss the heinous actions of the nanny as a mental illness is an insult to the parents and a poor attempt to put pure evil into clinical terminology.

    What kind of mental illness was Yoselyn Ortega suffering from? The only illness I am familiar with that makes people kill others is some type of psychosis or schizophrenia. I don’t recall this woman having heard voices telling her to harm someone, or her having paranoia that can accompany schizophrenia. People witnessed her ‘unraveling’ but that appeared to others as stress, not psychosis.

    This woman has all the classic traits of narcissistic personality disorder and she knew exactly what she was doing when she CHOSE to kill those children. End of.

    She is sadistic in nature and vindictive and wanted that mother to SUFFER by seeing her children dead in the bathtub before she stabbed herself. Otherwise, she would have ended her own life before Marina Krim walked though that bathroom door.

    That is evil. What she did was motivated by pure evil, nothing else. She wanted to inflict the worst type of pain onto Marina Krim and her family by taking away the most precious things in her life – her children. Someone who sees that as justification for whatever slight or injustice they feel they suffered is EVIL, not mental illness. Please do not try to excuse this POS’s actions as mental illness. I hope that wherever she ends up, she will not have a good time. She should receive the death penalty, but unfortunately she can’t in NY state.

  8. This despicable human being is the worst kind of criminal, one who
    thinks that butchering children can be justified in any way. In her sick
    mind, she wanted to get back at the Krim family for “always telling her what to do”
    and offering her more hours for housekeeping which was “beneath” her.
    Who does she think she is? I’ll tell you, Ortega is the lowest scum on this earth! Prison
    is too good for her, I hope someone in there torments her for the rest of her
    miserable life… After that it will be hell for eternity!

  9. Too bad Ms. Ortega wasn’t able to finish what she started when trying to kill herself… Shame my taxpaying dollars will be going towards keeping her alive in jail.

  10. I hope some day Mrs. Ortega gets a dose of her own medicine. So you don’t like your job or your employers? Well then quit. I bet there are 10 people in line who would love to have had her job and wouldn’t have murdered 2 innocent, beautiful children. Sick b!tch. I just hope the Krim family find strength and their path to move beyond this and continue to celebrate the lives of Leo & Lulu. My heart goes out to them and to Nessie. They didn’t deserve this.

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